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We Will Know Liberals Are In Search of Truth When They Start Looking For Lucy Ramirez

Dan at GayPatriot is tired of Bush haters never being required to back up any of the allegations they make with facts. He is even willing to help send Mary Mapes to Texas. Don't ask, just read the post.

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Lucy Ramirez sleeps widda f... (Below threshold)

Lucy Ramirez sleeps widda fishes.


The author of the article m... (Below threshold)

The author of the article mentions "conversations" with liberals at cocktail parties.

Been there, last fall at a family birthday party. A nice couple I didn't know started bashing Bush, Rove, Iraq, 9/11, crooks and corruption. Their condescenting disdain for Bush was delivered with great emotion and absolute conviction (onsite scoring was 9.0, 8.7, 9.1, 8.9, 10.0).

After about the fifth mention of the word "corrupt", I simply asked them to cite a factual example, and I did it politely. They tried, but neither of them could produce a single one. It became clear that they had absolutely no knowledge of current events whatsoever.

It was a scene from the Exorcist. As I recall, the last thing the nice lady said before they left was "It burns...it burns!" Pea soup was everywhere.

One of the best cocktail parties I've ever attended...

Bobdog: you could have mad... (Below threshold)

Bobdog: you could have made their heads explode by showing them an "I Love Halliburton" t-shirt from underneath your button down.

Heads exploding everywhere. Call the carpet cleaners!

He is even willing... (Below threshold)
He is even willing to help send Mary Mapes to Texas.

That would be a short trip since she calls Dallas, "Home".

That's definiatly the subje... (Below threshold)

That's definiatly the subject line of the day.

Sorry Lorie, but a gay Repu... (Below threshold)

Sorry Lorie, but a gay Republican or gay pro-Bushie is about as oxymoronic as a Jewish Nazi or an African-American Klansman.

Gosh, mak44, you're so orig... (Below threshold)

Gosh, mak44, you're so original. "Jewish Nazi" seems the favored term of leftists use to describe us gay Republicans because their narrow-minded worldview prevents them from understanding our ideas.

What cracks me up is the us... (Below threshold)

What cracks me up is the use of the word "sovereign". As in, "The US illegally invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq".

Since when did the Left care about nation-states? Hasn't the Left told us for 50 years that they were obsolete? Aren't we supposed to be Citizens of the World? Devoted to all of Humanity, instead of confined to just one country?

But that word "sovereign" keeps showing up ...

Jay at You... (Below threshold)

Jay at

You wrote: "Since when did the Left care about nation-states? Hasn't the Left told us for 50 years that they were obsolete? Aren't we supposed to be Citizens of the World?"

Righties like you typically twist one concept to make a vain argument.

Regardless of what anyone on the Left may have argued about the concept of nation-states, none have declared them to be non-existent or no longer legally valid. Referencing nation-states as obsolete is not a recognized decree ending the current system. In today's world, they are regarded as yet sovereign. Since people like you cling to the idea of a multitude of sovereign states, you have no grounds to pick & choose another's sovereignty.

Putting a spin on an idea & then turning it to make some absurd point as you did is just lame. Until the world changes, no one has declared sovereign nations to no longer be sovereign.






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