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Because as we all know, public servants are dreadfully overworked as is...

A politician in Massachusetts is pushing for yet another official holiday. Silly hack -- don't you know that August is the month that needs a holiday, because June is already covered?

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He should come on up to Ver... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

He should come on up to Vermont where those of us who work for the State have August 16th as a holiday.

For those scratching their heads, we call it "Battle of Bennington" day. Bennington was a minor skirmish in the Saratoga campaign of 1777, denying Burgoyne supplies he needed to resist the main thrust at Saratoga.

The truly ironic part of this obscure Vermont holiday is that the battle actually took place in New York.

I think every Monday should... (Below threshold)

I think every Monday should be an official holiday.

Thousands of petitions h... (Below threshold)

Thousands of petitions have been sent to the president seeking to make the occasion a national holiday. The date is also often used by activists seeking federal reparations for slavery to hold rallies and other events.

Yeah, let's have a holiday so every year we can watch these idiots come out and demand money!

I think Candy's on the righ... (Below threshold)

I think Candy's on the right track, though to pander sufficiently to those who demand to be pandered to, each one would have to have be designated something or other.

In addition to observing "Juneteenth" on the Monday after father's Day, we could also observe, "The Braves Scrapped the Tomahawk Chop Day" commemorating one of Ted Turner's many silly gestures of political correctness. And "No More Speedy Gonzalez Cartoons Day" for when ... jeez, that was Ted Turner too, wasn't it?


And here in Rhode Island, w... (Below threshold)
K in RI:

And here in Rhode Island, we celebrate Victory Day (VJ-Day) in August...I think we're the only state in the union that observes this holiday.






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