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More Saddam Terrorist Ties Discovered

Stories like this and this one must make Chris Matthews' head ache. I have not watched Hardball in ages, so for all I know he may have done a 180. When I was watching, though, Matthews' stedfast denial of any terrorist connections to Saddam Hussein (even when he had guests like Stephen Hayes on presenting evidience to the contrary) was a sight to behold.. Additional recent revelations of Saddam ties to terrorism can be found here. (Links via Lucianne)

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We know what the liberals w... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

We know what the liberals wills say: we still don't have a picture of Saddam shaking hands with Osama. They simply don't want to connect the dots at all.

You could have video of Sad... (Below threshold)

You could have video of Saddam felating bin Laden and the hard core moonbats would deny there was a link.
They'd tell you that Saddam was a pitcher, not a catcher, so it must be fake...

The Taliban was the state -... (Below threshold)

The Taliban was the state - it'd make sense for Iraq to meet with a rep. Heck, we did, and I'll bet scores of other countries did.

we still don't have a picture of Saddam shaking hands with Osama.

We don't need that. Just evidence of some working relationship.

Saddam had nothing to do wi... (Below threshold)
Twisted Logic:

Saddam had nothing to do with 911, the terrorist camp north of Baghdad was just a place for jihadists to build up there frequent flyer miles...thats all,purely innocent.

No, no, no, people. It's th... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

No, no, no, people. It's that there were no terrorist connections between Iraq and al Qaeda in regards to 9/11. Make that subtle and distinct distinction because it makes all the difference in the world. And we should only be attacking those who had direct involvement in 9/11 (aka: AQ), otherwise we're just jaunting around the world on a nefarious, oil-hoarding killing spree. Heaven knows that the rise of Islamo-facists like AQ has nothing to do with terrorist states like Iraq, Syria, Iran and so on. Besides, 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, shouldn't we be attacking them? Huh? Huh? What about the Yemni hijacker? Shouldn't we be attacking them? Huh?

Geez, you Neocons never learn.

Geez, Peter F, what fever s... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Geez, Peter F, what fever swamp did you escape from this morning? Huh? Huh? No one ever said Iraq was responsible for 9/11.

This is just further evidence that Saddam was a terrorist-loving motherf***er. What's so difficult to understand about that?

'...otherwise we're just ja... (Below threshold)

'...otherwise we're just jaunting around the world on a nefarious, oil-hoarding killing spree.'

What a moronic statement.

After 9/11, the Decider put the message out. Support terror and die. Period. Doesn't matter if it was related to 9/11 or not. We're not going to sit around wating for another one, like you pacificsts would have us do.

Peter F., you left off your... (Below threshold)

Peter F., you left off your </sarcasm> tag.

I hope.

LorieFrom y... (Below threshold)


From your Fox link:

"A newly released document appears to provide evidence that in 1999 the Taliban welcomed "Islamic relations with Iraq" to mediate among the Taliban, the Northern Alliance and Russia, and that the Taliban invited Iraqi officials to Afghanistan."

I read through these Fox articles and they are qualified w/ so many hedges like "appears" and "probably," not to mention elipses that are characterized by the translator, that the gun is hardly warm, if ever it was smoking.

I would think that the Bush Admin. would be working overtime w/ these docs if they thought there was any evidence that would justify their policy for pre-emptive war.



you wrote: "No one ever said Iraq was responsible for 9/11"

Perhaps no one in BushCo can be quoted as literally having said that, but sveral Bush spokespeople came within an eyelash of doing so and their implications all but bull-horned that lie.

If it's not the case tht Bush et al tried to make the link between Iraq and Saddam and the 9/11 attack, why is the overwhelming American public so stupid that polls have shown at one time or another that most Americans thought exactly that there was linkage between Saddam & 9/11?

If Bush et all didn't do their damned best to make that inference, then pigs fly.

I think Peter F was being s... (Below threshold)

I think Peter F was being sarcastic..thats the way it comes across to Me anyway..

" Just evidence of some wor... (Below threshold)

" Just evidence of some working relationship."

