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A good laugh

Sometimes, when something as absurd as the Palestinians burning and looting their own parliament, it takes a special kind of person to properly commemorate the occasion. He should be Jewish and a Zionist, for the proper sense of schadenfreude. He should be from Texas, to have the testicular fortitude to say what others fear to say. He should be experienced in tech support, for the right perspective. And he should have a blog, so the whole world can appreciate his observations.

Now where in hell are we gonna find such a person?


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Comments (3)

I have no idea where you'll... (Below threshold)

I have no idea where you'll find one.

Let me know when you do. I need more people to steal ideas from.

I actually thought you were... (Below threshold)

I actually thought you were going for the quote from the Texas politician (and no it was before W was govenor) who provided his deep insight into the worlds troubles by asking "Why can't the Jews and Muslims get along in a Christian manner".

You're referring, of course... (Below threshold)

You're referring, of course, to Kinky Friedman, an erstwhile author, musician (Kinky Friendman and the Texas Jewboys -- one of their "greatest hits" is "They Don't Make Jews Like Jesus Anymore." For real.) Now, he's trying his hand at politics, and running as an independent for Governor. There are some thoughts that he may come in third in a four man race, and *beat the Democrat.*






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