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Murtha Will Run For Majority Leader If Dems Regain House

When I first heard that Murtha planned to run for majority leaderr, I thought it was a joke, but evidently it is for real. I can't help but wonder how much of the grandstanding he has done over the past year, both during unveiling his "cut and run" plan and declaring U.S. troops cold-blooded killers, was done more out of political posturing than conviction. I still don't think Democrats have a great chance of regaining their majority in the House, but the elections are still five months from now and in politics that is an eternity. I guess anything is possible. Is attacking the military really the best way, though, to run for majority leader? Maybe it is on the Democrat side of the aisle.

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Comments (23)

What more can the GOP ask f... (Below threshold)

What more can the GOP ask for, Pelosi, Murtha, Dean et al. This is great news for the fall elections.

Is attacking the militar... (Below threshold)

Is attacking the military really the best way, though, to run for majority leader?

What is this, a pop quiz? I think the Republican answer is, No, you do that by selling political favors.

Or trading them for primo s... (Below threshold)

Or trading them for primo seats at boxing matches.
Or a cold $90k

Thanks scsiwuzzy; yeah, tho... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Thanks scsiwuzzy; yeah, those Democrats would never do anything like sell political favors except for maybe coughtonycoelhocough or maybe coughjimwrightcoughcough. Nope, the Dems are a pure as the driven snow!

If any Republican needed mo... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

If any Republican needed motivation to go the polls in November, "Cut & run/ Cold blooded murderers" Murtha just provided it.

Pointless positioning on hi... (Below threshold)

Pointless positioning on his part since he knows it's unlikey they will take the house.

Pointless positioning on... (Below threshold)

Pointless positioning on his part since he knows it's unlikely they will take the house.

And he just made it even more unlikely.

yes, stig, the Republicans ... (Below threshold)

yes, stig, the Republicans invented influence peddling. Ask Dan Rostenkowski and Tony Coelho. They were unstained before they were exposed to the vile right.

Frankly i would like to see... (Below threshold)
Eon the terrible:

Frankly i would like to see this jackass get a kick you know where and a knot tied in his tail as well

Does GOP stand for gay old ... (Below threshold)

Does GOP stand for gay old party cuz I think I see alot of you guys really protesting too much. Take a look at Jim West former Republican mayor of Spokane who was recalled for his evil ways. Jim West was an out spoken gay basher who ended up being a very closeted gay man. He was caught soliciting underage guys on a gay porn site. Those who protest the loudest and all that.

Nancy for every Republican ... (Below threshold)

Nancy for every Republican you cite I'll give you ten Democrats. Dan Rostenkowski Jim Wright,Bill Clinton Hillery Clinton,Old beem me up scottie from Ohio, The ex Senator Thief from New Jersey,Etc. Etc.you get the picture,so please give it a rest.

I think Murtha is quite ser... (Below threshold)

I think Murtha is quite serious.

I also recognize he has some serious mental problems, but on this point, there is history.

Murtha has a long-running feud with Hoyer, the current Whip. They don't like each other at all. Hoyer is about the closest thing to a moderate-conservative left in the Democratic House Caucus. It is he would be "in line" to succeed Pelosi as the floor Leader if Democrats won the majority.

I don't think there is a snowball's chance wherever Zarqawi is now that the Dems will retake the House - especially if they keep reminding America that Nancy Pelosi would likely become Speaker of the House.

That is an image that will clarify the thinking of those Republican conservatives angry over various policies and considering deserting the party in the fall. If the very thought of Pelosi as Speaker doesn't strike fear into your heart, you are probably clinically insane.


Well, to be practical, Murt... (Below threshold)
Jabba the Tutt:

Well, to be practical, Murtha first has to win re-election in order to run for Majority Leader or Minority Leader for that matter. His opponent is Diana Irey, http://www.irey.com. Murtha's a disgrace , he's a moonbat and now he has a race on his hands. He ought to stop counting his votes before they hatch and stop convicting soldiers, before they get their day in court. Ah, Congressman Murtha, that's one thing they're fighting for in Iraq for Iraqis, they deserve it here.

It appears more and more li... (Below threshold)

It appears more and more like the group Murtha accused the Marines of killing in cold blood was another made for TV Holy-wood production. The massacre evidently didn't happen. If this pans out that the marines are only guilty of doing their jobs, then that means that a company of marines, no, every marine or X marine has the right (and i'll defend their right) to shoot Murtha so many times the wind will whistle through his fat A**.

No, Lorie. It's a joke. Eve... (Below threshold)

No, Lorie. It's a joke. Even if it's true, it's a joke.

Why do libs always accuse f... (Below threshold)

Why do libs always accuse folks they don't like of being gay? For the "side" that says there is nothing wrong with being gay, they seem to toss it around as a huge insult a heck of a lot...

