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Zarqawi Was Still Alive When US Forces Arrived at Site of Bombing

That's what Maj. Gen. William Caldwell reported exclusively on Fox and Friends this morning. He had been put onto a stretcher by Iraqi forces. Zarqawi was conscious enough to open his eyes, and when he saw that the US forces had arrived, he rolled off his gurney and tried to get away. He died shortly afterward. Everyone else died instantly.

Kevin adds: The AP picks up the story - Al-Zarqawi said to survive airstrike, noting that Caldwell said of al-Zawqari, "He mumbled something but it was indistinguishable and it was very short."

Update: Fox News now has the story on its site as well:

"Zarqawi was alive when U.S. forces arrived on the site," Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said in a satellite interview from Iraq. "The Iraqi police arrived first, they found him in the rubble, put him on a gurney of some type."

Caldwell, the chief U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, said Zarqawi tried to roll off the gurney to escape once he became aware of the fact that he was being taken into custody by coalition troops Wednesday night after two 500-pound precision guided bombs blew up his safehouse near Baqouba.


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Comments (40)

Poetic Justice -- he got to... (Below threshold)

Poetic Justice -- he got to live long enough to know he'd been screwed.

GOOD!... (Below threshold)


Gen Caldwell doing a presse... (Below threshold)

Gen Caldwell doing a presser on FOX now. 9:20AM

Excellent news - he had eno... (Below threshold)

Excellent news - he had enough time to realize who had dropped the bomb just before entering the gates of hell.

Zarqawi died knowing who ki... (Below threshold)

Zarqawi died knowing who killed him. sweet!

What a wonderful way to sta... (Below threshold)

What a wonderful way to start the day! Poetic justice be done!

Fox reported this today? CN... (Below threshold)

Fox reported this today? CNN reported this yesterday.

Payback is a biatch.<... (Below threshold)

Payback is a biatch.

In Zarkman's case, Payback is two 500 pound steel scumbag-smashing bombs, with love, from the USA.

Zark's final words were:</p... (Below threshold)

Zark's final words were:

You guys don't look like virgins

At least he got to feel som... (Below threshold)

At least he got to feel some pain before moving on. Hopefully the troops provided him with a thorough medical evaluation as well..
'Does it hurt when I do THIS? How about THIS?'

Today's Wishful Thinking Aw... (Below threshold)

Today's Wishful Thinking Award goes to:

Barbara Starr, CNN, in today's press briefing: "Was any attempt made to give him medical aid? Can you definitively state that there were no gunshot wounds on the body?"

I wonder whether she would ask Al-Quaeda if any attempt was made to render medical aid to Daniel Pearl after Zarqawi beheaded him? Can you guarantee that there were no gunshot wounds on his body? Why wasn't an autopsy performed?

No, I don't think so either.

Hey Lee,Got a link t... (Below threshold)

Hey Lee,
Got a link to the CNN report yesterday of The Zarq being alive when US troops arrived? I would have thought had your guys had it, Kos would have been in a dither by now. You know, needing investigations, possible civil rights violation, cruelty, etc. You know the drill.

Zarq's words just before the 500 pounder came down the chimney, "Does anyone else hear a whistling sound or is just me"?

There is a sense of satisfa... (Below threshold)

There is a sense of satisfaction that is was a Viper (the aircraft I flew in the USAF) that dropped the bombs.... :D

Got a link to the CNN re... (Below threshold)

Got a link to the CNN report yesterday of The Zarq being alive when US troops arrived?

Well, I don't remember where I saw it yesterday or who was the source, but I do remember seeing something to the effect yesterday that Zarqawi wasn't dead when first found. Wish I could help you with a link -- but Lee is right that this isn't a new development today.

Zarqawi muttered: ""Wha ha... (Below threshold)

Zarqawi muttered: ""Wha happened? Uggh"

I am with Barbara Starr. Isn't it considered TORTURE to not save his life by all means possible, including $1000's in life support, etc??? It's not like we need those services for all the bombing victims in the military and civilian ranks . . .

We better not stir up trouble over there. If we make them mad at us, they'll really, really, I mean seriously, like, hate us, dude.

Sheesh, bunch of p#ssies.

I was just thinking maybe L... (Below threshold)

I was just thinking maybe Lee was accusing FOX of "stealing" some thunder from those guys over at CNN.

I watch and listen to the news quite regular (retired) and didn't see anything about old Zarq being amongst the breathing when troops arrived.

Could have missed it though.

Luke- it was TV coverage. T... (Below threshold)

Luke- it was TV coverage. The report I heard said the Zarqawi was alive when our troops arrived and that he died in the custody of the Iraqis. I'll look for print reports dated yesterday that reported this also.

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell reported exclusively on Fox and Friends this morning...

So Fox had an exclusive interview with Fox, but the information was not exclusive. Big deal. It's just another attempt by right-wing neoreporters attempting to form public news habits by pumping up their buddies at Fox as some sort of actual news organization.

