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Tying it all together

Earlier today, Kevin mentioned the latest update on the Karl Rove non-indictment. Based on a sealed court document, named "06 cr 128," "Sealed vs. sealed," Truthout (alias "Out of Truth, so we're just making shit up") says that this is the double secret Karl Rove indictment.

Well, I have my own sources in the Justice Department, and they tell me that "06 cr 128" is actually a civil case. It's actually "Abu Hamza al-Muhajir v. Abu al-Does 1-9."

Abu Hamza al-Muhajir is the new leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq. But he didn't seek out that position.

It turns out that he was one of ten top Al Qaeda leaders in Iraq who met recently to choose a successor to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, after he got well and thoroughly pulped by the US Air Force. The discussion was quite heated -- weapons were reached for several times. But after hours of heated discourse, al-Muhajir finally succumbed to the call of nature and retreated to the bathroom. When he returned, he found out he had been elected to hold the #1 spot on the US hit list in Iraq.

Naturally, Mr. al-Mujahir didn't appreciate the honor. But instead of settling the matter in the traditional fashion (gun, bomb, or beheading), he sought justice in the American court system. He is demanding that a new vote be held, with him present, so he can get someone else to sit on the bullseye.

Jimmy Carter has already volunteered to oversee the new election.


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Comments (6)

I think the US ought to rec... (Below threshold)

I think the US ought to recognize the legitimate government of Al Queda. Encourage them to hold a meeting of their top representatives....in building....somewhat remote...you know, for "security"...just tell them to ignore the whistling sound they hear after the meeting starts...

The "CR" indicates a crimin... (Below threshold)

The "CR" indicates a criminal case, not a civil case.

Jen, that just PROVES how t... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Jen, that just PROVES how top-secret it all is -- they even changed the prefix to hide the TRUTH!!!!!


Just because a terrorist gr... (Below threshold)

Just because a terrorist group held elections in Isreal doesnt mean it will work in Iraq.. how would they vote? by secret blood ballots? this is all to weird??

LOL!... (Below threshold)


Funny stuff Jay.... (Below threshold)

Funny stuff Jay.






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