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Olbermann Email Attack On Rita Cosby

I have watched parts of Rita Cosby's show on MSNBC and frankly don't care for it. I guess I am not the only one. Keith "Tinfoil Hat" Olbermann does not think much of the former Fox News correspondent. (Link via Drudge.)

"Rita's nice," Olbermann wrote to a fan from his MSNBC E-mail account, "but dumber than a suitcase of rocks." Yesterday Cosby retorted: "Keith got it wrong. I'm not that nice."

Steve Glasker has more.

Update: Olbermann apologizes as more emails come to light.

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Great minds think alike, Lo... (Below threshold)

Great minds think alike, Lorie. I just wrote about this at Hang Right Politics

I just can't take Olbermann seriously. Every time I see him on TV he reminds me of Will Farrell's Anchorman character. The guy's just a walking breathing parody of himself.

He is also a wussie. Had a ... (Below threshold)

He is also a wussie. Had a long e-mail back and forth with him last year. He went wacko when I showed how O'Rielly kicked his wimpy ass even on O'Reilly's 4:00am rerun against his prime time show. (still have them in a special folder)

Keith "Tinfoil Hat" Olberma... (Below threshold)
Thers GOD:

Keith "Tinfoil Hat" Olbermann does not think much of the former Fox News

You say Tin Foil Hat.
I ask you, does Rush have a lie detector?
Where is this lie detector? In Rush's head?
Are not lie detectors made of metal?
The Rush has a Metal Head? Perhaps Tin?
Odd. I do not have a tin foil hat.
Nor does Olbermann. Rush Claims to have one.

How so do you say these words you do?
Are you lying? Are you parrotting another?

Have you ever x-rayed Olbermanss head?
Have you ever seen a tin foil hat on him?
If Rush ,a GOP Neo-Con mouthpiece, has a tin foil hat then why do you not report it?
Isn't it silly to say that one has a truth detector built in? Is not that moonbatty?

Your articles are horrible.

They are like reading Anne Coulters book, all of that which is nothing but copy and paste rhetoric.
Why do you lie?
Are you paid to lie?
Do you think you are clever by lying? If you have profitted from your lies, and I find out, then I GOD, Atrios, will sell your soul to Satan.
Are you Christians or are you not?

Great minds think alike, Lo... (Below threshold)
Thers GOD:

Great minds think alike, Lorie. I just wrote about this at Hang Right Politics

Yet none one else agrees by the amount of posts.

Great Minds seem to disagree.

Heh, i'm no fan of either o... (Below threshold)

Heh, i'm no fan of either of them...but check this out: What do Keith Olberman, Ben Bernanke and the Dixie Chicks all have in common?????.

They all should just STFU!!!.

Btw, there is more e-mails from Olberman to hit the press says a linky on DRUDGE.

I heard that X-rays on Olbe... (Below threshold)

I heard that X-rays on Olbermann's head were negative.

Good news indeed for Olbermann fans - both of them.

Sounds like Olberman is afr... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Olberman is afraid Rita will cut into his already miniscule audience! I haven't watched her since she left Fox News, but I always thought all her "exclusives" were a little contrived.

Olbermann has proven that h... (Below threshold)

Olbermann has proven that he can be a jerk and an idiot simultaneously.

I believe that it's time for Keith to be sent to 'sensitivity training' sessions. He has created a 'hostile work environment' with his 'mean-sprited' remarks towards Cosby.

Olbermann?... Isn't he the ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Olbermann?... Isn't he the guy who plays Milhouse Van Houten on The Simpsons?

It is interesting to see ho... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

It is interesting to see how the leftie posters trying to defend Olbermann harrassing a female colleague. Hypocrisy is thy name, liberals. That 's why they hated Coulter so much because she dared to speak the truth about them. What the liberals say and do are two different things, quite different in deed!

It's amazing with just a cu... (Below threshold)

It's amazing with just a cursory clance at Olbermann's rants you would see just how unbalanced this guy is.I'm surprised hes still on the air.

I always liked Rita on Fox,... (Below threshold)

I always liked Rita on Fox, but her new show is just a second rate Greta van Susteren knockoff.

Hey Lorie - you already fai... (Below threshold)

Hey Lorie - you already failed my challenge of trying to get through 1 week without childish name calling. (Tinfoil and moonbat are your most common "arguments")

Counter starting over!

Since Olbermann was too stu... (Below threshold)

Since Olbermann was too stupid to make it as a SPORTS REPORTER, he really shouldn't be calling anyone else names.

Dang! I thought old jp1 or ... (Below threshold)

Dang! I thought old jp1 or 2 or 3-arrrg whichever-was gone bye bye.

I was so glad to see Rita C... (Below threshold)

I was so glad to see Rita Cosby leave Fox News. She is pretty dumb. She had this whole story from her "sources" about how that guy stabbed his wife then cut the top of the matress and wrapped her in it. Turns out he shot her and put her on a tarp. Some "sources." She also broke the "Strom Thurmond had an illigitamate child" story years after everyone knew it as if she had the biggest thing since Watergate.

I hate Olbermann worse, though.

BTW, does anyone remember Shep Smith, maybe two weeks after Rita Cosby left, talking about Hurricane Rita and saying, "Just when you think Rita is gone, she rears her ugly head again."?

Uhh... who is Keith Olberma... (Below threshold)

Uhh... who is Keith Olbermann?

I've never heard of him, but from what I am reading, it appears he's a total ass.

Keith Olbermann-politics as... (Below threshold)

Keith Olbermann-politics aside-is a pretty witty and smart guy. Honestly, I am surprised at all the name calling coming from all of you distinguished conservative posters :)

BYW, have you heard Rita Cosby's voice lately? Quite frankly, if I worked with her, I would be sending nasty e-mails too.

well, i really want to see ... (Below threshold)

well, i really want to see Rita back on MSNBC. She was very entertaining






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