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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

An unidentified German soccer fan gives a thumbs-up at the Pariser Platz square in Berlin June 7, 2006. The World Cup 2006 will be opened with the match Germany vs Costa Rica in Munich on Friday evening. WORLD CUP 2006 PREVIEW REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann (GERMANY)

Winners will be announced Sunday.


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Comments (95)

My helmet? My thumb? My m... (Below threshold)

My helmet? My thumb? My mustache? Doesn't matter as long as you sit.

The new Wolrd Cup's mascot,... (Below threshold)

The new Wolrd Cup's mascot, really defining that soccer is gay.

The French will never see u... (Below threshold)

The French will never see us coming!

I thought Poland was first ... (Below threshold)

I thought Poland was first on the schedule?

Hey Ahmadinejad! WAY TO GO... (Below threshold)

Hey Ahmadinejad! WAY TO GO, BABY!!!

Zarqawi totgesagt!!... (Below threshold)

Zarqawi totgesagt!!

The new invisible Pils and ... (Below threshold)

The new invisible Pils and Stein, perfect for any public occasion.

The last one I found I put ... (Below threshold)
Rick K:

The last one I found I put on my helmet!

Ist das nicht dein Schnitze... (Below threshold)

Ist das nicht dein Schnitzelbank?
Ja, das ist mein Schnitzelbank!

This is not your father's S... (Below threshold)

This is not your father's Sgt. Schultz.

"I'm Too Sexy For My Hat."<... (Below threshold)

"I'm Too Sexy For My Hat."

"Say, you haven't seen my p... (Below threshold)

"Say, you haven't seen my propeller, have you?"

"It's no surprise, but I kn... (Below threshold)

"It's no surprise, but I know nothink, I hear nothink, I see no-think."

Carrying break dancing to n... (Below threshold)

Carrying break dancing to new level Hans said "When they score, I spin!"

German Chancellor Angela Me... (Below threshold)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured above) said Thursday that the death of al-Zarqawi one of the most wanted al-Qaida terrorists, was "good news."

"New German Lunch Box For B... (Below threshold)

"New German Lunch Box For Busy People On The Run."

Seconds later, the giant ba... (Below threshold)

Seconds later, the giant ball flattened the unsuspecting Gunther.

This caption contest is ove... (Below threshold)

This caption contest is over, the first guy wins it.

"No More Schnapps For Pops.... (Below threshold)

"No More Schnapps For Pops."

I know NOTHING, NOTHING!</p... (Below threshold)


Oddly, I don't question his... (Below threshold)
Robb H:

Oddly, I don't question his patriotism. He must be a bigot and a hatemonger.

"Woo-hoo! I'm blowing off ... (Below threshold)

"Woo-hoo! I'm blowing off the work week to watch the World Cup! 30 more free hours!"

"The gift bag is great. I e... (Below threshold)

"The gift bag is great. I especially liked the jock cup in the shape of the earth. Wanna see my World Cup?"

Fortunately, propriety prev... (Below threshold)

Fortunately, propriety prevented the inclusion of a third little "pointer."

The stealthy return of Kais... (Below threshold)

The stealthy return of Kaiser Wilhelm

"Get your jock cup off your... (Below threshold)

"Get your jock cup off your head."

If you can't be an athelete... (Below threshold)

If you can't be an athelete, at least you can be an athletic supporter.

Germany's threat of a "Fift... (Below threshold)

Germany's threat of a "Fifth Reich" somehow carries less of a punch than the previous four...

But Col. Klink, I know nooo... (Below threshold)

But Col. Klink, I know nooothiing about football.

Youv'e seen big and bigger.... (Below threshold)

Youv'e seen big and bigger...shall I show you biggest?

Besides German flag inspire... (Below threshold)

Besides German flag inspired Kaiser-Style souvenir helmets, other items selling briskly at the 2006 World Cup are Snow Globes of bombed out London landmarks, World Cup 2006 commemorative beer steins with decorative Battle of the Marne scenes, and Iron Cross coaster sets.

Getting into the spirit of ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Getting into the spirit of the World Cup, Trojan introduces their new line of hats with the 'Reservoir End'.

Germany's adoption of a var... (Below threshold)

Germany's adoption of a variation of Kancho as a national pasttime, gave a new meaning to the European Union

"Hans, listen closely. I s... (Below threshold)

"Hans, listen closely. I said I would enjoy 'some soccer', not 'thumb sucker'."

Giant Soccer Ball Runs Over... (Below threshold)

Giant Soccer Ball Runs Over Funny Looking European! Red Flag At Eleven!

Third times the charm, worl... (Below threshold)

Third times the charm, world domination by kicking it in the balls.

This kurt gesture implies h... (Below threshold)
Karl der Grosse:

This kurt gesture implies he has no problem with helmut herr.

Habt bier??... (Below threshold)

Habt bier??

Four out of five German soc... (Below threshold)

Four out of five German soccer enthusiasts agree that killing Zarqawi was a most excellent piece of news.

I'm brainless and witless a... (Below threshold)

I'm brainless and witless and every two years I get to prove it at the World Cup!

Springtime for Hitler and G... (Below threshold)

Springtime for Hitler and Germany

"Kaiser-chic" is the name f... (Below threshold)

"Kaiser-chic" is the name for the odd new fashion trend sweeping Germany.

German fans on the Siegfrie... (Below threshold)

German fans on the Siegfried line look forward to this months matches.

Das wiener.... (Below threshold)

Das wiener.

Until now, I never apprecia... (Below threshold)

Until now, I never appreciated a Mexican hat dance.

"Wenn ist das Nunstuck git ... (Below threshold)

"Wenn ist das Nunstuck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!"