You mean like that between " Maulana Fazlur Rahman, an Al Qaeda/Taliban supporter, and Taha Yassin Ramadan, the former vice president of Iraq, and other unnamed Iraqi officials."?


Thanks for playing.

LJDyou wrot... (Below threshold)


you wrote: "After 9/11, the Decider >put the message out. Support terror and die. Period."

What, by chance, are you greasing the skids for w/ that title?

"but sveral Bush spokespeop... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

"but sveral Bush spokespeople came within an eyelash of doing so and their implications all but bull-horned that lie."


C'mon, guys. Of course I wa... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

C'mon, guys. Of course I was being sarcastic.... d'uh... lol

Lorie, you're perceptions o... (Below threshold)

Lorie, you're perceptions of Chris Matthews on Hardball, are still VERY accurate. He's still got his "It's all Bush's fault" template and no amount of proof has changed that.

I don't watch his show anymore either. But, Laura Ingraham's radio show does a great job of replaying his most outrageous comments on a regular basis.

The documents now being slo... (Below threshold)

The documents now being slowly translated reveal a wealth of information - not only about Saddam's dealings with terrorist organizations and regimes, but also that he and his top council spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with WMD issues.

Odd, isn't it?

Of course, nothing will convince the Saddamites among us.

mak44: "I would think that... (Below threshold)

mak44: "I would think that the Bush Admin. would be working overtime w/ these docs if they thought there was any evidence that would justify their policy for pre-emptive war."

Or could it be that the administration is more concerned with actually conducting current operations than devoting resources to finding some sort of "proof" that would be acceptable to the left? And, realizing that effort is futile since NO amount of proof will be deemed sufficient, spend their time on more productive pursuits?

Lorie,The name of ... (Below threshold)


The name of the show is HardHead. He hasn't done a HardBall episode in years :)

This is only the tip of the... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

This is only the tip of the iceberg with the recent release of illluminating documents like this. Only some 55,000 documents have been released out of the 2 million+ captured, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. (I think many of the docs are sitting over in Dubai under the eyes of CENTCOM, if I'm remembering the reporting on them correctly.)

And that's thanks in large part to the persistance of people like Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard who put pressure on public and intelligence officials to get the information released.

Sissy Matthews and little M... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:

Sissy Matthews and little Mak are true believers of the Perpetual Fraud , the Dimocrat party.

Sorry, but are these the sa... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but are these the same documents that are completely unsubstantiated? I think Wizbang already fell for this one, Lorie. Nice try though!

Well Im sure that if You're... (Below threshold)

Well Im sure that if You're going to go thru 2,000,000 documents Your going to get a lot of similar info. this does not lessen the credibity though.

Right jp. These documents,... (Below threshold)

Right jp. These documents, seized during military operations, are CLEARLY lacking in properly notarized certificates of authenticity. Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, a desperate attempt to generate support to get troops into Iraq (wait, they're already there), to get Bush re-elected (wait, he can't run), to keep Halliburton making money in Iraq (THAT'S IT!!!!)

Of course, the administration isn't franitcally digging through these docs for support. Ah, that's irrelevant. If they do anything to support Bush's case, they are definitely fake and probably planted by Darth Rove.

Sorry, but when this desper... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but when this desperate administration won't even touch them, you know they aren't credible. That's all I'm saying - these documents are not credible.

Mike"no proof woul... (Below threshold)
Ken Hoop:


"no proof would be acceptable to THE LEFT" is how you explain Bush NOT jumping on this NON-EVIDENCE

Hey,Mike, you guys are so absorbed with "the Left"
you are oblivious to the fact that 70% of Americans have turned against the Iraq War. Most
of these aren't on the "Left" and Karl Rove
would love to use these "suppressed revelations"
to bolster Bush's faded case for the war.

Why hasn't Bush jumped on the "FRONT PAGE"
line? NOTHING THERE,CHAPS,BUT MORE NEOCON NONSENSE. And as Condi's overtures to Iran just might hint, the neocons are losing the balance of power in Bush's clique.

