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Most House Democrats Vote to Cut and Run from Iraq

The members of the House spent many hours debating House Resolution 861, a nonbinding resolution, which said, among many things, the following:

That the House of Representatives--

(1) honors all those Americans who have taken an active part in the Global War on Terror, whether as first responders protecting the homeland, as servicemembers overseas, as diplomats and intelligence officers, or in other roles;

(2) honors the sacrifices of the United States Armed Forces and of partners in the Coalition, and of the Iraqis and Afghans who fight alongside them, especially those who have fallen or been wounded in the struggle, and honors as well the sacrifices of their families and of others who risk their lives to help defend freedom;

(3) declares that it is not in the national security interest of the United States to set an arbitrary date for the withdrawal or redeployment of United States Armed Forces from Iraq;

(4) declares that the United States is committed to the completion of the mission to create a sovereign, free, secure, and united Iraq;

(5) congratulates Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki and the Iraqi people on the courage they have shown by participating, in increasing millions, in the elections of 2005 and on the formation of the first government under Iraq's new constitution;

(6) calls upon the nations of the world to promote global peace and security by standing with the United States and other Coalition partners to support the efforts of the Iraqi and Afghan people to live in freedom; and

(7) declares that the United States will prevail in the Global War on Terror, the noble struggle to protect freedom from the terrorist adversary.

All but three Republicans supported this resolution. The vast majority of Democrats, 149 to be exact, rejected it. Why? They didn't like this one statement:

...it is not in the national security interest of the United States to set an arbitrary date for the withdrawal or redeployment of United States Armed Forces from Iraq

Instead, the 149 Democrats who rejected the resolution think it is in the best interest of this country to cut and run. Two of those Democrats are Rep. Tim Strickland, who wants to be governor of Ohio, and Rep. Sherrod Brown, who wants to unseat Ohio Senator Mike DeWine. As an Ohioan, I do not want anyone who thinks it is best to cut and run from Iraq as my senator or my governor.

See the roll call here to find out how your representative voted.

Comments (32)

It's also why we cannot let... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

It's also why we cannot let the Dems win in 06 or 08.

If they were still a vaiable pary, and men like Lieberman were not in a tiny, miniscule minority, thn I'd breathe a little easier at the prospect of thm possibly winning a house of Congres or the White House.

But these clowns are incapable of seeing the matter through. Our enemy has told us that he counts on America either doing nothing or running away! It's happened time and again, ever since the initial victory for Islamic fascism in 1979. And ever since then, the US has either caved, run or done nothing.

But then came along George W. Bush. whatver your opinions of how we got there (rational or leftist fever-swamp), the Islamic wackos are slowly realizing that they can't make Dubya run.

But they ***DO*** know that they ***CAN*** make the American left, the Democrats and the American media run. If they gt in powe again, that is EXACTLY what will happen again.

You hippie dippy lefty peacenix think Iraq is Vietnam redux? Well, guess what? If you get in power again, it will be: with America f-ing over another ally, leaving with our tail between our legs in defeat and, worst of all, the Islamic nuts knowing that America CAN be defeated as long as Democrats are in charge.

And that scares the hell out of me.

So you moonbats keep going nuts over Rove and "Bush lied, blah blah blah," while the serious people vote to keep the GOP in charge of the country, the war, and hence, our fates.

(If you lefties seriously think that you're taking back either house this fall, those votes on Iraq yesterday and today should squash those hopes permanently. Politicians liv for re-election, and those Dems who voted against cutting and running know damn well that voting for it would be political suicide.)


It's late. Sorry for the sp... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

It's late. Sorry for the spelling mistakes.

It's over for Iraq anyway. ... (Below threshold)

It's over for Iraq anyway. The U.N. has promised to help? Hide the women and female children, no hide all the children. Do you think the U.N. is going after more Oil for Food money, they have never helped anyone but themselves?

You think war is such a goo... (Below threshold)

You think war is such a good thing fellows? Ask the innocent people living in Iraq if they want the war to go on, or they want American troops to leave?
I am sure most American troops would also like to go home to their families and live in peace. Iraq isn't an easy place for anybody now.
If the war in Iraq stops it will be a good thing and not a bad thing. A lot of anti-Bush feelings around the world have been caused due to the Iraq war.
Understanding that instead of using words like 'tin-foil head and moonbat head or whatever ' makes more sense.

