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Solving all the World's Problems

From the mail-bag:

Here's what we do:
Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border, take the dirt and raise the levees in New Orleans and put the Florida alligators in the moat. Any other problems you would like for me to solve?

It's genius I'm telling you, pure genius.

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I notice his plan doesn't h... (Below threshold)

I notice his plan doesn't have any provisions for feeding the alligators...never mind.

This is how I first saw and... (Below threshold)

This is how I first saw and responded to this email:

OK -- The DNC Has Published It's Plan For Election 2006 -- and it's a succinct, no-nonsense, three-fold strategy designed to utilize wasted American resources without incurring major expense.

(1) Dig a moat 20 feet deep and 20 feet wide the entire length of the U.S. - Mexico border.

(2) Move the resulting dirt to New Orleans to raise the levees and the overall community above the flood plain.

(3) Take the excess Florida alligator population and place them in the moat to "strongly discourage" illegal immigration.


Points for originality, but this is a typical Democrat plan:

Because there was no foresight, they did not realize that the canal (hint, this "moat" connects two oceans) would be a couple thousand feet deep in New Mexico and Arizona, resulting in massive cost overruns and a huge pile of soil where New Orleans once stood - now called Mount Orleans.

The Republicans did attempt to stop this ridiculousness, but the Democrats had promised the transportation of the soil to the unions. When the Republicans tried to get the unions to take the soil somewhere else, the unions insisted on doubling the cost. Unwilling to increase the cost of the boondoggle any more, and not wanting to pay the unions a dime more than was already in their contracts, the Republicans let them build Mount Orleans.

The effect of Mount Orleans was to divert the mighty Mississippi, turning the lower halves of Mississippi and Louisianna into an annual floodplain. It also made the Mississippi unnavigable, eliminating the single largest trade route in the country.

Thinking to attempt to capitalize out of something from this massive boondoggle, the Democrats next suggest to actually use the canal - as a canal! Which is when they find out that they don't make container ships 20' wide.



Because there was no for... (Below threshold)

Because there was no foresight, they did not realize that the canal (hint, this "moat" connects two oceans) would be a couple thousand feet deep in New Mexico and Arizona,...

That sounds kind of like I never go water skiing. I've never been able to find a lake with a hill.

That is so true to reality,... (Below threshold)

That is so true to reality, it's painful! The Democrat readers on here will probably get all huffy about it, though.

I've seen this <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

I've seen this somewhere before...

I should have voted for Gor... (Below threshold)

I should have voted for Gore, He would have solved all this..

Mac had ya emailed me I wou... (Below threshold)

Mac had ya emailed me I woulda linked ya. ;-)

As a Floridian can we also ... (Below threshold)

As a Floridian can we also put our new boa constrictor problem in the moats too?

OK you were close. Right af... (Below threshold)

OK you were close. Right after the illegals get amnesty, we pay them to tear down what's left of the border wall and rebuild it in New Orleans. We take the out of work I.C.E. agents and send them to Peru to run quality control on the incoming cocaine. We then use the out of work Border Security agents to teach Americans how to speak Spanish.

Now, about that hurricane m... (Below threshold)

Now, about that hurricane mirror that will bounce the storms down to Hugo Chavez.....

Don't forget the frickin la... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the frickin lasers on the alligators' heads.

Dig a moat the length of... (Below threshold)

Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border

Here's a shovel, Paul. What time are you going to start digging? I hear it's going to be about 100F tomorrow.






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