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Green (card) + Purple (heart) = Red, White, Blue (barely)

Could anyone tell me if any of the versions of "immigration reform" being floated around Washington, DC address such situations as this one?

Tons of sympathy for those who cut to the head of the line, heaps of support for those who flout our laws and policies, while people like Walt Gaya nearly get screwed over by the system. And he would have been screwed, if decent, caring Americans hadn't waged war against the entrenched bureaucracy and made sure justice prevailed.

Once we've taken care of all the Walt Gayas, then let's talk about the border-jumpers and liars and frauds who are demanding their "rights."

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And the people said, AMEN!<... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

And the people said, AMEN!

If you look at most Congres... (Below threshold)

If you look at most Congressmen's bills that they submit or if you spend any time in a Representative's office, they see cases like this all the time.

His Congressman should write is immigration relief act -- just for this person. They are routinely passed quickly and easily.

Uh, you know, we can do *bo... (Below threshold)

Uh, you know, we can do *both*. Why is it that people think that reform ought to tackle only one issue at a time? I agree with you on Walt Gaya but there's no reason to wait for this kind of thing to get ironed out first before the bigger reform happens.

okay, here's another issue ... (Below threshold)

okay, here's another issue (but not the government's problem).

My parents-in-law are legal immigrants. They're STILL waiting for their SSNs. Without them, they can't get insurance. Their car insurance might be $1600/six months because they can't prove their driving records and they have no credit rating in the States. They just paid cash for a house and care, they have a comfy nest egg in the bank, and yet...well, I know what one of my summer projects will be.






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