Well, look who's back...our... (Below threshold)

Well, look who's back...our dear friend Muslim Unity.

Do you think most of us here give a damn whether people in other countries hate GWB, or America, for that matter, dearest MU?

If you think "most American troops would also like to go home", MU, why are they re-enlisting in Iraq in record numbers?

Go back to your pedophile moon-god Allah, MU...we don't want you here.

The true messengers will al... (Below threshold)

The true messengers will always face resistance. The pious people have always faced resistance from evil satanic people. Form the beginning of the world- even the Holy Prophet Jesus faced resistance. Just like I am facing now.
I will continue to spread the message of peace and love, and prove the evil satanic children wrong. People who don't want America to integrate into the global environment are not needed. We need to try and integrate America into the global community and make it a part of the globe.
Let the true message of peace and Islam spread and bring hope and light to dark souls.

The Democrats are desperate... (Below threshold)

The Democrats are desperate, almost frantic in their fear of winning anything. They are so used to losing and worshipping losers they have elevated the concept of being a loser as something to hold in esteem.

Give them time and they will try again to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

It's simple and even Osama said it before about Somalia. If America cuts and runs it shows nothing but weakness in their eyes, leads them to think they are victorious, and invites them to attack further.

Anyone with any military sense knows saying you are going to stop fighting on such and such a date is such a monumentally stupid thing to do in war as to be assinine to even consider it.

But then again, since Democrats can't conceive of the notion of victory and are dedicated to "losing at all costs" I don't expect their attitudes to change.

Hey, "Muslim Unity" - go pr... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Hey, "Muslim Unity" - go preach about your great "religion of peace" on your own blog.


Big Mo, an infidel and follower of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God

Interesting that it's still... (Below threshold)
John Cummings:

Interesting that it's still the same old tired GOP stuff coming out here, instead of thinking ahead to letting go and letting Iraqis get on with their own lives.
I'm all for a change in strategic direction in Iraq. Just because some symbolic head of Al Quaeda in Iraq is killed doesn't mean it's over and the end game is near. These are very different groups from the Nazis and the Facists of World War II. You have to play differently. And you have no idea that someone from those groups isn't here already. While the GOP worries so much about "the brown people" from coming north from Mexico, the Canadian border sits wide open in so many spots it's pathetic. Ports aren't secure, cargo isn't screened, cities are ill-prepared for a major attack should it happen..gee, that's some protection your so=called leaders are providing me here at home...

I'd rather see Democrats...people who care about a real strategy for protecting Americans from a GOP-led return to Facism. It's no wonder people around the world hate us so much.

"GOP-led return to fascism"... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

"GOP-led return to fascism" - OH, GROW UP, you damn fool.

Do you even know what fascism is? Have you ever lived under it? Ever experienced it first hand?

You far-left nuts have claimed that nonsense since Reagan. But it's no true then than now.

Perhaps you still need an education. Therefore, let me offer one. Go to Amazon or a used book dealer and purchase Willam Sheridan Allen's "The Nazi Seizure of Power, 1922-1945 (Revised Edition)." That will tell you what living under a fascistic state is all about. There is absolutely NO comparison to real fascism and the fevered imaginations of those on the kook American left. Not even close.

Until such a time, take that outrageous insult and shove it where the sun don't shine.

Right, Big Mo! I would add ... (Below threshold)

Right, Big Mo! I would add that the Baathists of Sadaam's ilk were Nazis with their own torture chambers and rape rooms -- allied with Hitler during WWII. But we all know Cummings and his socialist useful idiots have cast their lot with state control over the individual which of course includes Muslim unity, the re-establishment of an oppressive theocratic calipahate, the true religion of submission. Enjoy you dhimmitude, Cummings. Muslim Unity is most pleased to oblige you.

Muslim Unity, you'd ... (Below threshold)

Muslim Unity, you'd better be careful. Aisha might think you were showing your true colors with this quote of yours:

People who don't want America to integrate into the global environment are not needed. We need to try and integrate America into the global community and make it a part of the globe.

Care to drop the taqiyya for a moment and admit that "integration" in this instance means integration into Islam?

