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Rep. William Jefferson Kicked off House Ways and Means Committee

House Democrats voted Rep. Jefferson off the committee by a vote of 99 - 58.

The AP is carrying the story:

House Democrats determined to make an election-year point about ethics, voted to strip Rep. William Jefferson of his committee assignment Thursday night while a federal bribery investigation runs its course.

Members of the rank and file approved the move after Jefferson refused for weeks to step aside on his own, and despite claims by some members of the Congressional Black Caucus that he was being treated unfairly.

Officials said the vote was 99-58. The action must be ratified by the full House, and Jefferson left open the possibility that he might at long last relent and surrender the seat on his own. "I don't want to speculate," he said.

The session marked the culmination of a drive by the Democratic leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, to take action against the embattled Louisiana lawmaker, who maintains his innocence and has not been indicted.

"This is not about a court of law. This is about a higher ethical standard, and you know when it isn't being met," she told reporters several hours before the meeting.

Jefferson is black, and Pelosi, brushing aside criticism from members of the black caucus, told reporters she had been "more than fair."


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Comments (12)

What a difference in the tw... (Below threshold)
Reel Amuricun:

What a difference in the two parties...Dems punish a criminal, GOP promotes them, has them train others in how to be better criminals.

Really? Has Harry Reid been... (Below threshold)

Really? Has Harry Reid been "punished" for taking money from lobbyists? Oh that's right. He's white and therefore he's A-Ok to Democrats.

While I'm no fan of William Jefferson, it'll be fun to watch the Congressional Black Caucus' reaction to this.

How much longer are black Democrats going to put up with this crap?

Republicans step aside on t... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Republicans step aside on their own in these situations.... even if all there is is an assertion by a politically motivated, unethical prosecutor as is happening with Delay.

Democrats, on the other hand, apparently have to be dragged kicking and screaming...

Leave em on there! Hes inno... (Below threshold)

Leave em on there! Hes innocent I tell You innocent..

I cancelled the Disney chan... (Below threshold)

I cancelled the Disney channel today. It is no longer needed to watch cartoons. Just watch the democrats in congress, they are so confused they're biting each other on the a**. Better than Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner any time. Peloshi being Wiley and the rest of the dim-wits the Road Runners. Murtha would be Elmer Fudd. She just can't seem to get a handle on them. Black or White, Jefferson is a criminal and has no business being in the congress of the United States. Remember now, he's on film accepting a bribe and he 'froze' the money. Don't know what the holdup is with the FBI, but you can bet it involves more charges and/or more people. The culture of corruption has burned Peloshi and she's trying to drop the hot potato.

Actually virgo1 has a point... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Actually virgo1 has a point: Do the Democrats believe that Jefferson is innocent, or don't they? If they think he is innocent, they are doing a damn poor job of defending him. If they think he is guilty, well, just stripping him of a committee assignment is gutless. The proper response would be to vote to expel him from the House altogether. So which is it, Nancy?

Dems punish a criminal..... (Below threshold)

Dems punish a criminal...

Leaving aside what Cousin Dave just said in response to the diea that he's being "punished," the fact is that the man was caught with $90,000 of ill-gotten gains in his freezer.

If Jefferson had been a Republican caught that red-handed, he would already have been kicked out of Congress and would now be under pressure to plead guilty in return for a lenient sentence.

Doesn't anyone see what the... (Below threshold)

Doesn't anyone see what the CBC's point is?? Doesn't it seem like a double standard?? Indictment's always been what's triggered any action by a party. Otherwise, anyone who's being investigated would have to step down. When you start going down the list of politicians who were investigated and then exonerated, the indictment standard seems pretty reasonable.

I have little doubt that Jefferson's guilty, but I felt the same way about Rostonkowski (sp?). They didn't force him off his committee until he was indicted.

Some poster's crack me up. ... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

Some poster's crack me up. The Dem's did the right thing. Hey it happens every once and awhile to both Parties. Let's see...derisive comments when they don't do the right thing, derisive comments when they do. Speaking of comments did I miss someones take on the Supreme Court "no knock" decide this week? Everybody cool with it?

Your right Drew! that decis... (Below threshold)

Your right Drew! that decision is a bunch of B F_ING S! I am not cool with it or surprised.."

It's about time, but he sho... (Below threshold)

It's about time, but he should have saved himself and his party the embarrassment and stepped down.

In fact, he should have resigned from congress long ago. Right after the Katrina debacle. It's so sad, black folks don't have too many leaders to look up to as it is, and when we send one to congress, this is what he does. Shame on Jefferson, and shame on the CBC for giving him cover.

Now this guy pisses me off!!!

And today on the FIRST DAY ... (Below threshold)
Chris B.:

And today on the FIRST DAY of "the most ethical House in history" Nancy Pelosi decided NOT to support William Jefferson's Democrat opponent, allowing him to REGAIN his seat on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

I'm not sure that phrase means what she thinks it means!






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