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President Bush to Hold Press Conference

It is scheduled for 9:45 am in the White House Rose Garden.

Here are some of the president's comments:

"It was a pleasure to meet face to face with the prime minister...I saw first hand the strength of his character and his deep determination to succeed."

"I also had the pleasure of meeting with people who work for the US government, our embassy staff, the intelligence community. I had the chance to thank them. Theirs is a tough job, and they're far away from home and obviously they miss their families and it was an honor to say to them I appreciate their hard work and so do the American people. And I met with our troops. I had the chance to congratulation those that were responsible for bring Zarqawi to justice."

"I told the PM how impressed I was to meet the team he assembled...I appreciate very much the agenda he's laid out. He's got a plan to succeed. And I appreciated their determination, not just his determination, but their cabinet's determination to succeed."

"The prime minister briefed us on immediate steps he's taken in three key areas: to improve security; to build up the Iraqi economy so the Iraqi people can see real progress, real economic progress; he's reaching out to the international community to help secure support for this new government."

"'Operation Together Forward' started this morning. This operation is a joint effort to restore security and rule of law to high risk areas in the capital city. It will be carried out by some 26,000 Iraqi soldiers, some 23,000 Iraqi police, backed up by over 7,200 coalition forces."

The president continued to explain how the members of the US cabinet will be working their counterparts in the Iraqi cabinet. He also said that it is in America's best interest that Iraq succeed.

Update: Read the transcript here.

Comments (8)

Some of the questions are s... (Below threshold)

Some of the questions are so idiotic it's unbelievable. Jim Axelrod from cBS is so dumb. Does he really believe the President would answer such a question? "Do you ever have doubts in what you are doing?"

Axelrod...wasn't he a Bever... (Below threshold)

Axelrod...wasn't he a Beverly Hills cop?

The press corps is still in... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

The press corps is still in a snit over what happened to them yesterday.

They're all a bunch of self-important turds.

Geeze, my 4-year-old could ask more intelligent questions.

They are exposing their sel... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

They are exposing their self-imporatance and ignorance for all to see.

I for one, feel about Bush... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I for one, feel about Bush like most of you feel about the press.. Bush "Obviously, we'd like violence to go down, (whew) and that's what the operation in Baghdad is intending to do, starting in the capital, is to reduce violence. And the reason why it's important for violence to be reduced, obviously, is, one, to save lives (whew again).. Bush could save alot of time by not stating the obvious,( it is about as interesting watching cement being pored) and instead inform us of something new in the way of his thinking.

Steve, I found it a... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I found it amazing that you are only interested in bashing Bush. You should spend more effort educating the people of the left who don't seem to understand the obvious thing that Bush would have to state it over and over again.

I found it predictable and sad that people on the left don't seem to be able to exhibit any sincere joy of the demise of such a monster like Zarquawi and the forming of the new Iraqui gov. Looks like the left is only happy when sth bad happens to America.

Don't you feel the same thing about the left?

Bush has to keep stating th... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Bush has to keep stating the obvious because blowdried dipsh!ts in the media are so thick that they have to have things repeated to them. It's the only way some of the basics can begin to sink in.

What a brainchild! Bela Pel... (Below threshold)

What a brainchild! Bela Pelosi and the Coroners work in progress are going to have their own news conference to show their agenda for America..I wonder if they will just be truthful and say We hate Bush!!






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