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Not exactly Mother of the Year material...

It's not as common today, but it used to be a fairly typical practice for parents to take their children out for a celebratory drink or three on their 21st birthday. It was a way of commemorating the end of minority, of becoming a full-fledged adult member of society.

One Massachusetts woman apparently misunderstood this old tradition over this weekend. She took her daughter out for a night of drinking and partying on the mother's 21st birthday -- and the daughter was a scant 4 months old.

Luckily, the only casualty of the night was a car tire, blown out when the mother drove into a curb.

Momma's in jail, as she proved to be a bit of a hellcat when the police tried to arrest her. Baby's with relatives while Momma's away. There's no word on her car.

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Perhaps she was just clumsy... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Perhaps she was just clumsy in attempting a post-birth abortion. I mean, it is her right to choose, isn't it?

This happened in Cape Cod, ... (Below threshold)

This happened in Cape Cod, huh? Anyone know where Teddy happened to be hanging out/drinking about thirteen months ago?

Right to choose? There mus... (Below threshold)
Dan Patterson:

Right to choose? There must be a right to make stupid decisions and a right to protect the innocent from stupid decisions. I wonder where the baby daddy at? Stupid question.


It never ceases to amaze ho... (Below threshold)

It never ceases to amaze how unfit people are nowadays to parent. How could you possibly consider this mother's behaviour appropriate - in any culture - Thank God the only casualty was a car tire.

If she needs a ride anywher... (Below threshold)

If she needs a ride anywhere, Patrick Kennedy just returned home and announced his latest career choice:

The Patrick Kennedy Driving School -- where everyone deserves a second (or third) chance.

This, after The Patrick Kennedy School of Business didn't get off the ground with it's motto -- "You'll never have to work an F-ing day in your life."

As my late mother would say... (Below threshold)

As my late mother would say, "It's a shame that it doesn't take intelligence to have children."






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