Lee, much like the proverbi... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Lee, much like the proverbial broken clock is occasionally correct, in spite of himself.

Anyone can verify that the story was "out there" yesterday with a simple search of Google News. I saw some reports were posted roughly 24 hours ago.

Lee, you were doing good there until you went on your rant about Fox news. Thanks for not letting anyone forget what a leftist jerk you are.

Is poor old Lee Lee the res... (Below threshold)

Is poor old Lee Lee the resident moonbat?

LMFAO @ Justrand... (Below threshold)

LMFAO @ Justrand

Lee, I heard reports on Fox... (Below threshold)

Lee, I heard reports on Fox and CNN about Zac being alive but each report stated they could not confirm that. Now they have. Get your facts straight please and thank you.

Give me a few minutes Lee a... (Below threshold)

Give me a few minutes Lee and I'll confirm all this.

Rush is coming on in about 10 minutes and he'll have all the latest.

I do hope the Zarq suffered greatly.

Oh yeah, almost forgot; CNN was just interviewing some reporterette that had been in Iraq a while back and kept slamming her over and over for calling the war an insurgency instead of a "civil war". The guy was not being very civil about it either.

"Zark's final word... (Below threshold)
"Zark's final words were:

You guys don't look like virgins

Excellent, justrand! If I can be allowed to follow up on your wonderful quip:

Zark's final thoughts were:

"The Koran lied! There is no Allah!"

Where's the part about the ... (Below threshold)

Where's the part about the wooden stake through the heart?

No, Zark's final words were... (Below threshold)

No, Zark's final words were...

"Allah, no! Not 72 virgin BOARS!"


Couldn't use a wooden stake... (Below threshold)

Couldn't use a wooden stake - the Leftists would cry torture. :o

Obviously we need sort of i... (Below threshold)

Obviously we need sort of investigation into why the US officers present were completely derelict in their duty! We should determine why these men abdicated their sworn duties by not stepping up and finishing this guy off![/sarcasm]

I saw it reported yesterday... (Below threshold)

I saw it reported yesterday that the scumbag was pulled from the rubble still breathing and it sure wasn't on CNN. I'd shoot anyone that turned the Communist News Network on in my home. I see CNN on in some other places so i understand why the country is so misinformed, being lied to 24-7 is the same as what the terrorists are taught from birth by the leaders of the most murderous religion in history. I see little difference in CNN lies and the violence taught in Mosque's. It's all brainwashing of the feeble minded.

Why all the talk of virgins... (Below threshold)
Big D:

Why all the talk of virgins? There are better last words for Zarq:

"Help! I've been massacred!"

"Thank Allah that MoveOn and Kos are still in the fight..."

"If only Kerry had won..."

"Crap...I was just about to win at Monopoly for the first time against Sheik Rahman...."

"Sufferin' succotash!"

"Well, I can't say it hasn't been a jihadin fun time!"

Time for an official "Last ... (Below threshold)

Time for an official "Last Words of Zarqawi" contest. Quick! Before someone else does it.

LMAO!The SOB knew ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


The SOB knew we had gotten him! Utter perfection!

Yes, I am cackling at the man's demise.

"I was just thinking may... (Below threshold)

"I was just thinking maybe Lee was accusing FOX of "stealing" some thunder from those guys over at CNN."

No, I was just pointing out the Fox's "exclusive" was in fact "old news" that had been reported by the real news agencies 24 hours earlier.

So General Caldwell gave Fox an "exclusive"on stale news, and Fox dutifully trumpeted the news that General Caldwell wanted trumpeted, and Whizbang in turn trumpeted Fox's "exclusive" trumpet, and now 5 or 6 other blogheads have linked back to this article, etc....

If they keep this up they'll go blind. Oh wait, it's too late....

Wonder if Z-man is figuring... (Below threshold)

Wonder if Z-man is figuring that maybe Allah is in the fight...but he ain't on their side?

Lee I really think you need... (Below threshold)

Lee I really think you need to step slowly away from reality. Nevermind you seemed to have accomplished that.

FOX news must be your enemy for some reason. Sheesh!

As Zarqawi crawled off the ... (Below threshold)

As Zarqawi crawled off the gurney ... "Damn that hurt. I better call Osama."

(In Arabic)"That's... (Below threshold)

(In Arabic)

"That's funny- you don't look like a virgin."

Anyone remember the final s... (Below threshold)

Anyone remember the final scene of "Cool Hand Luke"?

There lies the answer to the situation.

Zarqawi: "Aw, hell."... (Below threshold)

Zarqawi: "Aw, hell."

Lucifer: "What was your first clue?"

jhow66:Is poor ... (Below threshold)


Is poor old Lee Lee the resident moonbat?

No. Any more tough questions, Mr. Curious?

Ast'--hmmmm must be you the... (Below threshold)

Ast'--hmmmm must be you then. Please accept my humble apology for not giving you credit for being the top dog (crap).






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