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It's Not 1994

I agree wtih Pat Hynes that Democrats should not expect a repeat of 1994 this fall. He points out that the Contract With America has been given more credit with the GOP landslide than it deserved and that evangelical Christians were more responsible for the win than they were given credit.

In states such as Georgia, Oklahoma, North Caolina, and South Caolina, a huge swath of voters that had traditionally voted one way (Democrat) in large numbers completed their migration to the other side of the aisle (Republican); a migration that was decades in the making and only realized during-and perhaps hastened by-the presidency of Bill Clinton.

So the real question is: what is the similar swing voting group that is going to change the course of national politics in favor of the Democrat Party? Some liberal pundits such as Amy Sullivan and Ruth Marcus theorize that the selfsame evangelicals are going to swing in favor of Democrats now, allowing them to reclaim one or both houses of Congress. For too many reasons to articulate here, that idea is absurd.


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Anyone that watched Drunken... (Below threshold)

Anyone that watched Drunken Ted and Dirty Harry in the Senate today can forget about the Christians changing their vote to the dim-wits. What a bunch of idiots that have bribed their way to the top of the dim-wit party. It was one sick display even to a halfa** christian like me.

Lorie.......Cleanu... (Below threshold)


Cleanup aisle 9.

Fred Flintstone, troll extraordinaire, has crapped on the thread.

Hillary's 'health care' pla... (Below threshold)

Hillary's 'health care' plan should probably get its fair share of credit.

But we now have more of an entitlement society, so who knows.

as jnj used to say at yer o... (Below threshold)

as jnj used to say at yer ol' digs: it al; comes down to turnout.

if conservatives angry at bush for spending and immigration stay home then the dems/doves/left will take AT LEAST one house of congress.

reliapundit,That's... (Below threshold)


That's the Dems only hope....that so few people vote that their minority group wins...well, that and hopefully importing citizens of other countries, convicted felons and dead people to vote for them as well since there really are too few of them to win a majority.

To paraphrase Abba Eban, th... (Below threshold)

To paraphrase Abba Eban, the Democrats will never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Until the Democrats ditch the far left and make a believable case that they are reformed and genuine centrists, the Republicans will retain the Congress in spite of themselves.

The only thing that I'm wor... (Below threshold)

The only thing that I'm worried about is the amount of voter fraud that the Demanuts will get away with.The only way that the nuts will win an election is to steal it. The most dishonest party since Hewey Long and company, the most arragant and unskilled since Jimma.

Oh and I forgot to mention ... (Below threshold)

Oh and I forgot to mention traitorous.

The Republicans should say ... (Below threshold)

The Republicans should say their prayers. If they had to run against a honest and competent Party they would get their heads handed to them. But instead they get to run against Democrats. Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House. John Conyers Judicairy committee chairman. I could go on and on including Alan Molohan as Ethics committee chair. You get the picture. This will be a pretty much status quo election and then the real circus begins with Hillary and that Rino trying to convince their repsctive parties that they really do represent them well.

If we follow the Demanuts o... (Below threshold)

If we follow the Demanuts of late we can invite the world to vote in the U.S. elections and we'll end up with a Chinese or African (the country) president. The demanut canidiate in Ca. has already stated you don't have to be a legal resident to vote, so i guess that applies to the world, not only the criminal Mexicans that have invaded the country.
Don't worry about Fred Flintstone, he was never the sharpest pencil in the pack in the old TV show. Monkey see, Monkey do, was his motto.

what his name = Leopold. T... (Below threshold)

what his name = Leopold. The wrongest of the wrong at least until Madsen showed up.

The Dems believe there is s... (Below threshold)

The Dems believe there is some kind of national trend to the left just because they are so loud. The good ol' silent majority will come thru and re-elect a republican congress because local politics will trump the leftist rants. No if only we can get the elected republicans to be solid conservatives!

Hmmmm.Frankly Bush... (Below threshold)


Frankly Bush has sat on the federal marriage amendment all this time, only to whip it out now when he's desperately searching for an issue to unite the conservatives *without* having to give in on illegal aliens.

In short conservatives are to come to heel on the vague promise of a Scooby-Snack.

Lorie is it really necessar... (Below threshold)

Lorie is it really necessary to put up with the language in post #2?

This sort of comment would be deleted almost immediately on most of the other conservative sites I read daily. The poster would get many stars in Kos, DU, etc and the post would be hailed as a great literature posting.

Yes, I know you cannot monitor the comments as you do have a family and kids to raise. I just think this "crap" could be deleted.


Not to mention that the Dem... (Below threshold)

Not to mention that the Democrats do not have an equivalent of the Contract with America.

They have no platform, and no proposals. They are running entirely on a "We hate Bush" theme.

Luke,"This sort of c... (Below threshold)

"This sort of comment would be deleted almost immediately on most of the other conservative sites I read daily. The poster would get many stars in Kos, DU, etc and the post would be hailed as a great literature posting."

Maybe Lorie has deleted a half dozen of the wacko's comments and left one "dinasour" in to show how discusting the extreme left can/will be.

Expose....pull lid from can.....spray repellent generously.

Sorry to take so long to cl... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Sorry to take so long to clean up the thread. I considered leaving the comment as an example of the level of discourse on the Left, but decided to remove it since it really was disgusting.

You may also remember that ... (Below threshold)

You may also remember that Clintor had enacted the 1994 GCA that banned cosmetically challenged weapons that didn't meet Diane Feinstein's approval.
A *LOT* of folks were aggrivated about that issue as well.






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