Hey,Mike, you guys are s... (Below threshold)

Hey,Mike, you guys are so absorbed with "the Left"
you are oblivious to the fact that 70% of Americans have turned against the Iraq War.

Given the choice, they'd stay rather than leave.

Why hasn't Bush jumped on the "FRONT PAGE"

What would be the point of it?

NOTHING THERE,CHAPS,BUT MORE NEOCON NONSENSE. And as Condi's overtures to Iran just might hint, the neocons are losing the balance of power in Bush's clique.

But I thought she was Bush's chucking, yes-woman?

That's what the left said about her.

Okay Ken, so just what are ... (Below threshold)

Okay Ken, so just what are these documents then? The ones I have seen certainly seem to describe Saddam's ties to terrortist to me. Either they are authentic, or they're fakes. If they're fakes, why go to all the trouble to create them and not use them? Or were they just designed for the right-wing attack dogs on the net to run with?

Polls do indeed show more Americans "turning against the Iraq war." Why is that? Support was high initially, and for quite some time thereafter. Are people just now realizing how they were duped? No, it's simply fatigue. This has been going on for 3 years now. There hasn't been, and they're won't be, an end date to point to. No historic signing of the surrender on the deck of the Missouri. It just keeps going on.
Well, that's the nature of this type of conflict. Major combat operations were the easy part.

The "most people" who are turning against the war don't really understand that. Doesn't make them stupid, just wrong and/or ill-informed.

I still can't quite get my head around this whole evil neocon conspiracy thing. Just exactly what is the super secret hidden benefit they get by faking up a war?

Geez...this only happened a... (Below threshold)

Geez...this only happened a few years ago, people! Can't you keep focused for any time at all???

We are at war with Iraq because the Gulf War never ended. Iraq violated a cease-fire agreement by not providing either the WMDs that Sadaam thought he had or proof that he disposed of them. He didn't get to have WMDs because he attacked Kuwait, unprovoked, we won the war (very quickly) and we said he couldn't. Period.

The build up to the enforcement of this cease-fire was protracted over weeks, if not months. This gave Iraq/Sadaam plenty of time to hide any weapons that existed. Both the U.N. and Congress approved holding Sadaam accountable for the cease-fire agreement and even supported the consequences of his noncompliance.

Bush, like a good leader, followed through.

The fact that BUSH also made sure that any country who wanted to support terrorism (which was part of Sadaam's intent with his weapons cache) was against us is a side issue.

The Iraq War is perfectly justified based on Iraq's violation of the cease-fire. It has nothing to do with Haliburton, tinfoil, aliens, Bush 41's assisination attempt, or big oil.

In addition, the AQ terrorists currently attacking in Iraq, ARE NOT IRAQIS. They are imports. That's what "insurgent" means.

Sorry, but are the... (Below threshold)
Sorry, but are these the same documents that are completely unsubstantiated?
Because they don't contain full motion video of Saddam felating bin Laden...
LorieIn reg... (Below threshold)


In regard to a justification for the Iraqi War:

"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."

...Herman Goering at the Nurenburg Trials

mak44:Do you curre... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Do you currently or have ever lived in police state? No, you don't and no, you probably haven't. And I go so far as to say that you probably will never live in a police state. Ever. Period.

The difference between Goering's comments and your alleged connection to the current state of affairs in our country is massively disengenous, if not out right boneheaded and intellecutally deficient.

Difference #1: We were (and have been) attacked. The Germans were not attacked by the Jews. Or the Poles. Or the Russians. Or anyone else. They instigated everything. They invaded to conquer and rid the world of Jews; we invaded to liberate and rid the world of a sick and brutal dictator (among many other reasons).

Difference #2: You are allowed to descend. No one's putting you in jail. No one's dragging you off to be beaten or tortured in aconcentration camp. Those in Nazi Germany were not allowed to descend without fear of reprisal. The only fear of reprisal you have is someone like me telling you (aka: denouncing) that you're dead wrong. And because I'm telling you're dead wrong it is NOT suppressing any of your rights to dissent. Period!

