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Setting The Record Straight On Haditha

Mary Katharine Ham wrote a great piece for Townhall to set the record straight on Haditha. In it she lists the "top 3 things to remember about Haditha that the press would like you to forget." Read it all.


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I thought Mak and jp2 alrea... (Below threshold)

I thought Mak and jp2 already set the record straight on this story??

A number of our writers at ... (Below threshold)

A number of our writers at Murtha Must Go, Let Freedom Ring Blog & California Conservative have been all over the Haditha story from Day One, too.

The part that bothers me the most is Murtha's willingness to throw out entire sections of the Constitution, specifically the rights to a fair trial & to due process.

The writers at MMG are advocating that like-minded people contribute to Diana Irey's campaign. She's the GOP-endorsed candidate against Murtha. With enough blogger support, Murtha is beatable. Whattya say to giving Murtha a 'going away' present?

Good for Katharine. We will... (Below threshold)

Good for Katharine. We will have to keep setting the record straight as the media will depict Haditha as crooked as they can.

From Wizbang commenter 'Syn... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

From Wizbang commenter 'Synova' on 12 June:

"What I'm predicting, for now, is that the goal posts will move. Instead of "execution style - in cold blood" it will become some lesser "weren't careful enough" and then "see... we were right.""

Yep. And when the truth finally comes out, it may be even less of an 'error' than that.

But hey, the Left is more than happy to rush to judgement and condemn our military before all of the facts are in.

Why do the Lefties hate our military so much?






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