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Is McKinney Dealing?

According to a Drudge "flash" referencing an upcoming Atlanta Journal Constitution report, a McKinney deal may be coming:

Federal prosecutors investigating the confrontation between Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia and a Capitol police officer have been talking privately with McKinney's office in hopes of resolving the case without the spectacle of an indictment and trial, the ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION reports on Wednesday.

Prosecutors for several weeks have been carrying on confidential discussions with the DeKalb County Democrat in what they characterized as an effort to reach a plea agreement, even as they were presenting evidence in the March 29 incident to a grand jury, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The grand jury has not yet decided whether McKinney should be charged, an official familiar with the proceedings tells the paper, and no decision is expected this week. Prosecutors subpoenaed at least six witnesses to appear before the grand jury over the last two months.


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Comments (17)

I'll bet there's a few thou... (Below threshold)

I'll bet there's a few thousand criminals charged with assulting a police officer praying she gets a deal. They can demand and should get the same deal if we have even the slightest pretense of a justice (for one and all) system left in this country. If they can't that will prove that political influence is alive and well.

When do you think Delay wil... (Below threshold)
Drew E:

When do you think Delay will start dealing? Why is Delay cutting and running? Why is "the Hammer" quiting this week?
Where is the support?

Drew E , Where do you see... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:

Drew E , Where do you see the name Delay?

"Is McKinney Dealing?"

I'll bet ya put alot of elbow grease into it polishing those turds , I mean democrats.

If McKinney gets a deal, it... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

If McKinney gets a deal, it will be a miscarriage of justice of the first order. She should be indicted, tried, convicted and serve time. Congress needs to be shown that they are not above the law. Jefferson, McKinney, Cunningham, Hastert, Pelosi and all the other Imperial congress critters should be brought down a peg or two.
If any one of us reading or commenting on this blog were to do what she did, we would be thrown under the jail and they would throw away the key.
It is time for our elected officials to get the message they were not elected King or Queen. They were elected Public Servant.

Funny with Delay they neede... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Funny with Delay they needed 3? grand juries and no eyewitnesses and 1 day in court. With McKinney you have 6? eyewitnesses, a confession, and it has been before the grand jury for how long now?

If you know anything about ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

If you know anything about her father, you realize the nut does not fall far from the tree.
This person should not get any special deals because she is a congressperson. Her lack of remorse and failure to adequately apoligize opened her up for public ridicule which she richly deserves.
Anyway, just because you resemble the actor "Buckhead" does not put you above the law.

"The grand jury has not yet... (Below threshold)

"The grand jury has not yet decided..." is decidedly deceptive. If you substitute "District Attorney" for "Grand Jury" you would the story would be more accurate. The D.A. pushes the cases before the Grand Jury and is the gating factor in which ones go forward (to the g.j.) and which ones simmer (gathering evidence, waiting for witnesses, political considerations) before presentation to the G.J.

TIA: I have never served on a grand jury. My wife has. A close friend has. This speculation comes on second hand information through conversations.

Anyway, just because you... (Below threshold)

Anyway, just because you resemble the actor "Buckhead" does not put you above the law.



Definitely a bigger story t... (Below threshold)

Definitely a bigger story than that Tom Delay thing, eh? Has Frist been sentenced yet?

Get everything you can out of this one, sweetie. Maybe Kennedy will get another parking ticket or something...meanwhile, a lot of Republicans are either in jail or headed that way. Not so's you'd noticed, if you only hung out here.

What was the count, finally, on the Reagan administration? Oh yes, 31 convicted and sentenced. Yeah, that McKinney thing is huge.

"The McKinney thing" is hug... (Below threshold)

"The McKinney thing" is huge in that it represents the fight for or against appropriately established authority, respect, proper use of privilege and plain old sanity. It may look like a Blue vs Red fight, but it is really a fight against the anarchy that McKinney and her ilk promulgates.

If you are going to make it a Blue vs Red argument, please go back to the first US administration and start counting the number of convictions for abuses while in power forward to now. I think you'll find that there are few parties that have emerged unscathed.

That ought to keep you busy for a while, instead of setting up straw men.

Republicans have that probl... (Below threshold)

Republicans have that problem of AG'S who will honor the law.

Clinton had Reno who refused to investigate MASSIVE illegalities in order to save her (highly undeserved) job.

Book Her Dano!!!!... (Below threshold)

Book Her Dano!!!!

Has Frist been sentenced... (Below threshold)

Has Frist been sentenced yet?

Does sentencing usually come before being charged on your planet?

McGehee,Hey! Don'... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Hey! Don't mock poor asti's "reality". It's the only one he's got.

Damn, just indict the stupi... (Below threshold)

Damn, just indict the stupid cow and have a trial.
If she's innocent she'll have her day in court to prove it.

If they let her walk with a plea bargin it will just denigriate the office she holds and the police farce.

Luke,Yeah,"Buckwheat... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Too early in the morning when I posted that. Thanks.

Gotta love how the moonbats... (Below threshold)

Gotta love how the moonbats are so desperate to change the subject!

They even have to go back to the Reagan years - conveniently forgetting all those Clinton-related convictions.

Maybe they should bring up Teapot Dome, or the Crédit Mobilier scandal - those were under Republican Administrations, too.

That the extreme left cannot even bring themselves to condemn the likes of McKinney, Jefferson, and Mulhollan just underscores why they are such LOSERS.






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