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Must've been one of those "unadvertised specials..."

Everyone knows that Home Depot parking lots are a great place to find illegal aliens looking for a day's work under the table, but apparently Big Orange is popular with another type of criminal, too...

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I'll bet the employee who s... (Below threshold)

I'll bet the employee who stashed that stuff was a tad miffed when he came back from his weekend off.

Jeepers, what's the Home De... (Below threshold)

Jeepers, what's the Home Depot world coming to? Next thing you know, people will be getting killed by falling objects or perhaps some poor soul will get his fanny glued to a toilet seat.

Was it in a medicine cabine... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Was it in a medicine cabinet? I only ask because most moonbats think the stuff cures cancer and makes you smarter. Of course it must be wrapped in a double-layer of tinfoil to keep Karl Rove's magic mind rays from neutralizing the healing powers.

LOL, Old Coot.Actu... (Below threshold)

LOL, Old Coot.

Actually, I know that it can CAUSE cancer, and has negative effects on memory and response time. It makes it a helluva lot easier to talk to wingnuts, though. Most Canadians support decriminalizing it and using the massive taxies levied to finance the bulk of our socialized healthcare system, thereby potentially reducing income tax rates.

Woah... you ever think about progressive taxation... ON WEED?! =)

I dont know about its heali... (Below threshold)

I dont know about its healing powers? but My x was going thru chemotherapy sessions and in great misery and when she smoked it she was in no pain! that legalized it for Me.

Right on, virgo1. Hard to s... (Below threshold)

Right on, virgo1. Hard to say a whole lotta bad stuff about it. If you could get it over the counter, people (esp. teenagers) wouldn't have to get it from the guy who also deals meth and crack. (Its legal status is the only reason why I would call it a "gateway" drug). After 20 years of dealing with full-blown AIDS, the only pain meds my uncle now takes are THC capsules. He can function while on them, unlike with Demerol or OxyContin (right Rush?)

Coincidently, the person re... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Coincidently, the person reporting the, uhm... 49.5 lbs of pot was all out of Funions and Root Beer when the police arrived.

I suppose old coot and bemu... (Below threshold)

I suppose old coot and bemused are just as adamant in criminalizing beer wine and spirits. We all know the benifits they have given to society.

It sure makes it easier to talk to rednecks when you are drunk. HUH?

WTF, RFA? I've mentioned a ... (Below threshold)

WTF, RFA? I've mentioned a few times on this site that I smoke too much pot. I'm merely acknowledging that it's bad for you. I agree with you that if tobacco and alcohol are decriminalized, that there can be no good reason not to do the same with marijuana.

If, on the other hand, you're one of those "pot is good for you, end of story" people, then go wash your Bob Marley t-shirt, 'cause it probably stinks.

Don't nobody pick on Bemuse... (Below threshold)

Don't nobody pick on Bemused and Old Coot - they are 90% of the reason I hang around this joint!

Now what is REALLY surprisi... (Below threshold)

Now what is REALLY surprising, is they didn't haul the dude off to jail for posessing the pot. After all, posession is 9/10 the law, eh? And why they didn't seize the old coot's house (truck, tools, wife for being an accessory, children off to foster care) for being a pot house is beyond me. What's the police dept. coming to these days? And since the stash was more that 2 grams, he obviously had posession with intent to distribute which has got to be at least life in prison too. What else did I miss? Oh, yeah, since he obviously was going to distribute, he should be sent to Gitmo as a narco terrorist! (moral equivalencing to follow) Really, if the N.C. prosecutor can ruin three guys lives on just an accusation without evidence, surely tthe prosecutor in this case can get the death penalty WITH evidence. (now that I have chewed my tongue-in-cheek off)............

There's something missing i... (Below threshold)

There's something missing in this story. Somehow I don't see a Home Depot employee owning kilo after kilo of pot. 50 lbs of pot is a LOT of pot for a cabinet, or an entire set of cabinets for that matter. The guy could've never loaded it into his truck without noticing something. This cabinet must have been boxed up, which means someone lost their pot at the cabinet factory.

Pot has great medical benef... (Below threshold)

Pot has great medical benefits, for the ER doctors that try to piece the families back togather that get slammed headon by the potheads who can't see two feet in front of them at night. I've checked several sets of pupils while the druggie was still trapped in a vehicle and there's no way they should be on the street, much less driving a vehicle. Drunken drivers get a free ride to the jail house, pot smokers kill someone and get to walk away. I could care less what it does to your brain, just stay locked in your cage/room when you get high.

Somehow I don't see a Ho... (Below threshold)

Somehow I don't see a Home Depot employee owning kilo after kilo of pot.

Maybe he got it wholesale...?

<a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)
none important:


Marijuana does not cause cancer, cigarettes do






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