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She Has Got To Be Kidding

Viking Pundit has a gut busting, blow-your-Diet-Pepsi-out-your-nose funny quote from Nancy Pelosi. It was that funny to me, anyway.

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"I'm even hard put to say w... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

"I'm even hard put to say what our agenda will be when we win, so I'm certainly not going into the politics of the caucus," she said. "That is as unimportant an issue to me right now as it could be."

How in the hell can you expect to win, if you can't even tell voters what you plan to do if you win? Has anyone ever checked Pelosi's I.Q.? She just might actually be a moron.

She's got a secret plan, gi... (Below threshold)

She's got a secret plan, given to her by John Kerry. Only after the elections will people be able to view the pig in the poke she'll give them...


Thanks for the warning Lori... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Thanks for the warning Lorie-- I hate when Pepsi* comes out my nose!

And thanks for the laugh! The Secular Socialist (Democratic) Party is truly the joke that writes itself.

*Actually I'm boycotting Pepsi if what I heard about them editing the pledge of allegance turns out to be true... But I don't want my Sprite to come out my nose either.

Lorie,That really ... (Below threshold)


That really was a good one...

Do as i say, not as I do..<... (Below threshold)

Do as i say, not as I do..

She's not kiddin!






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