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Autopsy Showed Zarqawi Died from Bomb Blast


Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, Centcom spokesman, said during this morning's press conference that Zarqawi lived for 55 minutes after the blast. US Army surgeon Dr. Steve Jones confirmed that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi died from injuries from a bomb blast.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Al Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab al Zarqawi lived for almost an hour after the first U.S. bomb struck his hideout north of Baghdad last Wednesday, a U.S. military spokesman said on Monday.

Major General William Caldwell said Zarqawi died 55 minutes after the first of two 500-pound (227-kg) bombs hit the building and 24 minutes after U.S. forces arrived at the scene.

He said they administered medical help to the mortally wounded Zarqawi.

A U.S. medical officer, Steve Jones, told the same briefing that Zarqawi died from blast waves caused by the bombs, adding that he must have been in an enclosed space.

Jones said DNA testing had confirmed Zarqawi's identity.

Caldwell said the fate of the body would be discussed with Iraq's government.

Hot Air has more.

Stop the ACLU is also following the autopsy results.

Update: Austin Bay live blogged the autopsy press conference.


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Comments (12)

The reporters seemed to be ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

The reporters seemed to be very concerned over if we treated the guy who sawed off Nick Berg's head for 7 minutes with great care.

I hope he was in extreme pa... (Below threshold)

I hope he was in extreme pain!

jainphx:I hope ... (Below threshold)


I hope he was in extreme pain!

I gaurantee you he is right now.

nick berg's dad; the source... (Below threshold)

nick berg's dad; the source of nick's poor judgement - is classical defeatist mentality, having said that he is saddened to see anyone die, including this psychopath. utopia exists in the same place that allah dispenses virgins to these neanderthal muslims. it's like they are cut from the same stone-age. god bless nick's soul and all of the victims of these muslim derelicts. who or what could invoke the name of god while sawing off the head of any species, much less a human? Yet this still fails to conjure as much sentiment from muslims as the purported duke victim manages to generate from neopanthers.

Throw his carcass in a hole... (Below threshold)

Throw his carcass in a hole and cover and fill it to the brim with pig shit.

are you suggesting we desec... (Below threshold)

are you suggesting we desecrate the body of this muslim. our military (taxes) will undoubtedly use the same religious consultant we have hired for the lunatics at gitmo (buy three consultations get one free - maybe we could negotiate that into iran's incentives package). desecrating the toxic remains of the psychopath would prompt bush to launch an investigation and shackle up our service men/women, while we seek justice for the fallen martyr of the "religion of peace."

Nice to know that the MSM h... (Below threshold)

Nice to know that the MSM has yet another day to still sell this old story...

By that I mean Day one, he dies. Day two, found alive... Day three, what killed him then (duh)... Day four, oh it was the bomb that killed him.

Can they make this non-story a story a little more longer???

yeah mark, it's kind of a s... (Below threshold)

yeah mark, it's kind of a significant event - most folks would say! maybe you'd find it refreshing if it began: bush lied..., or culture of corruption in the iraq administration...!!

how does that sound, or are those just old[er] sound bites too!

What I want to know is, why... (Below threshold)

What I want to know is, why were they administering first aid, instead of a coup de grace (pistol shot to the head)?

They should put him on display for a few days so all the Iraqis can come by and hit him with the bottom of their shoes.

They should display Him for... (Below threshold)

They should display Him for a few weeks so the media can see His true colors!

The s.o.b. is, even now, ro... (Below threshold)

The s.o.b. is, even now, rotting in hell, but I must confess to being somewhat pleased that he had 52 minutes to realize he was leaving the planet!

From this morning:... (Below threshold)

From this morning:

"Are you sure they didn't beat him, General?"

"Are you really, really sure they didn't beat him?"

"Is there something bad we can please go with here? I mean, help us out, General"

Did you see the NY Slimes story?

"General denies soldiers beat Zarqawi."

"And same General denies beating his wife."

Sometimes I want so badly to slug these editors.






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