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Update On Iranian Protests

Jim Hoft has yet another interesting and informative update on the protests taking place in Iran. Here is an excerpt he posted from NCR-Iran:

Following the uprising of Azeri population in north western Iran, the Youth in Ardebil, torched a center known for its plundering of local people.

Ardabil's mayor, Yaqoub Aziz-Zadeh said: "The city has lost over seven billion rials, equivalent of $765,000 during last Saturday's riot where buildings and government properties were torched.

Damages were done to road signs, telephone boxes, traffic lights, ticket distributing stands, commuter buses and even rubbish bins throughout the city.

According to sources on the ground, the government cut off all cell phone communications in Ardebil for five days to prevent any news break out.

Read more at Gateway Pundit.

See my previous post on the protests here.

Update: I neglected to post this report of torture killings which was posted yesterday at Gateway Pundit:

Garadaghli also said that Iranian law enforcement bodies are using torture on the detained Azerbaijani demonstrators making them say that the US and other Western states are behind these protests. Four protesters died of severe torture in the past two days.

Comments (6)

It could have been worse, t... (Below threshold)

It could have been worse, they could have been photographed in the nude like at Abu Gharaib! now thats real torture! not this piddly beating and burning them to death stuff.

I am sure the Iranians have... (Below threshold)

I am sure the Iranians have taken lessons from the Chinese, Tiananmen Square was suppressed 4 June 1989, just a mere 17 years ago, one generation in locust years.

I've seen several statement... (Below threshold)

I've seen several statements along these lines

"The Iranian Mayor of Ardebil says that the destruction has cost the city 7 billion Rials. ($770,000)"

It would be interesting to find out how much destruction is repaired by $770,000 USD. Are we talking about a couple of newstands being knocked over -- or is it more serious than that. If so, how serious?

Only the nihilist left meas... (Below threshold)

Only the nihilist left measures demonstrations by the amount of damage they leave in their wake.

Of course, the Iranians figure to have their country when it is all over, so why would they destroy it?

The violence is from the regime, not the protesters.

Hmmmm.It says a lo... (Below threshold)


It says a lot about the economy when 7,000,000,000 rials is equal to $765,000 USD.

Only the nihilist left m... (Below threshold)

Only the nihilist left measures demonstrations by the amount of damage they leave in their wake.

It's a good oportunity to quantify these claims of riots -- are we talking about a small group of rowdys, or are we talking about a movement of significant proportions?

I'm sure as hell not going to take the Republicans adminstration's word on this.






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