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The mark of Cain

Oh, cry me a river...

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Hmmmm.I have littl... (Below threshold)


I have little to no sympathy for sex offenders.

The most elemental marks of a civilized man is the ability to keep your dick in your pants, your tongue in your mouth and your fists in your pockets.

Note the short term rates f... (Below threshold)

Note the short term rates for recidivism (no long term ones noted - either because they don't exist or they aren't flattering) and the 43% arrest rate for whatever.

The common misunderstanding... (Below threshold)

The common misunderstanding of the "mark of Cain" is that it was something intended to cause harm. That is not the case. Cain's mark was actually one of protection and mercy. It was given to him so that those who encountered him would recognize he was under God's protection and do him no harm.

'Mercy' is debatable. Over... (Below threshold)

'Mercy' is debatable. Overall Cain was still under punishment.

I for one think 25 years is... (Below threshold)
just me:

I for one think 25 years is too short.

Sex offenders are a group that I don't have much sympathy for, and believe the world is a much safer place with them firmly locked behind bars.

jpm100,It was puni... (Below threshold)


It was punishment short of death (which Cain deserved) therefore it was merciful.

Wow, you all should read th... (Below threshold)

Wow, you all should read the whole article. Turns out, the sex offenders are real people, with real feelings. One of them even plays the piano at church. And all this time I have thought that since they emotionally and physically damaged an innocent child for life, they were "bad" people. Thank you, Manchester Union Leader, for setting me straight.

Hmmmm.Tur... (Below threshold)


Turns out, the sex offenders are real people, with real feelings.

Yeah. Same principle as in "well sure he was a homocide bomber and killed 40 people, but he loved his mother ...".

There's a lot of nonsense in the world today. And a lot of it is coming from the left.

"Everybody," he said, "s... (Below threshold)

"Everybody," he said, "should have an opportunity for a second chance."

Unless you molest children. You forfeit everything at that point.

What are we going to see next, an article about how Dahmer and Gacy were actually decent guys if you got to know them?

I still like my idea:... (Below threshold)

I still like my idea:

These guys, upon release, would be sent to a "closed city" with only others of their type, and any adults who so choose, living there. No children would be allowed to visit. No offender would be allowed to leave.

The penalty for trying to leave is death.

For every "Fred" who behave... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

For every "Fred" who behaves, yet is shunned, I'd bet there are 100 "John Doe's who will prey on children again.

It only takes one time, then you are done in my book. I don't believe in locking them up and wasting tax payers money supporting them forever. Just a few joules of electricity and things are set right.

I was molested by my step-u... (Below threshold)

I was molested by my step-uncle from the time I was 5 until I was 11. He was 13 when it started and 19 when it stopped. He also molested my younger sister for several years. Because of this, my entire life has been impacted.

As an adult, I had to notify my family that he was a danger to their children and grandchildren (he moved into a family owned apt.) I had to relive all the pain and suffering. I had to detail some of the acts he forced on me. Some of my family members believed it wasn't really 'abuse' since he was so young.

These creatures are evil, depraved, horrible...they do NOT deserve compassion. They do NOT deserve freedom! They deserve death...that is the only 'cure' for their particular brand of 'humanity'.

Each and every one of the i... (Below threshold)

Each and every one of the individuals in this article made a choice to commit an unimaginable crime on an innocent child.

They should now live the consequences of that choice.

Quite frankly, the consequences I saw from that article were, if anything, too kind. Each and every one of them should have been dropped bare-assed out of a helicopter in the ANWR in high winter.

I am firmly in favor of some sort of roach motel type exile community for thugs who just don't, or won't, obey the rules of polite society.

I still like my idea... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I still like my idea:
These guys, upon release, would be sent to a "closed city" with only others of their type, and any adults who so choose, living there. No children would be allowed to visit. No offender would be allowed to leave.
The penalty for trying to leave is death.
Posted by: JohnAnnArbor at June 4, 2006 03:58 PM

But what if AirForce One crashes within the city limits, and we can't find Snake Plisken to help get him out?!?

The problem is that registe... (Below threshold)

The problem is that registered sex offender, at least in California, covers a huge number of non-molesting behaviors.

According to the Megan's Law website, I have/had (it says it is out of date) two living in a 1 mile radius of my house. One for stautory rape. And one, a female, for public nudity.

It is not outside the realm of possibility that this woman was arrested for something more major and pled down, but it could also be a whole host of things more in line with college level Spring Break idiocy than molestation.

I think that the molesters should be given that whole "tree. rope. molester. Some assembly required." treatment, but the sex offender registry does have some problems.

Agreed, MunDane. ... (Below threshold)

Agreed, MunDane.

If I remember correctly, the fellow who hung himself recently was basically accused of obscene phone calls to a student. While losing his teaching job may have been appropriate, I am not sure that meets the "tree, rope, molester. Some assembly required" treatment requirements either.






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