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The Kelo Korner

As the ourage turns to resignation, people tend to forget which of our rights have been taken away or which wrong went un-righted. That's always bothered me. Kelo, once the hot topic of the blogosphere, is now old news.

If Kelo has been pushed off your radar screen, you might take a minute or two to visit Tom Blumer over at BizzyBlog who has been following the case. You can find his wrap-up here.

As [potentially forceable] evictions loom, this story isn't going a away just yet.

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Anyone have the party make ... (Below threshold)

Anyone have the party make up of the new haven council that started this? I saw the clip of them being chewed out last night, it was great.

It is worth mentioning that... (Below threshold)
Hmmmm.It's actuall... (Below threshold)


It's actually worse than that.

The city isn't just going to steal their property. The city has been charging them *RENT* for their property while they've been fighting the court cases.

So not only were they undercompensated for their stolen property but they're going to end up with very little after the city deducts their massive rent charges.


Frankly were I them I'd get my ass elected to whatever town council, or what have you, that runs the city and then turn the tables and take THEIR property.

The NC house just passed a ... (Below threshold)

The NC house just passed a bill 116-0 to restrict the use of eminent domain. It goes to the state senate now.

Amend the Constitution to u... (Below threshold)

Amend the Constitution to undo the damage of Kelo.

Amend the Constitu... (Below threshold)
Amend the Constitution to undo the damage of Kelo.

Let's just say that Shakespeare was wise in his advice on lawyers, considering that the judges who wiped their ass with our constitution and ruled in favor of New London were all lawyers.

Seriously, the answer for this is for state legislatures and Congress to grow a pair and impeach these judges who do not respect the laws they pass and the constitution. A few impeachments and convictions with removal from office will ensure that the words "for public use" will be more strictly interpreted.

Amend the Constitution t... (Below threshold)

Amend the Constitution to undo the damage of Kelo.

Here is an example of the way an amendment could read: No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Nice one Dave. How about w... (Below threshold)
Robin Goodfellow:

Nice one Dave. How about we amend our government to actually follow the constitution?

JP, Council is 4 Dems, incl... (Below threshold)

JP, Council is 4 Dems, including the mayor, one disgraceful republican, and two from an upstart party, the One New London Party, that took two and almost 3 seats in November's election.

The vote was 5-2, Dems and Rep for, ONL folks against.






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