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A picture is worth a thousand words

I was wondering about whether or not I should discuss this story in this morning's Boston Herald. I was leaning against it, because it really doesn't present anything new. Cops catch illegal aliens, cops call feds, feds tell 'em to kick 'em loose with a summons, illegals toss summons in the trash. Same old, same old.

But then I noticed the accompanying picture.

The caption: "Alma Rosa Cota, an agent of Beta Group, the Mexican border patrol, receiving illegal immigrants deported by the US."

Ms. Cota is wearing a jacket with what appears to be the Mexican flag on the sleeve and "PROTECCION A MIGRANTES" emblazoned across the back.

I don't speak Spanish, but I'd be willing to bet that translates into English as "Protection Of Migrants."

This is the Mexican equivalent of the Border Patrol. And names mean something.

In the United States, our border patrol patrols the border. Our Immigration and Customs Enforcement enforces the laws regarding immigration and customs.

But in Mexico, the "border patrol" is aimed towards protecting migrants.

Let's think about that.

Migrants come in two groups: legal and illegal. Legal migrants don't need protection by the Mexican border patrol. They can come and go across the border freely.

But illegal migrants do need help and protection. They need to know where they can cross safely, without fear of arrest. They need food and water. They need to be protected from unethical smugglers and con artists.

So, who can they turn to for this protection? Why not the Mexican border patrol, who put "PROTECCION A MIGRANTES" in great big letters across the back of their orange jackets?

Like I said, I could be wrong. I don't speak Spanish, and I don't know much about Mexico's government and respective agencies. But somehow, I don't think I am.


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Maybe I'm slow, or maybe ou... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm slow, or maybe our elected representatives are completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. If you're sitting there, like me, scratching your head and boiling mad about the immigration and illegal alien issues, and wondering how anyone can vote for a guest worker program or against closing the borders or against deportation, then it's not the lawmakers we should be mad at. It's the American public. Have you emailed, called, faxed, visited, or otherwise let your Senators, Representatives, President Bush, and our Vice-President how you feel on the issue? Have you told everyone you can to do the same? I guarantee you that if everyone that voted for an American Idol contestant this week got in touch with their elected officials, the bill that comes out of Washington would be very, very different that what they're working on now. How many of the average people on the street are fed up with the problem but have done nothing about it? The answer is most of them.

I watched President Bush on TV Monday night [see this post for my reaction], a President I was intensely proud of after 9/11, and I was very disappointed. What has happened? We, the American public assume, not act. We must act. Otherwise how can our leaders know what we want?

Sure President Bush's speech sounded good at first, but a guest worker program is amnesty no matter how you try to spin it - look up amnesty in the dictionary.

Any illegal alien or immigrant that commits a crime (more serious than speeding) should be deported - there's no need to let them have three misdemeanors before deporting them.

Slapping illegal aliens with a fine and letting them live here while working on citizenship IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Worrying about what anyone in Mexico thinks about us putting up a fence and guarding our own border is absolutely ludicrous (as for Ted Kennedy, sir, I think that a big fence sends the exact message that the majority of Americans want sent).

And, while I'm thinking about it, how can Mexico or any of its citizens sue us or anyone in the United States for building a fence or apprehending illegal aliens on American soil?

This is what I want, and I think this is what most Americans want:

- We must put an end to Federal and State support of illegal aliens and illegal immigrants (financial support like Social Security).
- We must close up and secure our borders.
- We must give warning that we will not tolerate gangs, drugs, and criminals coming across the border and that will arm our military with lethal force and allow them to use it.
- We must stop granting citizenship automatically to infants born on American soil of parents that are illegal aliens or illegal immigrants.
- We do not want a guest worker program.
- We want illegal aliens and illegal immigrants rounded up and deported.
- We do not want a path to citizenship for illegal aliens and illegal immigrants.
- We want laws that protect American citizens from being sued for protecting their property and possessions.

We must keep passing the word about this and asking people to get involved. Take my short list of above items and send it to your elected officials. Get your friends, neighbors to do the same.

Be sure to give your name and address so that you will be taken seriously when contacting your elected officials.
Click Here to Contact Your Elected Officials.

Until Next Time,

Well you weren't too far of... (Below threshold)

Well you weren't too far off. A quick pop to Babelfish yields Protection to Migrants. So I think you are on target.

Well, I don't speak Spanish... (Below threshold)

Well, I don't speak Spanish either - so I went to Babelfish in order to translate my thoughts on this mess into Espanol, and it reads as follows: "Esto aspira los huevos".

The agency's name is Grupo ... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

The agency's name is Grupo Beta, their mission statement is "Proteccion a Migrantes" and this is what is emblazoned on their orange jackets. It's not law enforcement; it's a government-sponsored humanitarian group.

Candy,This inhales... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


This inhales eggs?

How about "This creates negative pressure". That's one of my favorites.

The "a" is not translated i... (Below threshold)

The "a" is not translated into English. It means "Migrant Protection"

I think what Candy was trying to say in Spanish is
"this sucks balls"

See ,Mom, my Spanish degree was good for something!

"Government Sponsored Human... (Below threshold)

"Government Sponsored Humanitarian Group."

Mexican Government, that is.

If reading is too tough, listen to the NPR account:

or this one article from WATI:


I'm sure that is more than a thousand words, however...

Recoil, good post.</... (Below threshold)

Recoil, good post.

I have been living in New Zealand for the past few years. While I have been here, Immigration laws were changed regarding naturalisation births, to prevent the "anchor baby" phenomenom (where Asian groups literally arranged for three-month visitor's visas for late-term pregnant moms, so that the baby could be born with NZ citizenship - allowing the entire family to migrate here under the "family" category, with no other stipulations on their migration). Under the latest rules, a newborn child's mother must have "permanent resident" status (similar to the US "green card", I think) before the newborn is allowed to have NZ citizenship.

I am mystified by GWB's apparent soft approach to handling illegal immigration, given the security and cost implications - ESPECIALLY given the Mexican Government's approach to handling its own migrants coming from the south.

Would that a Democrat would pop up who has a backbone on the issues of islamofascism and immigration. If such an animal existed, they would earn my vote. That is, if they were real. I suspect Hillary will try to ride the fence on these things, and she is a known quantity. No thanks.

Otherwise, I suspect the time for a third party has arrived. Hastert's behaviour regarding Jefferson's (D-corruption) bribery search was unbelievable.

The best way to stop illega... (Below threshold)
some dude named steevo:

The best way to stop illegal immigration would be to target the employers who hire illegal aliens. There is no effective way to stop people crossing the border. You have to remove the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Steevo - You hit the nail o... (Below threshold)

Steevo - You hit the nail on the head.






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