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Kennedy Pleads Guilty To DUI

This is a busy news day, to say the least. Rep. Patrick Kennedy has reached a deal to plead guilty to driving under the influence of prescription drugs. (Hat tip Michelle Malkin).


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Comments (26)

Gitmo now has 2 open spots.... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

Gitmo now has 2 open spots. He could serve two purposes; complete his sentence and report to Congress on conditions there.

put him in a cell with a be... (Below threshold)

put him in a cell with a beam across the ceiling and throw him a rope.

Now that's uncalled for. L... (Below threshold)

Now that's uncalled for. Leave the deranged hate to the experts... our lefty trolls

which kenndey? teddy? didn... (Below threshold)

which kenndey? teddy? didn't that have a manslaughter component to it? finally, after all this time, he's taking responsibility for his actions. that whole "culture of corruption" marketing gimmick really did the trick! i'll drink to that!

Lucky for him her was chauf... (Below threshold)

Lucky for him her was chauffered away by the Capitol Police before he could be charged with "Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol & Prescription Drugs". There's a distinct difference between the moral indignation his contituents would have toward a DUI for being drunk and a DUI for Rx. With the latter Kennedy gets to keep his job. Pathetic.

Slightly OT: Does anyone remember when Roseanne Barr said ...

"I'm your worst nightmare - white trash with money!"

Sorry Rosie. The Kennedy' had you beat on that designation by decades.

PIMF! "Her" should read as... (Below threshold)

PIMF! "Her" should read as "He".

So Pelosi is thinking of pu... (Below threshold)

So Pelosi is thinking of putting a politically correct but otherwise unimpressive democrat on the house intelligence committee (Impeached federal judge, stopped a federal investigation by blabbling about the wire tap), we have patches getting a court case, we may see McKinney indicted soon, we have Jefford's appearing on video with "cold, hard cash" bribes (sorry, I couldn't resist) and Harry "I won't take that kind of bribe again" Reid as leader in the senate.

So how is that who culture of corruption meme working for you on the left?

Another drunk Kennedy!... (Below threshold)

Another drunk Kennedy!

The MSM will fail to report... (Below threshold)

The MSM will fail to report the broader story arc, namely, that this guilty plea represents a broader indictment of liberalism as a whole. (/wingnut)

Say, what's Preznit Deciderpants polling at? A DUI would probably help that guy's popularity. Energize the base, and what-not.

And poor JJ too. ... (Below threshold)

And poor JJ too.

Wow, a 2-fer. Rove isn't in... (Below threshold)

Wow, a 2-fer. Rove isn't indicted and a Kennedy pleads guilty to being a danger on the road. Somehow, I bet the GOP will still blow this opportunity.

The Capital police should j... (Below threshold)

The Capital police should just add a new checkbox to their ticket and report forms -- DWK

H eshould also plead guilty... (Below threshold)
Eon the terrible:

H eshould also plead guilty to hypocracy for demanding more gun control then having all those armed guards around him

Eon, that might be the stup... (Below threshold)

Eon, that might be the stupidest non-sequitur I've ever read. Nobody who advocates for tougher gun control thinks that the capitol police should have their firearms taken away. What the hell are you talking about?

Nice guilty plea, after get... (Below threshold)

Nice guilty plea, after getting whisked away without being tested and taking a couple weeks to dry out before showing back up.

That way, any illegal and/or unprescribed drugs in his system wouldn't be discovered.

It's kind of like his Dad waiting a few hours before reporting an accident: make sure enough time elapses for all alcohol in the system - and breathable air in the car - has disappeared.

Patches is just a chip off the ol' blockhead . . .


Wow. Big 'moral victories' ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Wow. Big 'moral victories' (by which I mean electoral losses) in California, Zarq is toast, Hidatha 'massacre' story falling apart, Rove not indicted, Duke lacrosse 'rape' case falling apart, Kennedy pleads to DUI...whatta week for the Dems.

Sorry jp2. But hey, maybe a U.S. soldier will be falsely accused in a 'sexed-up' massacre story in Time magazine next week. That'll make you feel better.

How can you politicize a ra... (Below threshold)

How can you politicize a rape case, Les? You think that if the players are acquitted, that there will be hand-wringing within the DNC? Do you think that Dems are going to campaign as the anti-rape party, while accusing the Republicans of protecting rapists?

This issue has nothing to do (or SHOULD have nothing to do) with federal politics. Don't stoop to that level. (And don't point out any liberals or conservatives who have already done so; they're wrong to do so as well.)

jp2 is an example of what h... (Below threshold)

jp2 is an example of what happens when parents fail to dicipline their children and schools fail to educate them. People like jp2, bemused and mak44 are living examples of why abortion should be practiced by liberals.

Eon, that might be the s... (Below threshold)

Eon, that might be the stupidest non-sequitur I've ever read.

I have long suspected that you never read your own comments. Thanks for the confirmation.

I like to think my non-sequ... (Below threshold)

I like to think my non-sequiturs clever, McGehee.

Hey Zelsdorf, we do practice abortion. It's a recreational sport here in Toronto.

mused:"How can you p... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"How can you politicize a rape case, Les? "

I'm not; it's already been politicized by the Dem proscecutor while he was running his reelection campaign. I wish the Democrat, Nifong, had not politicized it, but he did. And the usual Democrat-supporting race hustlers came out of the woodwork to further politicize this case.

(Heh. I notice that out of the 6 things I listed, you picked the weakest one to talk about. Hey, I don't blame ya.)

Let us all salute Pat Kenne... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Let us all salute Pat Kennedy for tellig his story.
Here...pull my finger.

The Kennedy clan, too much feeling entitled, too little self-discipline, too much booze.

Well, Les, since *real* lib... (Below threshold)

Well, Les, since *real* liberals agree that Zarqawi's death is a good thing; don't care about the Kennedys as such; the election in California was in a GOP stronghold (like a Repub. winning in Berkeley); Haditha is an ongoing issue that I have never speculated about... I guess I should have conceded that Rove's non-indictment is a victory for the GOP. Of course it is--he's the most gifted politicker in the country. Doesn't that go without saying? I kinda thought so.

Having said that, if a crass politician wants to politicize a rape case, maybe you should hold yourself to a higher standard...?

Be mused, I was thinking of... (Below threshold)

Be mused, I was thinking of post natal abortion, limited to say the first 150 trimesters. Performed by a physician of course. I recommend the method used for partial birth abortions. That is insert a needle, large, suck out the brains and crush the skull. Should be mothers choice, after all, a woman should have the right to choose.

What we need now is an over... (Below threshold)

What we need now is an overambitious prosecutor getting medical records and leaking them to the press.

Zelsdorf--I think you might... (Below threshold)

Zelsdorf--I think you might need to up your meds, dude. At the very least, get some fresh air or something. Your attempts at intimidating people over the internet are worrisome.






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