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California Democrat Stumping for Illegal Alien Votes


Remember this Democratic recruitment flier that was distributed at a Dallas illegal alien protest in April?

Click to enlarge

A California Democrat, Francine Busby, must have taken this flier to heart because she asked her Spanish-speaking audience for help in November, saying, "you don't need papers for voting." Expose the Left has the audio.

So, here we have a California Democrat running for office who is caught on tape telling those in her audience who aren't American citizens to commit voter fraud. This is not a shocking revelation. The Democrats made their goals clear with the flier, and Ms. Busby acted on them.

Update: Ms. Busby now says she misspoke.

Her opponent, former Rep. Brian Bilbray's reaction:

Bilbray said at worst, Busby was encouraging someone to vote illegally. At best, she was encouraging someone who is illegally in the country to work on her campaign.

"She's soliciting illegal aliens to campaign for her and it's on tape - this isn't exactly what you call the pinnacle of ethical campaign strategy," Bilbray said. "I don't know how she shows her face."

Update II: Blue Crab Boulevard's comments are right on:

Although Busby is backpedaling furiously, the words are what they are. Misstatement or not, she may have ended up galvanizing her opposition. You can bet that there will be additional scrutiny over who is voting as well. Bilbrays campaign has focused on controlling illegal immigration, Busby just handed him a club.

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Comments (21)

Smart girl, isn't that they... (Below threshold)

Smart girl, isn't that they way they beat out CA. Rep. Dorgan?

Kim, do you even read the l... (Below threshold)

Kim, do you even read the links you post in your blog? You've taken the quote totally out of context.

in the background you could hear someone telling Busby "they said they want to help us." The next few seconds are muffled, however you can hear Busby responding:

BUSBY: Well sure, everybody can help. Yeah, absolutely. You can all help. Yeah, you don't need papers for voting, you don't need to be a registered voter to help.

So Busby is informed that volunteers are asking if they can help with her campaign, and she replies that yes, they can, and that they don't need "papers for voting" to help.

They don't need to be registered to vote in order to help with her campaign. What part of that translates into encouraging them to vote illegally? Are you illiterate? The quoted exchange says nothing of the sort.

One bloggers lies and claims that Busby told them they could vote illegally, and the you pick up the lie and repeat it -- apparently without even reading the quote. Are you so eager to lie about Democrats that you don't even read what you're linking to?

This is kind of nonsense you find from callers who call in to radio talk shows, eager to spread the word about some amazing item like this -- and those of you who have called into a radio station know that a producer screens the calls before they get on the air, eliminating unfounded claims, whackos, and things like this - ridiculous attempts to take a quote out of context to blow something out of proportion.

It's clear that on the conservo-blogs there is no screening of whacko ideas, and you get drivel like this -- People who complain about accuracy in the MSM stoop to such absurd levels to lie to their audience. Amazing.

Sorry but there is a record... (Below threshold)
TJ Jackson:

Sorry but there is a recording of Busby saying, "You don't need papers to vote." The Dems have resurrected the dead; recruited felons in prison; any reason to doubt that they'd enlist the voters of Mexico to decide American elections. Its the Democrat way.

Keep in mind that, especial... (Below threshold)

Keep in mind that, especially in border states like CA, courting the pro-illegal-immigration vote is not necessarily the same as courting "Illegal Alien Votes."

As per the fourteenth amendment, the children of illegal aliens are legal US citizens if they are born within the US. This means that there is a significant and growing contingent of _eligible voters_ who owe their legal citizenship to the fact that their parents came here illegally.

Supporting illegal immigration to gain the votes of those (almost uniformly pro-illegal-immigration) citizens does not instruct people to commit voter fraud.

And after all, if you were going to convince people to commit voter fraud, telling people that they don't need voter registration cards (or that they don't need to citizenship to get them) is a sure-fire way to make sure that they _don't_ vote -- anybody who tries to vote under that particular delusion will be summarily laughed out of the polling place. It's hard to believe that any speaker could _encourage_ fraud by convincing the audience that it isn't necessary.

(Furthermore, the notion that you don't need voting papers to volunteer for a campaign is, incidentally, completely true)

They don't need to be re... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

They don't need to be registered to vote in order to help with her campaign. What part of that translates into encouraging them to vote illegally?

Um, the part where it says:

"Yeah, you don't need papers for voting..."

Of course, illegals shouldn't even be here in the country in the first place, let alone working at voting centres. I was under the impression that they got into this country because they needed work...why are they frittering away their time at a voting booth, hm?

Try to parse this all you want, but ExposeTheLeft has the audio, and a reasonable listener would interpret her remarks as exactly that...you need no ID for voting.

Verbatim Quote:... (Below threshold)

Verbatim Quote:

Well sure, everybody can help. Yeah, absolutely. You can all help. Yeah, you don't need papers for voting, you don't need to be a registered voter to help.

They don't need to be registered to vote in order to help with her campaign. What part of that translates into encouraging them to vote illegally? Are you illiterate? The quoted exchange says nothing of the sort.

Posted by Lee

Now this is funny. A poster asking if the writer is illiterate, yet the translation is verbatim.

But seriously I can see where the true believing lefty can be conned into thinking a verbatim quote really means something else since in the same sentence she is telling non-citizens that they can help get her elected to the US Congress.

