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La Raza's Public Charter School - Video Update

An LA news station is now reporting on the La Raza/MEChA public charter school since it was exposed by Doug McIntyre of KABC radio. You can watch the video of the report by clicking "A Volitile Situation" on the right hand side of the station's web page, and when you do, note the way the guards are dressed. They look a little intimidating, don't they? Not quite in line with the image the principal tried to push in last night's press release.

And notice the insignia on the guard's shirt in picture below:


It says Aztlan Raiders. For those who are unfamiliar, read all about MEChA, La Raza, and Aztlan here (this piece is from 2002, but it is still an accurate report of the MEChA/La Raza/Aztlan movement), and remember, the school is teaching its students that the myth of Aztlan is a fact and their right.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Update: Michelle Malkin has more.

Update II: Expose the Left has the video of Bill O'Reilly who covered this story on his show last night.

Others blogging:

California Conservative


Reporter Assaulted at La Raza Charter School
La Raza's Public Charter School"


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Comments (3)

Umm...Did a... (Below threshold)


Did anyone else not they are teaching their students a base 20 math system? Somehow, these students learning a mathematics system outside of the one THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD uses are being served. Other than some feel good idiocy from this, how is this supposed to prepare them for the real world?

As to the Nahuatl language, well, I glad that someone is doing ECE in a language spoken by a maxiumum of 1.5 million people, most of them 3000 miles from Southern California. That will help them.

Anyone else see a problem here?

Yep - they're setting their... (Below threshold)

Yep - they're setting their kids up by telling them they've got a 'superior' education, which won't be usable outside their little enclave.

Welcome to the Balkanization of America.


Aside from this guy's agend... (Below threshold)

Aside from this guy's agenda, the real tragedy here is the disservice being done to the kids that actually attend this school. As stated by the previous comments, their education is worthless outside of that school - and as the reporter states the school so far only gets a 1 out of a scale of 10 for the performance of their students on state evaluation tests.

I'm guessing no one has told the parents about this.






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