Unemployed since performing... (Below threshold)

Unemployed since performing as a clown in the closing cermonies at Torino, this man is thrilled to be a part yet another European sports event.

George Galloway does his Sg... (Below threshold)

George Galloway does his Sgt. Schulz imitation on the new Big Brother -- World Cup Edition.

German dick-head with infla... (Below threshold)

German dick-head with inflated balls.

Lady, pass Me a beer!... (Below threshold)

Lady, pass Me a beer!

I know nozink!... (Below threshold)

I know nozink!

Stands with a fist!... (Below threshold)

Stands with a fist!

What has two thumbs, a Kasi... (Below threshold)

What has two thumbs, a Kasier helm and likes to score? This guy!

Ich bin ein dufus!... (Below threshold)

Ich bin ein dufus!

Well this certainly puts th... (Below threshold)

Well this certainly puts the final nail in the coffin of that whole "Master Race" assertion.

A redneck born and bred... (Below threshold)

A redneck born and bred

The Official Mascot of the ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

The Official Mascot of the World's Most Boring Game.

Leader of the "Hamburg Cell... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Leader of the "Hamburg Cell" surveillance team.

4th Stooge sited in Italy</... (Below threshold)

4th Stooge sited in Italy

Done. The frickin Iranian w... (Below threshold)

Done. The frickin Iranian whacko is down for the count.

After his rocketship Big Bo... (Below threshold)

After his rocketship Big Boy's return to earth, Dr. Evil's grandfather Kaiser Wilhelm shows his optimism about being able to take over the world--this time with the help of Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the German and Iranian national teams and an "understanding" with FIFA officials.

Kraut Weinerschwitzel makes... (Below threshold)

Kraut Weinerschwitzel makes an appearance at the world cup of beer swilling championships.. Long live das Fuhrer..

"Thanks to this soccer fan'... (Below threshold)

"Thanks to this soccer fan's nipple helmet, the giant soccer ball in the background - enlarged due to global warming - was deflated and an environmental disaster avoided at the World Cup."

"Mein 'stache, eine Bier, e... (Below threshold)

"Mein 'stache, eine Bier, eine helmet zat rings. zese are a few of my favoritze things..."

Kaiser Soze? Is that you?</... (Below threshold)

Kaiser Soze? Is that you?

It's cold.... (Below threshold)

It's cold.

"I just rubbed Viagra on my... (Below threshold)

"I just rubbed Viagra on my helmet!!"

The face of friendly fascis... (Below threshold)

The face of friendly fascism.

This guy must be one of tho... (Below threshold)

This guy must be one of those sophisticated Europeans I keep hearing about.

"Ja, bier uber alles!"<br /... (Below threshold)

"Ja, bier uber alles!"

C'mon, pull my finger!... (Below threshold)

C'mon, pull my finger!

Now you listen to me. I di... (Below threshold)

Now you listen to me. I did have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

Multi-color WWI-retro Kaise... (Below threshold)

Multi-color WWI-retro Kaiser III work helmet--55 marks.

German flag cheek paintings--40 Marks

World Cup '06 jersey (in English) in German national team colors--144 marks

Father's multiple war crimes forgotten--priceless.

German's newest safety devi... (Below threshold)

German's newest safety device for World Cup riders: the Bruststurzhelm with erectable nipple for extra impact protection.

"Kraut In A Can."... (Below threshold)

"Kraut In A Can."

HEY LOOK CORNEL KLINK I FOU... (Below threshold)
Eon the terrible:


"My name's Helmut Goldstein... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"My name's Helmut Goldstein; today, once again,
I resisted the urge to kill myself. Yahoo!!!"

1) It's the annual German b... (Below threshold)

1) It's the annual German butt-plug festival. I don't know what that hat's for, though.

2) The buddy Geist.

Give me header.... (Below threshold)

Give me header.

He runs out on the field. A... (Below threshold)

He runs out on the field. And just before getting smashed by a soccer ball, the worlds smallest German idiot gives a big thumbs-up! for the game.

"Vee are zee champions -- o... (Below threshold)

"Vee are zee champions -- of zee vorld ... "
(the Queen lyrics)

Feel like your Farfrompo... (Below threshold)

Feel like your Farfrompoopin' try Nimrod's new constipation relief.

It has become very apparent... (Below threshold)

It has become very apparent that Germany security at the World Cup is a failure....all sorts of terrorists have managed entry to the games.

Despite an intensive two-ye... (Below threshold)

Despite an intensive two-year search, Hans was unable to find the giant soccer ball reputedly hidden in Berlin.

The new uniforms dictated b... (Below threshold)

The new uniforms dictated by the Versailles Treaty were what actually started the second war...

Willkommen to Düsseldork!</... (Below threshold)

Willkommen to Düsseldork!

Until tomorrow, I'm Reinhea... (Below threshold)

Until tomorrow, I'm Reinheardt Burgermeister - You stay classy, Berlin!"

Ah, Germany, where gay marr... (Below threshold)

Ah, Germany, where gay marriage is not just legal, but apparently the only option.

When President Abada... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

When President Abadanutjob's deputy arrives, we'll kick the crap out of him. YES!

Sprechen Sie Dork?... (Below threshold)
Kevin P. Craver:

Sprechen Sie Dork?

Ellen Degeneres visits worl... (Below threshold)

Ellen Degeneres visits world cup soccer.

I represent the lollipop ki... (Below threshold)

I represent the lollipop kids,the lollipop kids,the lollipop kids, and in the name of the lollipop kids, i wish to welcome You to Munchgin land..

Deutschbag!... (Below threshold)


Dinkle Acker!Dinkl... (Below threshold)

Dinkle Acker!

Dinkle Acker!

Huh, Huh, Huh!

Yah, just guess where my <b... (Below threshold)

Yah, just guess where my other tattoo is hiding!






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