What's interesting too is the fact that Democrats do NOT want people to show ID when they vote.

It doesn't take a high degree of literacy to see the correlation between Francine Busby's verbatim quote and the Democratic Party platform of encouraging voter fraud.

Is there a lefty out there that can explain exactly why NOT showing I.D. is a good idea?

Since we are all too illiterate to understand the REAL meaning of the quote here, then I guess we are too stupid to understand how the enlightened "truth to power" crowd can see the simple rational in showing up at the polling place without I.D.

Jumpinjoe: Nice smack-down,... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Jumpinjoe: Nice smack-down, but he'll probably continue flinging his monkey-poo....it's what they do best.

Hmmmm.What's even ... (Below threshold)


What's even more amusing, if that's at all possible, is that RJK Jr.s is busily pushing the nonsense that Ohio was stolen by the GOP in 2004 because of *voter fraud* and that there needs to be safeguards put in place to prevent it.

The air is thick with the scent of honeydew and irony beyond all bounds.

ID's?We don' need ... (Below threshold)


We don' need no stinkin' ID's!

Hey Pedro, just sign on the... (Below threshold)

Hey Pedro, just sign on the X and we'll handle the rest..

Yeah, you don't need pap... (Below threshold)

Yeah, you don't need papers for voting, you don't need to be a registered voter to help.

Have you ever said something that didn't necessarily come out totally clear, so you immediately follow it up by restating to clarify? This certainly seems to be what happened here. In order to help the campaign, they don't need papers for voting, or rather they don't need to be registered voters. Having papers for voting = being a registered voter. In the context it makes perfect sense. Oh, but wait:

Sorry but there is a recording of Busby saying, "You don't need papers to vote."

Oh, ok then. Maybe you should spend some time over at Jeff Goldstein's reading about intentionalism.

Kim, James Cloniger, Mr.... (Below threshold)

Kim, James Cloniger, Mr. Ed, TJ Jackson & Virgo the Whorenon-virgin

Are you incapable of basic English comprehension?????????

This is typical Republican & extremist right-wing campaign slime, the kind of crap at which Rove and Lee Asswater were & are past masters.

And you unethical & unprincipled EXTREMIST bloggers are just trying to parlay this filth because you all are scared sh_tless that this off-year election is prologue to Republican doom in November.

The plain simple fact is: you either can't comprehend the English language that you want deeclared as the only acceptable language in the U.S.( the likely explanation given all the slobber & drool dribbling from above) or you are deliberate liars wanting to "bullhorn" your Busby crap because you know, and the polls reflect, that Busby might just win in this lopsidedly GOP district.

So you finally discover something said last November which you now strip of all context to "Lee Asswaterize" a campaign statement that you deliberately misconstrue.

It reflects TOTAL BANKRUPTCY in intellectual honesty & reason on your parts, or a sub-level IQ. ( given that you are ignorant enough to be Republican, the latter is most likely the case)

You are a rabid extremist rightie pack of panting Pavlovian Puppy partisans who will stoop to any Lee Asswater or Rovian form of slime based totally on deliberate and intentional distrortion.

Now why don't all you extremist campaign slimers get out your black crepe & widow's black & get ready for your Bilbray wake?

he key phrase here is "and ... (Below threshold)

he key phrase here is "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" if they are here as illegal aliens then they are not under our jurisdiction and therefore are not CITIZENS. This is another left wing attempt to circumvent the law and they have gotten away with it for years. Time it stopped

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Yeah, she misspoke, she act... (Below threshold)

Yeah, she misspoke, she actually said what she was thinking instead of what she meant to say. And what is the legality/ethics of citizens of another country assisting in the election of a US official?

However, the inflamatory pamphlet is not associated with the current flap, and doesn't belong at the top of the post.

I am not a registered Republican, Democrat or Right-Wing Extremist. I am a US citizen who has always contributed to his community in volunteer or paid service. I hate seeing my contributions washed away by these self-centered and demanding invaders.

(Crude, crass, poorly writt... (Below threshold)

(Crude, crass, poorly written insults deleted.)

Umm, clean up on aisle six!... (Below threshold)

Umm, clean up on aisle six!

Are you incapable of bas... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Are you incapable of basic English comprehension?????????

Yes, quite capable. The pertinent question though is, are you capable of proper punctuation?

@MAK BULLCONNER BOOFOO<br /... (Below threshold)

F-off You commie Sockpuppet!

Oh, dear. Dearie dear dear... (Below threshold)

Oh, dear. Dearie dear dear.

I notice how emotional you all get when someone comes here and points out the obvious: that she was clearly talking about not needing to be registered to vote to help in a political campaign.

That's true, and it's not illegal, and it's not immoral.

You're all showing your desperation in your vehement emotions, and it isn't very pretty, dearies.

Listen to it. She clearly ... (Below threshold)

Listen to it. She clearly meant "you don't need [the] papers [that are required] for voting, [that is] you don't need to be a registered voter to help [like by volunteering].

I'd rather not see a verbal stumble turned into a felony.

exactly how dum you have to... (Below threshold)

exactly how dum you have to be to mis understand what she says, which grade you have to pass to understand she did not say "illegal immigrants can vote in the US governmental election"?
Why far right ppl are so ridiculously ignorant?






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