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A Rising Star

I spent yesterday fighting the remnants of Tropical Storm Alberto while driving my mom to Duke in Durham for a doctor's appointment. On the way home the rain had ended so we just had to avoid the flooded roads Alberto left behind, so all ended well. It did put me a bit behind on my blog reading, though, so I am a bit late posting the excellent interview The Real Ugly American did with Mary Katharine Ham, who he descibes as an "up and coming mega talent not only in the blogoshpere but in the MSM world of political punditry and cultural commentary." That sounds about right to me.

Mary Katharine is a great friend to Wizbang!, having guest blogged here for a time. She has also become a personal friend. My family was fortunate to be able to have dinner with Mary Katharine on our recent trip to D.C. My five year old, when asked what she liked best about the trip, did not answer the Smithsonian or riding the subway or seeing the various memorials. She answered, "Getting to see Mary Katharine again." As much as I like her personally, though, I was a huge fan of her writing before I ever met her, so I feel comfortable that my bias has not influenced my opinion of her excellent work. That opinion was already as high as it could get before we ever met. Read the interview and check out Mary Katharine's blogging at Hugh Hewitt.com. Also check out her op-ed at the Examiner today.

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driving my mom to ... (Below threshold)
driving my mom to Duke in Durham for a doctor's appointment. On the way home the rain had ended so we just had to avoid the flooded roads Alberto left behind

Why do you spit in the face of Gaia so? She sends you Alberto to remind you how bad our president is for the environment. Can't you show just a little respect ans take a train or a Greyhound bus?!?

Aww, shucks, Lorie. Thanks!... (Below threshold)
Mary Katharine:

Aww, shucks, Lorie. Thanks! You're too kind. Can't wait to get together again when I'm down in the NC.






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