Difference #3: The fact many people on the Left (which has closer ties to fascism than I believe any one on the Left cares to admit) denounce things like the Rendition Program, Gitmo, calling the President all kinds of vile and filthy crap and denouncing the country for every perceived ill or alleged wrong-doing at every turn, can be seen in many people's eyes as being unpatriotic and giving aid and comfort (psychological though it may be, that's what terrorists feed off of) to the enemy during a time of war. Yes, you are unpatriotic at the worst possible moment. But, still, no one is throwing you in prison for it.

So, please, for the love of Christ, stop making that vile, uneducated, baseless and stupid reference to United States as being some modern version of Nazi Germany. It just makes you and brethren look D-U-M-B.

You're kidding right? Whic... (Below threshold)

You're kidding right? Which of the losers is worse, Fauxsnooze or Matthews? Given a dollar neither the entire Faux organization or Matthews could buy a clue. As if some fabricated 'terrorist' ties pulled out of Murdochs ass can 'prove' that their news is anything but TP in the first place. And Matthews, give us a break. He is about as 'liberal' as GOPUSA. And about as believable as the Moonie net rag. Yer not kidding? Gosh. These guys are on the same page, divide and dupe dopes.

Peter FNice... (Below threshold)

Peter F

Nice try, but you overlooked perhaps the most significant part of what Goering said:

"it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship."

The point was not an allusion to Nazism or fascism, but rather the manipulation of the people. What can happen has nothing to do w/ Jews or any other group. It has nothing to do w/ a police state necessarily. You extremists just never do get it; perhaps that's because when the military bugle & drums sound, you're knee-jerk ready to march to war, especially if it's someone else's loved ones who will do the fighting for you.

Over at COLD FURY today DER... (Below threshold)
Ken Hoop:

AT NATIONAL REVIEW ON THE IRAQ QUAGMIRE,YES QUAGMIRE, WAS DISCUSSED. He's one former conservative enthusiast who sees clearly, the US is losing,(along with Bill Buckley)and Iran is winning. It would be good to read certain of these grasping-for-justification comments here,
in light of Derb's realistic pessimism and frustration.

US energy is sapping in the desert, morale for what Lori's crew implicitly believes is a region-wide and generational war is at 30%....
and she is reduced to attempted knot-tying on a
frayed rope of "evidence."

Pull the camera away a tad and take a wider angleshot:Of course there
were "contacts" between variegated elements of many of those opposed to US intervention in the Middle East. That's the large view. Here's the sharp view:90% of the troops polled in February believed they were in Iraq to get revenge for Saddam helping Osama do 9/11.Bush's cherrypicked intelligence and ultimate gambit has failed,but his regimere's propaganda served its purpose of indoctrination.

And THAT Ken is why we dumb... (Below threshold)

And THAT Ken is why we dumb soldiers don't believe that you and your ilk "support" us. We know damn good and well that you consider us idiots at best and possibly criminally liable at worst.

Not sure where you got that... (Below threshold)

Not sure where you got that poll. Having BTDT, I ran into very few joes who thought we were there for revenge for 9/11, although there certainly were some. Dumb and/or misniformed certainly isnt exclusive to civilians. Oddly enough, most understand that we are fighting a more stategic war and, ultimately, trying to make it too expensive for any nation to work with or support terrorists. Then again, maybe we were all just brainwashed. I suppose if I was and it worked, I couldn't tell.....

Oh, and preventing a known hostile regime from providing more sophisticated weapons to the terrorists that you are now (you on the anti-war wing generally, don't know what your earlier view was Ken) willing to admit they were in touch with. "Of course there were contacts....." Kind of a step back from "Iraq never worked with Al Qaeda, they hated each other."

mak44:So you're re... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


So you're really going to let a Nazi, who was denouncing democracy and other forms of government during a trial to save his own wretched skin, to somehow prove your point to his (I guess) universal truth? It's not significant at all. It's only significant in that tenuiously (very much so) supports your meek and vapid, um, point?

We extremists--and I assume by extremists you mean those people who agree with fighting back against Islamo-facism, like myself--would rather not stick our head's in the proverbial sand and stick to the failed policies of containment and appeasesment which many (including myself at one point) held so dear.

