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Combating The Haditha Media Frenzy

A longtime reader and email buddy of mine is doing a great service by starting a new blog, Spiritbuilders, to help combat the media frenzy surrounding the Haditha incident. Her name is Sharon and she describes herself as "a middle-aged mom of two who became a quiet activist in support of the troops when her son was serving as a prison guard at Camp Bucca near Um Qaasr, Iraq." She hopes through the site "to provide context and relevant analysis on the reporting of the events at Haditha, Iraq on November 19, 2005." In her email to me she said she wanted to help in her "microscopic way." I think that Sharon might be underestimating the power of the blogosphere, but more importantly, underestimating the power of a mom on a mission. I have a feeling that her contribution will be anything but microscopic.

Update (5:15 a.m.): Thanks to Lucianne for making Sharon's site today's "blog truth." When you've been linked at Lucianne.com, you can't claim to be microscopic anymore.

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