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House Debate on Iraq

The House is currently in the middle of a 10 hour debate on Iraq that will end tomorrow with a vote on House Resolution 861, which declares support for the war in Iraq and our troops. Those on the angry, conspiratorial, and anti-war left are in fits. You can watch them on C-Span right now. Debate is expected to continue until around 9:00pm tonight.


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Comments (24)

Senate just rejected the "c... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Senate just rejected the "cut-and-run by the end of this year plan" 93-6.

Who were the six? I can gu... (Below threshold)

Who were the six? I can guess at several--Kerry, Kucinich--how about Murtha?

Murtha's not a Senator.... (Below threshold)

Murtha's not a Senator.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kerry's the weasel who didn't vote.

Its cut-and-run until its c... (Below threshold)

Its cut-and-run until its comes to vote time.

Kommiecrats are so pathic...

Nay - Boxer (D-CA)<b... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Nay -
Boxer (D-CA)
Byrd (D-WV)
Feingold (D-WI)
Harkin (D-IA)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Kerry (D-MA)

Not Voting
Rockefeller (D-WV)

The bill was "To require th... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

The bill was "To require the withdrawal of the United States Armed Forces from Iraq and urge the convening of an Iraq summit."

It's now been shelved.

Scusi, Brad--I'm at work an... (Below threshold)

Scusi, Brad--I'm at work and keep getting distracted. I was just thnking of names I'd heard. Kucinich didn't vote to cut and run?

How many times have the Dim... (Below threshold)

How many times have the Dims tried this ploy in the last 2.5 years?
• They tried the draft route, that went down in flames.
• They tried to censure the troops, that also went down in flames
• The Senate cut and run one today exploded bigger than the two 500 pound bombs that were dropped on Zarqawi's head last week. Isn't it about time that the Dims realized that everything that they do pertaining to the war on terrorism, will make them look the fools that they really are?

Kim - please explain to us ... (Below threshold)

Kim - please explain to us who is "conspiratorial."


(Imagine if Congress spent as much time drafting a real war strategy as they did a political strategy. This thing might be over)

Feingold and Kerry better h... (Below threshold)

Feingold and Kerry better hope things aren't looking up for Iraq by 2008. Can you imagine a political ad with their vote on this matched to what Iraq will look like in 2008? And this is a twofer vote. The GOP gets a moment of levity to laugh at the democrats and the Kossacks get to foam at the mouth about the spineless, just as bad as republican democrats.

Frist ought to schedule votes like this every week between now and the elections.

And what is a "real" strate... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

And what is a "real" strategy to you, General JP2? Please, enlighten us.

Imagine if Congress spen... (Below threshold)
D. Doré:

Imagine if Congress spent as much time drafting a real war strategy as they did a political strategy. This thing might be over)

Posted by: jp2 at June 15, 2006 05:25 PM

Yeah... see... they are politicians, not soldiers or generals. I think the LAST thing I'd want would be for Kerry or Kennedy to create a "war strategy".

Whenever politicans ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Whenever politicans create a war strategy, they really f*ck it up. Two cases in point: Vietnam, of which you stuck-on-stupid liberals are only capable of comparing Iraq to, and the Civil War.

Fortunately for the Republic, Lincoln learned his lessons by the time he put Grant in charge. Johnson and McNamarra never did. Bush is wise tro let the generals on the ground in Iraq run the show. There's been only one time that wasn't so, which was the pullback from Fallujah in April 04, which was a bad mistake.

Big Mo -There is a... (Below threshold)

Big Mo -

There is a third example that is better than the two that you offered. An elected POTUS has taken the field as C-in-C only once in the history of the US. That time got the capitol burned. None has repeated that mistake, thankfully.

jp2, "(I... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:


"(Imagine if Congress spent as much time drafting a real war strategy as they did a political strategy. This thing might be over)"

Why do you morons always use words such as "real"?

You dopes live no where near or speak of anything that remotely comes close to being "REAL" in your FANTASY WORLD.

Democrat English (a) + (b)

Democrats trying to make themselves look Competant and relevant. (a) + (b) > (c)

(Real) + (Strategy) = empty words > than the fact that they don't have one.

In other words , "THEY HAVE A PLAN". Remember the last idiot who made that claim day in and day out?

Empty Words = Words to hide the fact that they don't have a plan , a clue or half a brain.

PERPETUAL FRAUD = Demo(Commy)crat Party

pjaykc:Kucinich is... (Below threshold)


Kucinich is a Representative, not a Senator, and therefore didn't participate in this vote.

What's happening with this ... (Below threshold)

What's happening with this Senate vote as well as the debate in the House is the best political move the GOP has made this year. It's like the light bulb suddenly came on.

It's a joy to watch the Dem's between the frying pan and the fire. If they vote anti-war (which would include seperating the Iraq war from the global war on terror) they kill whatever chance they had to win this year. If they vote anything else then there base is angry and they kill whatever chances they had to win this year. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!

Despite the many problems the GOP has had the last few months, it is nothing compared to the Dem's.

And I have to ask a important question: Those of you who have at any time considered staying home and not voting because you disagree with the GOP on the immigration issue, do you really want to roll the dice and give these morons an opening to run the country again???? Do you want Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as majority leaders??? Will you be able to look yourself in the mirror if that happens???

Okay, okay--I'm properly in... (Below threshold)

Okay, okay--I'm properly informed. I am going to have to start paying more attention to the titles in front of the names.

I'm watching. There are onl... (Below threshold)

I'm watching. There are only about 15 people there.

The Demdonks would like to ... (Below threshold)

The Demdonks would like to dubble cross the Iraqi people and bug out, just like they double crossed the Vietnamese people by voting to defund them causing the deaths and enprisonment of millions of people. Without showing a twinge of regret,or consience.

Why oh WHY does Corrine Bro... (Below threshold)

Why oh WHY does Corrine Brown keep getting voted back in? Being a Floridian I find her to be a constant embarrassment. She's the only one who was reprimanded by the Speaker for impugning the integrity of the President and her colleagues. ARRRGH! And she's not old enough to be on a death watch or anything like Byrd or a coupe others.

Excuse me - my head just exploded.

That murtha fuka better rep... (Below threshold)

That murtha fuka better repent and quick..cause were comin home soon..

Ditto what Rob in LA, CA wr... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Ditto what Rob in LA, CA wrote...

And just so you all know, I'm ashamed Senator Boxer is from California.

(Uh oh, there goes my touring date ticket sales!)

I am going to have to st... (Below threshold)

I am going to have to start paying more attention to the titles in front of the names.

There's been a lot of it going around lately. I've been seeing references all over the place to not only Murtha as a Senator, but also Rep. Jane Harmon (I think that one was in the "Day By Day" comic strip, of all places).






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