As for marching to war, I'll remind your short-term memory that it took 12 years and 17 resolutions, coupled with two significant missle attacks by President Clinton, to (cough, cough) "march" to war with Iraq. That's hardly marching. That's a snail's pace.

...especially if it's someone else's loved ones who will do the fighting for you.

And HTF do you know that I don't have friends (and friend's sons) over in Iraq and Afghanistan? You don't. And I do Also try to remember our military is an all-volunteer military. And even if I can't be over there fighting with them (and believe me, I'd love to be doing so), I'm defintiely proud to call them my countrymen (and women). That's for damn sure. So STFU with that weak and tired ass argumentative,er, technique.

Ken Hoop:Can you e... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Ken Hoop:

Can you ever write a post in English? Sweet Chistmas...

MIKE-- ZOGBY POLL OF US SOL... (Below threshold)


The balance of guilt of course is with the Bush regieme which lied to them.....

Most don't know the US
overthrew Mossadegh in Iran in 1953 either or that our tilt to Israel,failure to enforce dozens of UN resolutions against them, tells the Moslem
and Arab world what we are all about.
Servicemen will have to pay the brunt of the
price for imperialism doomed to defeat in that
part of the world.

Peter F aka armchair... (Below threshold)

Peter F aka armchair general

You've really bought into that 11 year lead up to war crap, haven't you? Until Bush & Rummy & their pack of AEI war-mongering neocons got their hands on power, there was no imminent approach to war.

Rummy is on record the day of 9/11 ordering his aides to bend over backwards to find a link w/ Saddam.

As to your earlier remark about me never having lived in a police state, you're right, at this time. Given the tenor of the Republicans in this country, we are just one more terrorist attack away from just such a police state because you extremists will beat the drums at that point to gut whatever Gonzales hasn't already ripped out of the US Constitution.

I was not rehabilitating Goering as you suggest. The message in that quote, which unsurprisingly people who think like you refuse to hear, is from someone who was an insider to and part of what happened in the 3rd Reich, so he should know.

Keep thinking and talking like you do Peter F and it will soon be time to design a new armband and start singing Tomorrow Belongs to Me.

To even reply to the trolls... (Below threshold)

To even reply to the trolls on this cite is playing right into their traitorous hands I say ignore them they'll go back to Kos for more false information and try again.

Oh and by the way that Zogb... (Below threshold)

Oh and by the way that Zogby pole was shot completely out of the water.

Agreed! Got that Trogg44..<... (Below threshold)

Agreed! Got that Trogg44..

jainphxYou ... (Below threshold)


You ignorant slut....

"Oh and by the way that Zogby pole..."

Are you making reference to Zogby"s ethnicity or demonstrating your prowess in spelling?


"playing right into their traitorous hands "

So, anyone who disagrees w/ the extreme Right's kook thought is, as you say, a "traitor?"

Yessir, you're at the top of the list of wannabee fascisti just as soon as your Fuehrer comes along. Given the nature of some of your heroes like Coulter and with another terror attack, you and the rest of the Pavlovian Puppies will be doin' the dance you love, the Goosestep.

Virgo1Congr... (Below threshold)


Congratulations on becoming a 1. One is way too high for your IQ, so what does it really stand for? Possibly your hat size?

Don't you have some dead chickens to attend to at the Carnival?

You know, there's an old ad... (Below threshold)

You know, there's an old adage in talk radio:

If someone that you're interviewing is bound and determined to make a fool of himself, just sit back, shut up and let him.

mak44, the stage is yours.

So Mak 44 Your related to A... (Below threshold)

So Mak 44 Your related to Astigafa or Arafat jr. are You? enjoy the limelight dimwit!

mak44:Your jueveni... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Your juevenile retorts, your hot, cliched and baseless (there's that word...again) rhetoric, lack of and unwillingness to accept proven historical facts, using quotes out of context, amounts to zero credibility in just about every argument you've made here. Which is not untypical of you.

Hope you're happy living in your little fantasy world. What a sad place to live...






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