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A new addition to the Tea family

Blogging might be a bit slow today. I'm setting up my brand-new computer, my first laptop. It's going to supplement the main computer.

I'll try to sneak something through later...

Any suggestions for naming it?

(tech specs in the extended section, for the truly geeky)

Toshiba Satellite A105-2061, Celeron M 390 (1.7GHz), 60GB SATA drive, combo optical, 256 MB RAM (already upgraded to 768MB), wireless, ethernet, and modem, 4 USB ports, 15.4" widescreen.


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Comments (41)

"Jay Mochalatte," of course... (Below threshold)

"Jay Mochalatte," of course.

Congrats on the new friend!... (Below threshold)

Congrats on the new friend! I have the A105-S1712 and just love it. Toshiba definitely gives a lot of bang for the buck. I haven't named mine, so no help there. It's just "The Lappy" and she accompanies me on various wifi expeditions. I have plans for later today at some hotspot or other ... lappy, latte and some serious coding. Right.

Unless you were saving it f... (Below threshold)

Unless you were saving it for your first-born (you might have kids already, I dunno), how about Wingnut? =)

If you go with Wienernet Think-clam, you will not be the first. Heh.

Wow ... the moonbat hateful... (Below threshold)

Wow ... the moonbat hatefulness knows no bounds. Incredible.

If you have the luck with i... (Below threshold)

If you have the luck with it that I've had with laptops, especially Toshibas, whatever you name it won't matter, it'll be referred to as "broken piece of crap" in a few short months. I have 6 of them out on the reef here, if you open them to about 1 90 degree angle then place them face-down they make great places for lobsters to live.

How's about Lil' J? ... (Below threshold)

How's about Lil' J?

Or the Teabox - percalato-tastic, baby?

Mayhap the Wifi Bloggin' Box?

Or could I interest you in the name...Mini Tea?

This naming thing is fun - I may have to think of some for my own laptop now.

Congrats on your "new addit... (Below threshold)

Congrats on your "new addition"

"Tea-minus" and counting :)

just remember, it isn't the... (Below threshold)

just remember, it isn't the laptop.. it is how you use it

I'd call him/her (have you ... (Below threshold)

I'd call him/her (have you determined gender yet?) T-bone.

Delilah, obviously. You're... (Below threshold)

Delilah, obviously. You're going to fall in love, take her everywhere, trust her with everything, and then she'll betray you when you least expect it.

Remember to treat her like an 18-pack of eggs, coddle her like a newborn baby, and you might get two, three years before she breaks your heart.

But hey, at least you didn't get a Dell. Their Latitude series had a miserably engineered keyboard connector that would fail after about two months.

Lissa, you're boring. I was... (Below threshold)

Lissa, you're boring. I wasn't being hateful, it was gentle teasing. I don't mind being referred to as a moonbat, and I use the term wingnut usually with a high degree of endearment. Chill out sista.

Bemused ... shouldn't you b... (Below threshold)

Bemused ... shouldn't you be out looking for a citation to a quote that doesn't exist?

Run along now ..

My comment is pending appro... (Below threshold)

My comment is pending approval by management, Lissa. Cheney lied, by even Clinton's standards. I have a WaPo article cited for you that cites his chat with Pumpkinhead on Press the Meat from September 2003. But let's keep this thread happy, shall we?

The Bloggin' Wagon?<p... (Below threshold)

The Bloggin' Wagon?

Jay's Tool?

The Shaggin' Tool?


The Cluetop?

Jay's Tool ... love it.... (Below threshold)

Jay's Tool ... love it.

Just name the laptop, "LERO... (Below threshold)

Just name the laptop, "LEROY".

Easy to remember.

You can name it BangWiz. ;)... (Below threshold)

You can name it BangWiz. ;)

bemusedClinton lie... (Below threshold)


Clinton lied and Foster died!

As for a name,to quote the late great Redd Foxx: I call this "ESTHER".

Jay's lap dancer... (Below threshold)

Jay's lap dancer

Hal?B.O.T.R.?... (Below threshold)



the Missing Link?



