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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Dead Again, Finally - Coverage Of Coverage Of Coverage Roundup

FrauBudgie's liveblogging of the al-Zarqawi coverage over at Wizbang Bomb Squad got picked up by TVNewser and Inside Cable, which is very cool. TVNewser also point out MSNBC's Middle East bureau chief Richard Engel writing at Blogging Baghdad:

[A]ll of the Iraqi journalists who were in the room started to applaud. There were women in the back who started "ululating" - which is that traditional Arabic way of celebration when someone wags the tongue back and forth and makes sort of a wailing or shrieking noise.

...People started applauding and cheering. I hadn't seen that kind of reaction since Saddam Hussein was captured and there was a similar spontaneous outpouring of excitement from the Iraqi press corps that was gathered.

...[A]fterwards, I walked up to one of al-Malaki's aides who I know and started giving him a hard time, saying "What are you doing to me? Why didn't you tell me about this beforehand?"

He just smiled. He couldn't contain his excitement. He gave me a hug. It was just an indication of how ecstatic they are that not only is Zarqawi dead, but that this can be a new start for the Iraqi government. He was literally hugging me because he couldn't contain his excitement.

What's that, a bit of humor, a little acknowledgment that a barbarian has been snuffed out, and that something hopeful happened?

Not to worry though, NBC newser Jim Maceda kicks the ball down the field in the very next post...

See the spontaneous applause break out during the press conference - [Video]
Watch the bombing raid. - [Video]


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Comments (23)

Come on now Bin Laden, You ... (Below threshold)

Come on now Bin Laden, You have to release a video praising Zarqawi and delivering the eulogy..

[A]ll of the Iraqi... (Below threshold)
[A]ll of the Iraqi journalists who were in the room started to applaud.

Where's the uber-objectivity and self-loathing?!? What kind of press do they have in Iraq?

I guess they do not have th... (Below threshold)

I guess they do not have the lofty principled highminded seriousness that our press corp does.

They should auction off tha... (Below threshold)

They should auction off that giant picture of him laying dead on E-bay. I'd buy it.

Whoa anyone notice the Iraq... (Below threshold)

Whoa anyone notice the Iraqi Peter Lorrie in the background of the applause video.

[A]ll of the Iraqi journ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

[A]ll of the Iraqi journalists who were in the room started to applaud.

And in a related story here in the States, the noticeably down editorial staff and several columnists of the New York Times were spotted this morning at McSorley's, the City's oldest bar, slamming back light and dark beers.

An obviously powdered Paul Krugman was slumped outside the bar on the sidewalk and heard slurring to passers by, "Jus you wait....(hic)...Zarqahweee....or no Zarqawheee...you'll see...w-w-we'll (hic) get Haditha back in the (hic) news before you know it...(hic)".

The bartender noted that Krugman was only on his second beer.

Peter Lorrie (HA HA) ... (Below threshold)

Peter Lorrie (HA HA)

Peter F. Your right there does seem to be an aura of depression in the news reporting. they will have to find a new scandal and fast!

Get your t-shirt...get your... (Below threshold)

Get your t-shirt...get your red-hot T-shirt here!



I wonder if they've got one... (Below threshold)

I wonder if they've got one that says: (Zarqawi exterminated as a left wing talking point!) with Deceased superimposed over it??

...they will have to fin... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

...they will have to find a new scandal and fast!

New scandals? Why? That requires work, damnit. Let's just drudge up and dust off some "old" ones like Valerie Plame or Jack Abramoff or Enron or Abu Gharib or NSA wiretapping or data-mining or gay marriage. It'll be a liberal hootennany!

Zarqawi's wives are really ... (Below threshold)

Zarqawi's wives are really pissed. Not because we killed him. Because they're positive he's out bangin some virgins tonight.

Zark is titsup...and the LE... (Below threshold)

Zark is titsup...and the LEFT is despondant! makes perfect sense!

I can't post long tonight, what with toasting Zark's one-way ticket to HELL, I'm a little bit in my cups. But damn....it's a GREAT day for America and everyone who values freedom!!

Z is circling the drain, no... (Below threshold)

Z is circling the drain, no longer spinning records, Assuming room tempature. Wrap him in a pig skin blanket and bury him face down so he can save time on his trip. He won't even have to turn over to start digging.

A dark dark day for Democra... (Below threshold)

A dark dark day for Democrats and the MSM!

Lee?? jp2???? Mak?????... (Below threshold)

Lee?? jp2???? Mak?????

Where arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuu???

wavemaker: "Lee?? jp2???... (Below threshold)

wavemaker: "Lee?? jp2???? Mak?????
Where arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuu???"

They are matching me drink for drink. For every toast I do to our brave men & women who fight for us (and kill vermin like this) they drink a drink to their "brave" "Minutemen".

Zark...I know the deepest pit of hell doesn't look EXACTLY like the reward you had in mind...but it's BETTER than you deserve!!

Dead?!! AWESOME!! SHEEEIT Y... (Below threshold)

Dead?!! AWESOME!! SHEEEIT YEAH!!! So the war is over, right?


Well, dang, DDT... it's not... (Below threshold)

Well, dang, DDT... it's not the second comming, but it will do for today.

But if you really want to pass up this party, no one will miss you.

Synova's right, DDT. Most o... (Below threshold)

Synova's right, DDT. Most or all of the same questions and problems remain, but killing this idjit is an undeniable moral, military, and political victory.

Not to worry though, NBC... (Below threshold)

Not to worry though, NBC newser Jim Maceda kicks the ball down the field in the very next post...

Weak. Pathetic. Typical.

I can see why you didn't quote this. All Maceda's saying is that al-Zarqawi's dead, and that terrorists in the trenches are going to do what they're going to do with this.

Further proof that the mythical monolithic "MSM" is rooting for terrorists? Hang it up.

"Further proof that the ... (Below threshold)

"Further proof that the mythical monolithic "MSM" is rooting for terrorists? Hang it up."

Discrediting and turn folks away from the media, and feeding people lies instead is high on the Republican agenda. As another example, here's the Republican poster-child of greed and corruption, with his marching orders to his colleagues...


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay urged colleagues Wednesday to "stand on principle" and ignore the media in a farewell speech to fellow Republicans.

DeLay, facing trial in Texas on campaign money laundering charges, is leaving Congress Friday, ending a 21-year career in the House.

Several rounds of applause and cheers could be heard from behind the doors of the Republicans' weekly private meeting. When the doors were opened to let a congresswoman in, members could be seen on their feet, cheering and applauding.

DeLay said later to reporters that he had advised GOP House members: "Don't listen to you guys in this town" and "stand on principle."

"We have been able to make history for 12 years and we'll do it again," DeLay said he told colleagues.

More like "make up" history, and why is he being cheered by these "principled" Republicans, who you'd think would be embarrassed to be in the same room with this slime?

Folks, you got it all wrong... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Folks, you got it all wrong.
Just look at the death portrait.



xxxyou evil vile american w... (Below threshold)

xxxyou evil vile american warpigs,get your THUG babykillers out of the peoples countrys...i will kill all you subhumans 1 x 1 you will suffer long and hard you SICK FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!






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