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Terror Plot in Canada has Worldwide Connections

The National Post in Canada is reporting that the Toronto terrorist plot uncovered by CSIS has worldwide connections:

TORONTO - A Canadian counter-terrorism investigation that led to the arrests of 17 people accused of plotting bombings in Ontario is linked to probes in a half-dozen countries, the National Post has learned.

Well before police tactical teams began their sweeps around Toronto on Friday, at least 18 related arrests had already taken place in Canada, the United States, Britain, Bosnia, Denmark, Sweden, and Bangladesh.

The six-month RCMP investigation, called Project OSage, is one of several overlapping probes that include an FBI case called Operation Northern Exposure and a British probe known as Operation Mazhar.

And take a look at the terror suspects' ages and nationalities. They also came from all over the globe:

With the exception of two men, who are aged 43 and 30, the alleged terrorists are all in their teens and early 20s.

They include men of Somali, Egyptian, Jamaican, and Trinidadian origin. All are residents of Canada and "for the most part" all are Canadian citizens, police said.

We can surmise that the elder terrorists were teaching the youth that their allegiance was to jihadism, not to their country.

At some point, once the shock wears off, the anti-war activists in Canada, and there are plenty of them as there are here in the US, will insist that the terror plot was a reaction to Canada's having troops in Afghanistan and will demand that Canada pull out.

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Comments (9)

At some point, once the ... (Below threshold)

At some point, once the shock wears off, the anti-war activists in Canada, and there are plenty of them as there are here in the US, will insist that the terror plot was a reaction to Canada's having troops in Afghanistan and will demand that Canada pull out.

Ah, how refreshing it must be not to have the burden of thinking for yourself as a lefty. All you have to do is repeat the left wing talking points and your friends will call you smart.

Oh, and no need for a memory of terrorists attacks when a Democrat was at the helm of the Commander in Chief position. Nope, just like it never happened because it wouldn't fit into the "blood for oil" conspiracies.

And forget all those statements about Iraq being a threat to international peace and stability prior to the current administration.

Yep, being a lefty is as easy as marching in a goose-step parade.

The left is never going to ... (Below threshold)

The left is never going to admit it's the failure of a world view that holds that all cultures are equal that is at the heart of the problem. To admit this would inevitably lead to the recognition of being wrong on so many things. Not going to happen.

All the normal, sane reality based community can do is try to stop the contagion from spreading. If Canada and the UK ( and us) become sufficiently conscious and aware, they, we, would put a halt on immigration from Islamic countries and start to actively weed out the jihadi's and their enablers either by jailing them or expelling them. It was a mistake to let them in. It would be a even larger mistake to keep the policies that resulted in having an enemy in our midsts continue in place.

D-D-D-D-D d-d-d D-d-d-d... (Below threshold)

D-D-D-D-D d-d-d D-d-d-d-d Damn that Bush and His connecting the dots!

Living in Canada this is al... (Below threshold)

Living in Canada this is all a big shock, and scare for people living in the major centers like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, etc.

Scary thing is that the explosive stash was 3 times the size of the Oklahoma City tragedy.

You should hear the bull in the press up here about these guys. Their families are suggesting that the law should take mercy on them because they grew up in "nice" neighbourhoods, went to university, cut their lawns.....nope - these dudes are going down for a long time.

I think the only reason the were caught is because the world is now vigilante in reporting suspicious purchases, and activities.

"Linking the international ... (Below threshold)

"Linking the international probes are online communications, phone calls and in particular videotapes that authorities allege show some of the targets the young extremists considered blowing up."

phone calls!

A listening program?


well first of all, thorough... (Below threshold)

well first of all, thorough investigation should be done into the matter, and then if these ppl are found guilty of plotting, they should be punished...
Well guyz i m a muslim but i m never in favour of taking the life of any living being, coz Allah has made us all and given us no right to kill anyone... So, u cannot speak for muslims as a whole in any case, coz almost all of my friends and family and colleagues are of the same view... so, muslim community as a whole is not responsible for the terror acts... I can assure u that... I hope u guyz y=understand my message of peace and i can change yr thinking a little bit...

Well, atta, you're not spea... (Below threshold)

Well, atta, you're not speaking for muslims as a whole either. It's commendable you want to "change our thinking," but you've got your work cut out for you. All the world's terrorists, an overwhelming number of which is Muslim, speaks more often and louder. But it's good to hear/read something contrary once in a while.

Is the atta name supposed t... (Below threshold)

Is the atta name supposed to be amusing?

I presume that you would not use your real name and I am not amused.

THE CANADIAN WAKE-UP<... (Below threshold)


"Canadians need to wake up and realise the recipe offered by George Bush and Tony Blair, and now being adopted by Stephen Harper, has only led to an increase of terrorism fuelled by the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan."
--El-Farouk Khaki, Secretary General of the Muslim Canadian Congress, June 4, 2006

June 6, 2006-- Terrorist networks are established in Canada and terrorist cells exist here since years; the phenomenon is well documented, broadcasted and analyzed.
As disconcerting as it can be, the arrest of these 17 Muslims man is only following the logical continuity of what we know about terrorist networks with ramifications here, in Canada, but also in Europe and the U.S. Remember for example the case of Ahmed Ressam, born in Algeria, who was caught trying to smuggle explosives from Canada into the U.S. in late 1999 in order to bomb Los Angeles International Airport. Refugee statute had been refused to him, but he was able to live in the shadow of Montreal and Vancouver, using a phony name with a real Canadian passport. Ahmed Ressam was part of a terrorist organization with ramifications in Europe, whose members made several visits to Qaeda training camps.

"According to Canadian and U.S. government documents, CSIS, Canada's spy agency, first identified Ressam's voice on a tap in 1996. By March 1998, CSIS knew that Ressam was headed to an Afghan training camp. What it didn't know was that Ressam had obtained a real Canadian passport using a phony name and had later re-entered Canada and gone underground. It also had no idea that his training in Afghanistan had set him on course for an attack in America. Because they thought Ressam was part of a militant network focused on Algeria, Canadian officials say it is likely that nobody in Canada told U.S. officials an international terror suspect was loose, probably in Vancouver. Ultimately, Ressam was arrested by a U.S. Customs inspector who thought Ressam looked nervous driving an explosives-laden car off a ferry from British Columbia."

Source: Hide-and-go-seek, Mark Hosenball. Newsweek. New York: Jun 16, 2003.Vol.141, Iss. 24; pg. 10

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