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There's a reason we call Nashua "Nausea..."

(I know this would be a better fit at Wizbang Sports or Wizbang Pop, but I don't post there.)

Nashua, New Hampshire is home to the Nashua Pride, a minor-league baseball team. And like all minor league teams, they do some really nutty stuff to bring in the fans.

Tonight, though, they're crossing the line.

Performing live, and judging a karaoke contest, is William "Too Good For American Idol" Hung.

It's official. Nashua's officially "jumped the shark."

Can we trade it to Massachusetts for a community to be named later?

Comments (9)

Hung is there for a repeat ... (Below threshold)

Hung is there for a repeat performance tomorrow; plus it's "Ladies Nite" tonight.

That's Entertainment!

Oh puleeeze. Nashua is so..... (Below threshold)

Oh puleeeze. Nashua is so....so....so pathetic.

I'm glad I'm not a fan of that team!!

There used to be a mail-ord... (Below threshold)

There used to be a mail-order software company based out of Nashua in the 1980s. Really good prices. I used to order from them all the time. Darned if I can remember the name, though.

She bang! She bang!... (Below threshold)

She bang! She bang!

Perhaps it may be a matter ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps it may be a matter of some concern that the website invites children to "hang out with Shag"

Can we trade it to Massa... (Below threshold)

Can we trade it to Massachusetts for a community to be named later?

Why wait until later?

Here, pick one.


In fact, I'll sweeten the deal some. You can have two for the same low price.

Oh Bruce now thats unfair.<... (Below threshold)

Oh Bruce now thats unfair.
Even two for the price of one.

Lynn. Please take Lynn.... (Below threshold)

Lynn. Please take Lynn.

In other news, Roger Clemen... (Below threshold)

In other news, Roger Clemens had his Class A warmup sessions and rehabiliated the lousy equipment in the clubhouse. http://blogs.chron.com/baseballblog/archives/2006/06/extra_clemens_s.html






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