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An Iraqi Rummy?

I missed the following at Hugh Hewitt yesterday:

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma just returned from his 11th trip to Iraq. I concluded an interview with him moments ago which will play on the program tonight. Among the highlights:

The new minster of defense in Iraq, Abdul-Qadir Muhammed Jasim, told Inhofe: "I hate CNN."

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Man, did you hear about tha... (Below threshold)

Man, did you hear about that bush guy freaking out and leaving the oxford meeting?
Kinda Like Mcain, all puffed up and red faced, they were talking about it on Atrios Blog..Oxford Law Group ran his ass out. =)

Yeah, Lorie, I remember hea... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Lorie, I remember hearing this segment on Hugh Hewitt's show. It was hysterical! I don't even know who the Iraqi SecDef is and I already like him.

Since CNN is an on the side... (Below threshold)

Since CNN is an on the side of the terrorists/insurgents, and the Iraqi govt has announced a crackdown against them, this statement is completely understandable -- and certainly newsworthy.

I'm surprised it is not featured on Drudge.

Er, this is a classic "dog-... (Below threshold)

Er, this is a classic "dog-bites-man" story.

Let's not for get Eason Jordan's admission that CNN regularly allowed the Hussein regeime to monitor, shape and censor their broadcasts coming out of Iraq. For someone who hated Saddam, knew what what really going on there and could see CNN was misreporting it, I'd say they'd have very good reason to hate CNN.

The new Iraqi defense minis... (Below threshold)

The new Iraqi defense minister sure knows a skunk when He smells one.

CNN, CNN, Hey that's the ou... (Below threshold)

CNN, CNN, Hey that's the outfit that gets less than 1% of their reports correct. I remember them from N.O. and their reports of billions dead in the streets and people eating the dead bodies, well maybe they reported hundreds dead in the streets. Katrina, yep they did a bang up job.
Anyone that watches CNN more that 20 seconds per day joins the most mis-informed, brainwashed group of 'group thinkers' on the planet.

Lorie, check out the Charlo... (Below threshold)

Lorie, check out the Charlotte Observer Reporter kicked out of Gitmo http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/14817252.htm






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