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The Return of the Jersey Girls

Everytime I begin to think they are but a distant memory, the Jersey Girls are in the news again. This time as a result of the release of Ann Coulter's new book Godless. Michelle Malkin has a good rundown of the controversy Coulter has created with her comments about the 9/11 widows. Michelle also reminds us that Ann Coulter wasn't the first to take them on either, linking to what she correctly refers to as Dorothy Rabinowitz' "definitive piece". I remember the Rabinowitz piece well. If you haven't read it, read it now. If you have read it, like me, you will likely want to re-read it.

I can't say that I agree with all of Coulter's comments. In fact, I agree with Captain Ed, especially about Coulter's comment, "I have never seen people enjoying their husband's death so much." Ann Coulter was right, though, about the way the MSM treats people like the Jersey Girls and Cindy Sheehan. The same "moral authority" declared for Cindy Sheehan and the Jersey Girls is not extended to all victims, though. Just ask Debra Burlingame. Ann Coulter raises a good point about the way those on the Left use victims to attack the President, and then claim them to be beyond reproach due to their victim status. I just wish she chosen her words more carefully.


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Comments (23)

Lorie: That is the point. ... (Below threshold)

Lorie: That is the point. While many of us might agree with some of Ann's thoughts, she needs to think before she inserts foot in mouth.

We all recognize the difference in the way the press treats the Left and Right. Unfortunately though, when someone on the Right makes insensitive remarks as Ann did, it just creates more of a feeding frenzy.

You can dislike and be vocal about the ideas or agendas of a particular political party without this type of vicious personal attacks.

On perusing the blurbs she ... (Below threshold)

On perusing the blurbs she had attached to the "subscribe to Human Events and get my new book free" link, I saw some rather hyper-Coulterese decrying Darwin and supporting Creationism. At that point I was done looking at that site. Now I know we're talking about 9/11 widows here, and inappropriate put downs, but put in the context of this other portion of her book released on 6/6/06, I'm a bit disappointed. Maybe there was some satire intended that I missed?

Please Ann hit the nail rig... (Below threshold)

Please Ann hit the nail right on the head,but most of us conservatives really are to decent to recognize a dark truth when its put before us.Miss Colter says some things that are completely true, but our natures make us cringe.That doesn't make it any less true.She has the nerve to say so,lets give her credit,and stop all the she went over the line talk.

Yeah for sure jainphx! She'... (Below threshold)

Yeah for sure jainphx! She's totally right about everything and ordinary people (including women who do not have Adam's apples) just don't have the cajones to say what we're all thinking! She was fired from the National Review in part because she advocated parachuting troops into Afghanistan to convert the locals to Christianity at gunpoint. I guess she thought that they would no longer hate Americans. Regardless, though, that's hardly over the line, right? I can practically hear your mouth-breathing through my computer speakers.

She's not only offensive, she's really stupid too. I loved watching Alan Colmes (whom I gravely dislike) inform her that Pat Tillmann was a fan of Noam Chomsky and thought that the war in Afghanistan was illegal. He cited Tillmann's parents as his proof. Coulter's (and Hannity's) response: "I don't believe it." Tough shit, Ann, your dreamboat hero is to the left of Michael Moore. It made my day. Hell, it's making my day again.

Ah, to be so easily amused ... (Below threshold)

Ah, to be so easily amused . . .

No doubt Medicaid is taking care of the meds, eh?

Medicaid doesn't cover mari... (Below threshold)

Medicaid doesn't cover marijuana, Adjoran, nor does it do me much good in Ontario. =)

I think Coulter should defi... (Below threshold)

I think Coulter should definitely apologize ... right after Ted Rall, and Ward Churchill, and Robert Fisk, and Markos Moulitsas, and Cindy Sheehan and a host of other luminaries on the left tender their heartfelt "I'm sorry."


Oh, have you heard? Ann is... (Below threshold)

Oh, have you heard? Ann is also a good Christian. Her faith guides everything she does.

Seriously. She said so in an interview.

Ann Coulter is a vicious... (Below threshold)

Ann Coulter is a vicious purveyor of hate.

It amazes me how the Right loves to gobble up this bitch's bile.

Now that this Coulter Whore has gone over the top in the past few days, some of the Right are trying to put just a tink of distance between themselves and this Ogre of Hate while allowing that they still find themselves in some general sort of admiration for her/him.

Flat out, no way around it: Coulter=HATE, not just now, but virtually every time this filthy bitch opens the sphincter on her face.

Those of the Right, who want to stake out a small parcel of reason while glomming onto this Whore, have made her a multi-millionaire at the same time.

And, for all the Right-to-Lifers in this group, Ann Coulter is God's living proof on Earth that He intended for some parents to be obliged to practice abortion.

