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More Unhinged Behavior -- Doggie Poo Edition

Jon Ham has a perfect example of really crappy reporting. Literally. Michelle Malkin has a great big roundup of the whole smelly story.


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Comments (12)

Talk about a stink bomb. </... (Below threshold)

Talk about a stink bomb.

Film by John Waters at 11.<... (Below threshold)

Film by John Waters at 11.

"This is the REAL THING folks!"

One guess as to where Ms. E... (Below threshold)

One guess as to where Ms. Ensz got her master's degree.

hint: rhymes with "jerkly".

Ain't that some shit!... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Ain't that some shit!
Just more of the far left academia using their vast intellectual prowess to win the war of ideas.

Everyone is way out in left... (Below threshold)

Everyone is way out in left field on this one, that wasn't doggy poo, that was her democratic opponent coming to debate

What's the problem? She wa... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

What's the problem? She was merely communicating the more coherent portions of the Democrat agenda in hopes of starting a dialog.

Just sitting here patiently... (Below threshold)

Just sitting here patiently waiting for MAK, astigoofy, Sean and Lee to find some way to defend this....

Or hijack the thread.

They can't, mesablue... (Below threshold)

They can't, mesablue - all their brains were in the envelope.

Come on people....this isn'... (Below threshold)

Come on people....this isn't the first, or the last time you'll see a deranged lefty slinging nothing but shit....

Poo flinging...For o... (Below threshold)

Poo flinging...
For once, a thread that mak44, Lee and friends could speak about with experience and aplomb... and they are silent.

OK so someone places dog s%... (Below threshold)

OK so someone places dog s%#t in a repub congresswoman's office. What's the big deal? Maybe they thought the place could use a little fresh air.

I mean, don't they talk s#%t in there all day anyway?

Theo Huxtible, would you li... (Below threshold)

Theo Huxtible, would you like a delivery of doggy doo to your office in Philly?






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