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Exclusive Interview with Zarqawi

Protein Wisdom scored the exclusive interview with Zarqawi, post death. Check it out.


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Comments (7)

Now that is worth a read.</... (Below threshold)

Now that is worth a read.

Funny as I have ever seen.

Protein Wisdom nailed "The Zarq".

I lost a mouthfull of wine ... (Below threshold)

I lost a mouthfull of wine at: "Well, that, and why in the hell does Keith freakin' Olbermann have his own talk show...?"


graet interview. who knew Zark was so, well, expressive??

"Virgins, you promised virg... (Below threshold)

"Virgins, you promised virgins, where are my stinkin' vigins, what is wrong with you, you know what you are, infidel!!! You promised me 72 virgins!!!! Aiy, Carrumba!"

Why would anyone believe Ab... (Below threshold)

Why would anyone believe Abu had any interest in women one way or the other?
After all He only ever hung out with a bunch of Guys in togas.

An excellent interview only... (Below threshold)

An excellent interview only I wish Zarq would have answered some of the questions??

If O'Reilly gets a talk sho... (Below threshold)

If O'Reilly gets a talk show, Olbermann should at least get to be Secretary of State.

Damn I wish Zark would have... (Below threshold)

Damn I wish Zark would have spit the dirt out of His mouth long enough to spill the beans about Cheney Haliburton and Bush/Rove cheating in Iraq for cryin out loud..You cant even count on a terrorist mass murderer for anthing these days?






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