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Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator

Ronald Reagan died June 5, 2004.

For me, there is no better way to remember Ronald Reagan than by reading some of his great speeches. He was at his best when he was talking to the American people about his beliefs, his guiding principles. Even now, two years after his death, when I read his words, I can still hear his voice.

These are some of my favorites:

A Time for Choosing

'76 Convention Closer

40th Anniversary of D-Day (Pointe du Hoc)


Tear Down This Wall

Farewell Address

Update: Flopping Aces has a fantastic video tribute to Ronald Reagan.

Update II: Tammy at A Mom and Her Blog has a great photo of Reagan and one of his most prescient quotes.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.


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Comments (16)

I especially like how Reaga... (Below threshold)

I especially like how Reagan waited a few year after every credible health professional recognized AIDS for what it was before publicly addressing it as a national problem. I know that some of you like that about him, but you're misguided, ignorant, or hate-mongers. Pick one! You're a winner no matter what!

He had great economic advisors; if you credit him with the turn-around of the early-80's, you may as well credit Clinton with the dot-com boom of the 90's. He was great at telling some people what they wanted to hear. Bush Sr. inherited his legacy, though; he had to raise taxes (think he wanted to?); and your party ceded power for awhile. If you want to attribute the U.S.'s successes of the 80's to Reagan, you better be prepared to even-handedly attribute GWB Sr.'s failings to his predecessor too.

Jeez bemused. You call peo... (Below threshold)

Jeez bemused. You call people hatemongers after a hatefilled diatribe like that? If you are what being a tolerant liberal is about, no thanks, man!


bemuzed, chill out.<p... (Below threshold)

bemuzed, chill out.

Reagan was an original who not only WROTE most of his speeches, but meant it. A true conservative, by name Republican in later life. Compare the hate filled speech on your blogs with "the other evil side" for once, and open your mind for a change. I wish Republicans were still like that.

I am sorry, I don't mean to... (Below threshold)

I am sorry, I don't mean to say that Reagan sucked, end of story. I just feel that he does not belong in the upper echelon of great presidents. Good, but great? FDR, Lincoln, Washington... and Reagan? Really? He didn't win the Cold War; the Soviets lost it.

The bitterness in my first comment should be attributed to my personal dislike for the guy. My uncle, a gay man who never had unprotected sex, got AIDS (and lost his boyfriend to it) before Reagan even acknowledged its existence in one of his speeches. I don't blame the guy for the spread of AIDS; I just wish he'd have been more proactive with the incontrovertible facts he had. Could've saved a lot of great people's lives with a cheap public info campaign. A great president would have. He didn't.

And Iran-Contra--like, wtf dudes?

Hey, it's 6/6/06! I just sacrificed a goat while listening to Iron Maiden! =)

Bemused, you say we must cr... (Below threshold)

Bemused, you say we must credit Clinton for the dot com boom if we want to credit Reagan for the 80s, then you say he didn't win the cold war, that the Soviets lost it, and yet you ascribe all power to him re AIDS awareness. No president is that powerful.

I'm sorry you lost your uncle and his partner to it and I'm glad that we're all better informed about how AIDS is transmitted but that is due to doctors and awareness groups and such, not Reagan.

Re: BemusedYes, if... (Below threshold)

Re: Bemused

Yes, if only Reagan had acknowledged AIDS your uncle would be still alive today. After all, that's the first responsibility of a President is too keep the public informed of new sexually transmitted diseases. It's too bad that he ordered that media black out (/sarcasm).

Dislike the man if you choose, but get a valid reason not some contrived rhetorical bullshit. You emotions regarding you uncle's death are misplaced.

- MikeB

So Reagan is to blame for A... (Below threshold)
Twisted Logic:

So Reagan is to blame for Aids eh, sorry buddy but I would not depend on any President to take care of Your health? the jobs not that big!

Do yourselves a favor, rent... (Below threshold)

Do yourselves a favor, rent or buy "In the Face of Evil"


best documentary I've every seen

its foolish to have FDR on ... (Below threshold)

its foolish to have FDR on any top tier list of Presidents after Yalta, absolutely shameful. Give me Truman over fdr anyday.....Reagan is easily one of the best Presidents ever, those who say otherwise are very ignorant of the history

God Bless Ol' Dutch. Just a... (Below threshold)

God Bless Ol' Dutch. Just ask any Nicaraguan.

There you go again, gloatin... (Below threshold)

There you go again, gloating... [over nothing]

Hey, good move in omitting ... (Below threshold)

Hey, good move in omitting Reagan's speech rededicating the Statue of Liberty, or his other remarks and letters on immigration.

Some of the folks around here wouldn't like to hear those.

I'm not blaiming Reagan for... (Below threshold)

I'm not blaiming Reagan for the AIDS crisis of the 80s. It's my uncle's responsibility to protect himself, because there were other STDs prevalent in the gay community that he should have been wary of anyway.

I do think, however, that at the time, Reagan should have done the right thing and distanced his party and the government from the Christian conservatives who were sincerely convinced that the CAUSE of the disease was homosexuality, not a virus, and that the reason for its prevalence amongst homosexuals was that God was punishing them. The scientific community wasn't even sure what AIDS was until the mid-80s, after my uncle had been infected. Reagan could have said "People need to take responsibility for their sexuality--protect yourself, or abstain. And, while people are free to express their opinions, I diverge from Jerry Falwell as to whether this disease is a divine scourge. It is not. Heterosexuals can get it." That's all I would have liked.

Reagan, best badd-ass presi... (Below threshold)

Reagan, best badd-ass president, ever!

That comic rules, SCSI. I t... (Below threshold)

That comic rules, SCSI. I think we can all have a nice bipartisan chuckle about it.

It reminds me of that ubiquitous Chuck Norris e-mail forward, with aphorisms like "Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer. Too bad he's never cried."

If there ever is a healing period in the toxic political morass of the United States, humour will play a central role. More of it, please!

But for the crack epidemic ... (Below threshold)

But for the crack epidemic which happened on his watch,-and according to many credible sources his administration was partially responsible for- and the whole Ollie North thing. I guess you could say the "gipper" was an OK President. I know one thing, he sure knew how to read a script.

If our current cowboy in office could only do that, at least he would make us all feel a little better, while the country goes to hell in a hand basket.






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