For an thread started by a ... (Below threshold)

For an thread started by a godless liberal (maybe PZ was an inspiration to Ann), here a discussion that includes a few words from some folks who actually claim to have read portions of the book:


"She was fired from the Nat... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"She was fired from the National Review in part because she advocated parachuting troops into Afghanistan to convert the locals to Christianity at gunpoint. "

Heh. That's funny. The Righties fire 'one of their own' for making those statements. However, the Lefties give you a free scolarship to Yale if you advocate conversion to Islam at gunpoint.

The Left is beyond parody.

Ann should apologize in the... (Below threshold)

Ann should apologize in the tradition of Dems. She can say that she is sorry that the widows are using their husband death to get into the lime life and that the dems use personal tragedy as a shield against any criticism of the political agenda and she also sorry that there are so many on the left who are moon bats. Then she can go around and claim that she did apologize.

"However, the Lefties give ... (Below threshold)

"However, the Lefties give you a free scolarship to Yale if you advocate conversion to Islam at gunpoint."

Two things, Les:

1) Rather than just say "Coulter = piece of shit" like any cognizant have-wit would feel inclined to, you imply that what she says is somehow ... justified? ... by the fact that Yale allows people to freely express themselves. Yale is a university, where ideas, good and bad, are expressed and debated. Network and cable news shows that let that fascist on cannot claim the same defence, as their purpose is to inform the public of facts. "We report, you decide," and all that

2) I mentioned the fact that Coulter has an Adam's apple; anyone care to explain this? I know it's irrelevant, and I'm just being mean, but... Ann Coulter has an Adam's apple. Remember the end of the first Ace Venture movie?

Lorie Byrd wishes Coulter h... (Below threshold)

Lorie Byrd wishes Coulter had chosen her words more carefully. I believe Coulter did indeed choose them carefully. Coulter, trained as a lawyer, is quite good at backing up her remarks, jarring though they may be.

bemused:"..you imply... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"..you imply that what she says is somehow ... justified? ... by the fact that Yale allows people to freely express themselves."

You may have inferred that, but I did not imply anything like that.

I was simply pointing out the irony that the aforementioned right-wing National Review fired her for being over-the-top by suggesting conversion to Christianity at gunpoint; while left-wing Yale university is offering a free ride to an Afghani who actually was a spokesman for the Taliban, who advocated conversion to Islam at gunpoint. And the Taliban didn't just write articles about forced conversion, they actually murdered and terrorized people. It's a funny juxstaposition. If welcoming a homosexual-murdering, sexist, freedom-hating intolerant religious zealot to a free ride at Yale is proof of 'the fact' that 'Yale allows people to freely express themselves', then Yale can just keep that type of free expression to themselves.

"Network and cable news shows that let that fascist on cannot claim the same defence, as their purpose is to inform the public of facts."

Except that Ann is not a reporter, she is a commentator. All network and cable news shows have reporters and commentators. Reporters are supposed to report, commentators are supposed to give their personal opinion. Big difference.

dchamilThi... (Below threshold)


This bilious bitch has never chosen her words "carefully."

And, from what I've read she never backs them up "quite well."

This bitch is a foaming rabid hate-mongerer & her language and expression never rise above this level. She paints w/ an extraordinarily broad stroke as she stands Reason its head.

She may have trained as a lawyer, but her twisted logic(?) and insane argument would have run her out of the courts in short order.

The haters of the Right, tho, obviously worship at her feet.

."This bitch is a fo... (Below threshold)

"This bitch is a foaming rabid hate-mongerer"

It must be going around.

If only Ann titled her book... (Below threshold)

If only Ann titled her book "God, I hate...", as all those moderate, non-hateful lefties have published about just about anybody to the right of Mao.

But, let me guess mak, they don't speak for you, huh?

Wizdumb first defending a r... (Below threshold)

Wizdumb first defending a racist haven like the Minutemen then Coulters' recnt remarks?
WTF? Got the cross burning at both ends?

"Racist", of course, being ... (Below threshold)

"Racist", of course, being "somebody who disagrees with a liberal".

Please drop by Agitprop and... (Below threshold)

Please drop by Agitprop and check out our list of Coulter supporters.

Mak44, with calling Ann Cou... (Below threshold)

Mak44, with calling Ann Coulter a 'bitch' and a 'whore' you have just disqualified yourself from your objectivity in criticizing her.

Your comments speak loud and clear about your personal hate for all with whom you disagree.

I heard some of Ann's comme... (Below threshold)

I heard some of Ann's comments on Hannity and Colmes and I do think she may have gone a bit far. She seemed to get a little personal, which is on every page of the left's playbook (see above postings) I agree she has read their tired playbook and reads them perfectly (anyone over 2 years old can debate a liberal), but she should stick to the issues and let them call her what they want. They are probably just jealous that their books don't sell and their shows go unwatched and unlistened.






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