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Another failed Darwin Award nominee

New Hampshire, for all our laissez-faire attitudes and having (shudder) voted for John Kerry in the last election, is still in many ways a prudish state. We have a single strip club in the state, and even there the dancers have to wear pasties and g-strings. But it's the only game in town (well, state), so it draws plenty of business.

Including some it could probably do without.

It seems this one guy went there on his 24th birthday with his father, but didn't want to see the almost-nekkid ladies. So he decided to take the car across the street to an empty field and do some drugs. With the engine running.

Somehow, despite all the rain we've been getting, the exhaust started the grass on fire. Mr. Reynolds, too intent on the needle full of cocaine in his arm, either didn't notice or didn't care. Police and fire soon arrived, but he refused to get out of the car. They eventually had to smash in the window and taser him three times before they could haul him to safety -- the needle still lodged in his arm.

Mr. Reynolds Senior was one of several patrons of Mark's Showplace that came rushing out ot see what the fuss was. He objected to the police arresting his son -- so strenuously that he joined him in jail, under charges of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Maybe I'm a bit too cynical, but it seems to me that if someone is so hell-bent on self-destruction that they will fight to stay in a burning car, with a needle of cocaine lodged in their arm, then the best thing the authorities could do is simply make sure the fire doesn't spread.


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Comments (9)

Wow, that stuff must be pot... (Below threshold)

Wow, that stuff must be potent??

Hmmm...isn't cocaine snorte... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...isn't cocaine snorted?

And the good Christian home... (Below threshold)

And the good Christian homeschool mom says, "Why couldn't that boy have stayed in the strip joint where he belonged?" LOL

There is a valuable lesson ... (Below threshold)

There is a valuable lesson in here kids; if you are going to do the hard stuff, stay home and watch the bubble lamp instead.

Those dancing flames may look pretty, but they will reach out and bite you.

BTW, I wonder who planned on driving home. The father or the son?

Turns out that Mr. Reynolds... (Below threshold)

Turns out that Mr. Reynolds Senior is a top GOP operative as well as an advisor to Dr. Dobson's Focus on the Family Group.

Whats will liberals do for ... (Below threshold)
Eon the terrible:

Whats will liberals do for attention?

Cold, cocaine can be snor... (Below threshold)

Cold, cocaine can be snorted, smoked, or injected, just like heroin.

Kerry did carry New Hampshi... (Below threshold)

Kerry did carry New Hampshire so this outbreak of Darwinism shouldn't come as a surprise. I'm surprised a Kennedy wasn't in the car with the birthday boy.

The reaction of the father ... (Below threshold)

The reaction of the father makes me wonder what he was on.






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