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Clinton Says More Republican Hurricanes To Come

With Tropical Storm Alberto approaching the west coast of Florida, Bill Clinton warned that Republican policies would result in more severe storms.

"It is now generally recognized that while Al Gore and I were ridiculed, we were right about global warming," Clinton said at a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party. "It's a serious problem. It's going to lead to more hurricanes."

Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," chronicles the former vice president's efforts to educate the public about global warming. It's in limited release around the country.

In his critique of the GOP, Clinton also touched on the war in Iraq, the rising federal deficit and high health care costs. The crowd of about 500 greeted him with loud applause and shouts of "We love you, Bill!" and "Four more years!"

Jeff Sadosky, spokesman for the state Republican Party, decried Clinton's rhetoric. "Bill Clinton's class warfare and race-baiting message gets us no closer to solutions for the issues he brings up," he said.

Sadosky referred in part to Clinton's comments earlier this month in Arizona. At that event, Clinton characterized Republican Party leaders as right-wing, white Southerners.

Comments (23)

The global warming thing wa... (Below threshold)

The global warming thing was pretty much Gore's. Gore must love the fact Bill is trying to steal some of his thunder especially since his competition is his wife.

Did he even say the word Re... (Below threshold)

Did he even say the word Republican? Or are you just misleading? Are you in any way educated in science or do you have any sort of expertise to write on it? Does the leading science data suggest global warming will result in stronger storms?

My guesses: No, yes, no, no, yes.

What did His policies resul... (Below threshold)

What did His policies result in? More Bj's! for heaven sakes fade away shit for brains.

Then tell me how come a Dem... (Below threshold)

Then tell me how come a Democratic lead Senate rejected this fine treaty. if it was a good thing. I think that Clintoon is still looking for a legacy and he figures by teaming up with algore, he will get it. There is no way that as long as he lives, people will remember Monica Lewinsky and the stain on the blue dress.

I never had sex with that w... (Below threshold)

I never had sex with that woman! I never asked Madeline unbright to lie! these allegations are false...... now im going to return to the job the American people elected me for? just ask Vernon He was there.

Wow, what a legacy!

Remind me again ... what sw... (Below threshold)

Remind me again ... what sweeping and significant environmental policy changes came about during the Clinton/Gore administration? You know, the ones designed to limit global warming ... and were undone and reversed by Bush ... I'm having a real hard time remembering ....


How about higher taxes on t... (Below threshold)

How about higher taxes on the methane producing cow farmers of Iowa right before the 2000 primarys?

Sorry, I was pulling a jp2 and totally making something up..

JP 1/2 gives off more metha... (Below threshold)

JP 1/2 gives off more methane then a whole herd of cows. lmao

Blaming natural disasters o... (Below threshold)

Blaming natural disasters on your political opponents is a new low.

Next thing I suppose new evidence will emerge that George W. Bush personally causes pimples to grow on your butt, ingrown toenails, cancer, heart attacks and was instrumental in the creation of Carrot Top.

Something bad happens? Blame Bush. It's easier than trying to understand why.

Exactly but its very fashio... (Below threshold)

Exactly but its very fashionable, especially when 1 of those Hurricanes could be named Hillary..

If Greenhouse gas induced g... (Below threshold)

If Greenhouse gas induced global warming is truely global why is the increase in hurricane activity affecting primarily the caribbean? Or could it be that any percieved weather change will be the fault of Republicans not doing what the Democrats tell them to do (since they can't seem to get themselves elected to do it for themselves)?

Yes Brad, maybe the Dems sh... (Below threshold)

Yes Brad, maybe the Dems should take their SUV's out more often? since their not winning anyways, they can at least can look like they're enjoying themselve's..

Dem's don't own SUV's, thei... (Below threshold)

Dem's don't own SUV's, their families do.

jp2Or are you... (Below threshold)

Or are you just misleading? Are you in any way educated in science or do you have any sort of expertise to write on it?

Turn about is fair play correct jp2?

Are you "educated in science" or more importantly, is Clinton?

Would someone with a brain ... (Below threshold)

Would someone with a brain remind Algore that the earth has actually cooled a fraction of a degree since 1999. I guess the friction between the cigar and human organs was creating a lot of heat or Algore's rants (brain farts) were heating up the entire earth.

Regardless of what the clim... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Regardless of what the climate is or is not doing, much of the "science" being done on it is nothing but a bunch of BS. The tipoff is whenever someone starts blathering about a "consensus" - something that doesn't have a damn thing to do with the scientific method.

Just so that I understand..... (Below threshold)

Just so that I understand... if we don't elect Democrats, we will be punished by the weather god ? Does this mean that sacrificing virgins at the volcano can stop or is it to be used in conjunction with ?

We anxiously await your message, high priest Bill.

- MikeB

"It is now generally rec... (Below threshold)

"It is now generally recognized that while Al Gore and I were ridiculed, we were right about global warming,"

If that is the case, what did you do during your presidency to stop it Mr. Clinton?

And since a Republican had taken office, you're insinuating that that has damaged the earth to the degree that we're now seeing more storms? So apparently just the sheer fact of a Republican in office is enough to destroy the earth.


Well, I personally believe that the Tsunami in Asia and the recent Earthquake in Pakistan were direct results of Clinton's extra-marital affairs.

OMG!?!? Clinton is right! ... (Below threshold)

OMG!?!? Clinton is right! Has anyone here heard of tropical storm Alberto before Bush was in office?!? What about hurricane Rita or Katrina? See Bush is responsible for (the naming of) these storms!

Ah, Clinton always gets a l... (Below threshold)

Ah, Clinton always gets a little excited on the topic of blows.

Dem's don't own SUV's, t... (Below threshold)

Dem's don't own SUV's, their families do.

Q: What's the difference between a developer and an environmentalist?

A: A developer wants to build a house on the water; an environmentalist owns a house on the water.

If that is the case, wha... (Below threshold)

If that is the case, what did you do during your presidency to stop it Mr. Clinton?

Freakin' A, bubba. Maybe he was a little distracted by the impeachment thing, eh?

Hurricanes are not Republic... (Below threshold)

Hurricanes are not Republican or democrat. They just are. Anyone rational person knows this. Clinton is not rational. He is an idiot.






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