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Patching things up in Rhode Island

Well, Congressman Patrick "Patches" Kennedy is back from rehab, tanned, rested, and ready. And he insists that he can handle his duties and is fit to not only finish out his term, but stand for re-election.

His Republican detractors in his adopted state have their doubts. They have been urging him to resign and devote his full attention to battling his demons so someone else can take on the full-time task of representing Rhode Island's interests in congress.

This is a very unpopular stance for them. A lot of people want Patches to stay in Congress, and are telling Rhode Island Republicans just what they think of their idea.

All I have to add to this is a quote I stole from a caller into a Boston talk show: "Only in twisted Kennedy logic can alcohol and sleeping pills be called a 'wake-up call.'"

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Those Kennedy Boys: always ... (Below threshold)

Those Kennedy Boys: always good for a laugh. Now Pat wants us to treat him like a Negro.

I think he was thinking mor... (Below threshold)

I think he was thinking more in terms of OJ than Rodney King...

In drug and alcohol rehabil... (Below threshold)

In drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs Rep. Kennedy would be referred to as a "spin dry": basically detox and a little introductory-level therapy. The patient has a long way to go. Frequently patients submit to this level of treatment to make others happy or to get their addiction back down to a manageable level. Frequently they need a humbling experience to show to themselves that they really need to get their lives together. Such individuals will tell groups their "riches-to-rags story".

Sending "Patches" back to Congress is the worse thing you can do for him as a person.

Kevino, I was thinking some... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Kevino, I was thinking something similar: That was the fastest rehab in the history of drug abuse!

Can we start calling him "T... (Below threshold)

Can we start calling him "Token"?

Quitcherbitchin about Rep K... (Below threshold)

Quitcherbitchin about Rep Kennedy. Those with a longer memory will recall that the last high profile Rep we here in RI sent to Congress was Fernand 'Fast Freddy' St. Germain. He is the guy who introduced gobs of moral hazard into the federally insured S&Ls. Increased the Federal insurance, removed controls and oversight - twas a recipe for disaster. By some accounts, the taxpayers' financial hit from the resulting collapse is an estimated bail-out bond cost of $16 billion per year for 30 years - 1990 to 2020. Could well be higher.
So we could have done worse for the rest of the country in the last few elections.
(Hope nobody takes this seriously, but I'll bet a lot of RI 1st district voters will think its a reasonable argument)

What is wrong with you frea... (Below threshold)
Radical Centrist:

What is wrong with you freaks in the NorthEast, you keep electing people who have no business being elected dog-catcher let alone Congressmen and senetors.

Ted Kennedy Kills Woman Senator For Life
John Kerry Slanders Soldiers Senetor For Life
Barney Frank Lover Runs WhoreHouse Congressman for life
Patrich Kennedy drug addict/alcoholic congressman for life

RE: What's wrong with you f... (Below threshold)

RE: What's wrong with you freaks in the NorthEast?
While I object to the word "freak", the answer is that people in the NE are classic "Yellow Dog Democrats" much the same way that people in the South used to be: they'd vote for a yellow dog as long as it is a Democrat. In that role, people like Rep. Kennedy or Senator Kennedy or Senator Kerry will do exactly what their supporters want and expect: support Democratic bills and fight the GOP. They aren't required to be visionaries. They aren't required to be know anything or articulate any ideas. They are required to vote for Democratic bills and vote against Republican bill. Period.

As an officer for the National Organization for Women (NOW) once said to a conservative journalist about NOW's support for President Clinton, even when he attacked women with a nasty smear campaign, "You believe in principle. We believe in politics."

Ultimately, we get the government that we deserve.

Politics aside: the Democrats should get another person to run in his district.
(1) As I stated above this is not good for Rep. Kennedy's recovery.
(2) Rep. Kennedy's bad behavior may get someone killed. We don't need another intoxicated Kennedy behind the wheel of a car.

As a former Masshole - yes,... (Below threshold)

As a former Masshole - yes, that's what we call them up here in Maine - and they call us Maniacs and we all call NH "Cow Hampshire" - but I digress as usual - As a former Masshole, I can assure you that there were a slew of us voting the right way, and I mean RIGHT way, but they kept putting these boneheads into office. Don't get me started on the Kennedy Clan, Barney Frank or Gerry Studds. Maine politics is far from perfect - but at least our two senators (Snowe and Collins) actually seem to care about the people of Maine.

No problem, till Pat goes o... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

No problem, till Pat goes on another bender and KILLS someone or several people with his car.

Kennedys and Cars kill people. There oughta be a law.

Can we ask what GOOD exampl... (Below threshold)

Can we ask what GOOD examples Patches has to emulate? His father is a bloviating gasbag, drowner of innocent women, adulterous alcoholic sleazebag who was expelled from college for cheating on an exam. His mother is a lovely, very fragile woman whose emotional and alcohol problems are well chronicled.

As the adult child of an alcoholic parent, I can tell you that his problems are all too common. BUT he IS an adult and as an adult, it is his job to take responsibility for his actions, not offer excuses and he must do what needs to be done to make it right. I could have gone down his path as an adult - in fact I was on the rungs of that ladder - but common sense and the counsel of some good and hard-headed friends made me stop and think just long enough to start working on myself to prevent what would have been an inevitable descent into some very nasty lifestyle. I pray, for his sake, that Patrick Kennedy has a few friends like mine!

The voters of Rhode Island ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

The voters of Rhode Island and Massachusetts are enablers. They don't accept responsibilty for the fact that they are putting all of us in danger, and I'm just talking about the roadways.

I think much the same as they have car ignitions with breathalyzer tests, they should attach breathalyzers to the voting machines in Congress.

That would forever keep the Kennedy's out of Congress.






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