Ohh so the rumors are true ... (Below threshold)

Ohh so the rumors are true then? Murtha is gay!

I think it's usually done w... (Below threshold)

I think it's usually done with tongue firmly in cheek, SCSI. I have lots of gay friends and relatives, and I use the word "gay" to refer to things I don't like, in a good-natured sort of way. It's supposed to be ironic, I guess. Calling someone uncomfortable with homosexuality "gay" falls along these lines.

And we think it's fun to out closeted Republicans because certain people within the party think homosexuality is a slippery slope to fucking box turtles and dogs (Santorum). If it's morally questionable to be gay, b/c of the Bible or "nature" or whatever, how come there are gay people in your party? That sort of thing. Below the belt, but hey, it's politics.

Is anyone else familiar wit... (Below threshold)

Is anyone else familiar with an article written by Jim Kouri in 5/05, suggesting Murthas' then new found cut and run mentality may have been instigated by a proposed ethics investigation? I've copied some of the article here. It is interesting.

Well, according to investigative journalist Sher Zieve, the House Ethics committee is considering investigating Rep. John Murtha for House multiple ethics violations. The investigation would center on Rep. Murtha's involvement with his brother's firm KSA Consulting.

The story, which originally ran in the Los Angeles Times on 13 June, surrounds the 2005 appropriations bill that funded $20M to companies for which KSA Consulting lobbied. Murtha is a leader on the House Defense Appropriations Committee. An aide to Murtha, Carmen Scialabba, also works for KSA.

Further reported by the LA Times is that KSA directly lobbied Murtha's office for funding on behalf of 7 of its clients and that a Murtha aide advised a defense contractor that it needed to retain the services of KSA Consulting.

Zieve also dug up a recent editorial appearing in Investor's Business Daily that stated: "The newspaper Roll Call reported that there might be a House ethics committee investigation of Murtha's apparent improprieties. But, is that possible now that Murtha has become the media's 'hawk with a conscience?' Come to think of it, could Murtha have been thinking about a possible ethics investigation when he decided to throw himself into the public limelight last week?"

My own BS meter is showing that Murtha conducted a calculated and probably successful operation to neutralize Republicans if they should make an issue of his ethics deficiencies. The LA Times article in June was written while Murtha was considered a war hawk. Now that he's become an "enlightened" anti-war spokesperson don't expect to see followup articles about any ethics violations or criminal acts by Rep. John Murtha. Americans will only hear about Murtha's lapses of integrity in the alternative media. As long as he calls for troop withdrawals and makes ridiculous statements about the US military, he's insured himself against the mainstream news media reporting on his ethics problems. Besides, the media only cover Republican politicians accused of misconduct. John Murtha is just another sleazy politician. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I don't know if there's anything to it, but I've seen nothing else about this suggestion written anywhere.

Don't fret about Murtha. He... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Don't fret about Murtha. He is the canary in the coal mine to the democrats. As soon as they(God forbid) gain power, he will be tossed aside by the democrats.

So Murtha wants to run ehh?... (Below threshold)

So Murtha wants to run ehh? thats not surprising considering He wants us to turn tail and run from Iraq! at least He's consistent in His buffoonery..

Thank you for Your service to our country USMC pilot..salute...

I hope all of you remember,... (Below threshold)

I hope all of you remember, that the last time Murtha faced any sort of oppostion (this time isn't really it) which happened to be in a re-apportionment primary (so re ran against another democrat), hordes of Repubicans SWITCHED PARTIES TO VOTE FOR MURTHA!!! you may check this if you like in PAs district. They weren't coerced, or even asked to stay...murtha's campaign even offered the materials to switch back, no problemo in the general, of course. Now they don't have to switch parties to vote for him in a general election. He will win with at least 80%. The smear isn't working, his anti-site has mangaged to raise money for a whole one advertisement. As for the mud, sling away. Sometimes bullying people actually makes their supporters angry and rally around them even more. (Hmmmm....the last line sounds something to be used in the Iraq war.)

Puh-leeze, chiccaD. That w... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Puh-leeze, chiccaD. That was an eternity ago. Long before Murtha became famous for his cut and run strategy and he started calling U.S. Marines cold blooded murderers before they had even been charged, much less convicted, of crimes. Republicans voted for him back when he had a reputation as a moderate Democrat veteran hawk. Let me explain it this way, think OJ before he slashed his wife and her friend to death. Think Tom Cruise before he stopped following his publicist's instructions and started jumping on couches. Murtha's image is 180 degrees different than it was then. Kerry only won Murtha's district by a few points in 2004. His opponent is going to get a lot of support and publicity. It won't be easy because Murtha has been there so long, but he won't be winning with "at least 80 percent". If you all want to think that though, then fine, save all that campaign money and don't run any ads. If he already has this thing all sewn up then I guess he can just take the next few months off and maybe host a few Code Pink rallies.






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