Mak attack?

the little caboose that could?


How about "My Precious</... (Below threshold)

How about "My Precious"...

It kinda sums up the feelings for laptops, dontcha think? :D

The "Peace Spreader"... (Below threshold)

The "Peace Spreader"

"Third Base". ('Cuz, y'kno... (Below threshold)

"Third Base". ('Cuz, y'know, it sits in yer lap and you use yer fingers to... uh... git 'er done.)

"Tea Rex".

"Beauty 'Puter".

I dunno.

I have not named my equipme... (Below threshold)
Harold Richardson:

I have not named my equipment but often call it

In your case I would name the new laptop "Iz".

Not a MacOtherwise... (Below threshold)

Not a Mac

Otherwise it would take about 10 minutes to set up and you'd be good to go.

I dunno, but I like "Wingnu... (Below threshold)

I dunno, but I like "Wingnut."

It's just the mechanic in me. :)

If you want really g... (Below threshold)

If you want really geeky, I had to stop myself from squealing when I found out that the Dell Inspiron E1505 had the new Core Duo processors. I have to say, I love those kind of laptops. So, I bought one (since the one I had was tottering along and nearly ready to combust).

It's nice for (not) blogging (though I should), and great for games like Half-Life 2 and City of Villains. If anyone in the reading audience ever considers one of those, I wholeheartedly recommend getting a Core Duo in their next machine.

I always name at least one ... (Below threshold)

I always name at least one of my comps "You Bastard" since that seems to be what I yell at them the most.

Am I the only one to see th... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one to see the obvious here? CHIP!

Dies Irae. Because that one... (Below threshold)

Dies Irae. Because that one day might come when the computer's malfunctioning will seem like the Day of Judgment.

If you can stand the pun, n... (Below threshold)

If you can stand the pun, name it Telstar (a communications Satellite).

Murtha is the name! because... (Below threshold)

Murtha is the name! because if You ever need someone to knife You in the back while Your merely protecting the beautiful american people?then He's Your sticker!!!!!!!

the son of a Biiiiiiiiitchhhhhh!

(Chip) Douglass is good to ... (Below threshold)

(Chip) Douglass is good to go. Only what ever happened to Ernie? and I dont mean the Ernie that screws the Kos kids? I mean the Ernie on sesame street that votes dimly and democraticlly everytime Bert urges ugh ugh Him on?

Ernie is great - I love him... (Below threshold)

Ernie is great - I love him - but if we've switched to favorite Muppet characters, I have to cast my vote for Grover, especially when he is Super Grover.

Now if you want to start talking general cartoon characters, we could be here for months. Since I happen to know that the laptop has now been named, I think we switch to the finer points of which cartoon character is best and why.

I'm reserving my vote because I have too many favorites, but I'm leaning toward The Pink Panther. Or Mr. Magoo? This is going to kill me...

Mop-top... (Below threshold)


Rag Doll.... (Below threshold)

Rag Doll.

LimitedSingle core... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:


Single core, 1.7ghz, and 60 gig HD?

Obviously he doesn't intend to do any PhotoShop work, video editing and compressing, or DVD mastering.

Should be fine for blogging on the toilet, tho.

Might I suggest, "Shouldago... (Below threshold)

Might I suggest, "ShouldagottaaMacBook"?

How about the TeaGo? (don't... (Below threshold)

How about the TeaGo? (don't know if this was already submitted...didn't read all the comments)

All computers in my house are *box
Domain Controller = DCBOX
WinXP with MP3s and videos = BIGBOX
D-Link MediaCenter = JUKEBOX
Wife's computer = GAMEBOX

etc...except my laptop doesn't follow the naming convention, but I'll fix that when my next Windows induced forced laptop rebuild happens.

Congrats on getting yoursel... (Below threshold)

Congrats on getting yourself a laptop. Is it a Mac lap top? I have a name, Freedom Fighter.

Congrats on getting yoursel... (Below threshold)

Congrats on getting yourself a laptop. Is it a Mac lap top? I have a name, Freedom Fighter.






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