Or else perhaps you could teach me how smart your 1 billion brothers and sisters are, since the 22 Arab League countries lead the world in innovation and scientific advancement, protecting the rights of women and children, and - of course - leading the world in medical science?

Oh, that's right.

Theo van Gogh learned from your brothers in the faith what happens when someone disagrees with the Islamic "submission" party line towards women.

Hey, Aisha learned, didn't she? Ripe old age of 9 she was, when Mo porked her?

Salman Rushdie learned about Islamic tolerance when he published The Satanic Verses, right? Khomeni embraced Rushdie like a brother even though his book poked fun at the moon god allah, right?

Jews, who number only 13 million worldwide, lead the world in terms of science, medicine, and technology. They are part of the "global community" you speak of, right?

Well, MU, I happened to like the "cartoons of blasphemy", and feel like anyone who respects the fundamental right to free speech should be allowed to display and discuss them. Here's a chance to teach me all about your "peace and love", just as so many of your brothers and sisters in Islam did, in so many riots around the globe, resulting in so many needless deaths. So educate me. Teach me your ways of "peace and love" and how to handle humiliation without resorting to violence.

I dare you.

Meanwhile, you can take your "global community" comment and shove it down the same hole your faith lives in, when they deal with Israel. Because I consider Israel to be representative of the way the "global community" should be: free, democratic, and continually trying to improve themselves. I stand in solidarity with them, and will take their side over your silly moon god's - and all his oil tick friends - any day.

Personally, MU, I think the angel Gabriel played a dastardly little prank with those footprints in the rock, btw...what do you think?

And hey, I didn't even get "humiliated" or "offended" by your pathetic little attempt to put yourself on the same level as Jesus.

When I take a sh*t every day, I put myself on the same level as Mohammed.

Except Aisha isn't sitting at my feet when I do, like the way he probably treated her. It wouldn't surprise me.

Since Muslim Unity is an id... (Below threshold)

Since Muslim Unity is an idiot, there really is no need to indulge him. Ignored.

Cummings, you say Zarq. was but one man and his death means nothing. So, you acknowledging the terrorists will continue to destabilize the country. How, then, is it time for us to move out? That's conceding defeat. It would be tantamount to awarding Iraq to the terrorists after the loss of 2500 Americans. You care so little for those 2500 patriots.

I have had the good fortune, in a way, of seeing what the Democratic Left's policies in the '80's, fighting against Reagan, meant to the lives of scores in Nicaragua. Without our [Republican] influence, those people would still be living with government snitches on every block, government run press, military conscription for 15 year olds, political prisoners, land and business confiscation, etc.

It's the stuff that makes the Kerryites get all misty and wish for the "good old days." Please. You people are consistently wrong. Why should Americans follow your lead.

Big Mo- Don't worry about t... (Below threshold)

Big Mo- Don't worry about the spelling mistakes - your message comes through loud and clear and many of us feel exactly the same way.

Muslim Unity- I will agree with one point you make - I also am sure the American troops would like to come home and live with their families in peace...ONCE THEIR JOB IS DONE. These amazing young men and women are putting their country and the lives of the Iraqi people ahead of their own wants and needs.

I doubt that anyone here thinks that "war is such a good thing", but the results of that war can be. In this case, the results will be the well-being of the Iraqi people that our troops are freeing from the Hell they lived in before this war, the safety of the United States, and hopefully a good friendship between these two countries.

Continue to "spread the message of peace and love" as you say. We need more of it in this world. But it has to be followed up by action. And sometimes the action that is required to achieve peace and love is war.

Kim, my family ( 7 Ohio vo... (Below threshold)

Kim, my family ( 7 Ohio voters ) had decided to sit out the 2006 elections. We were just unhappy with their voting over the past 12 months. Today I am calling the Ken Blackwell campaign to get a yard sign and to see how I can help. Steve Chabot doesn't need any help. This is all over the Democrats voting to cut and run and their total lack of support for our military.

Murtha and the rest of the gang are total Asshats

C'mon, what about the 20% o... (Below threshold)

C'mon, what about the 20% of Dems that did vote for the resolution. Lets give 'em a big HUZZAH!

Epador, Let 's kee... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Let 's keep the 20% of Dems in the House and get rid of the other 80% if possible. Then we can also praise the 20% for their "courage".

Democrats are nothing but... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:

Democrats are nothing but lying frauds , remember over 80% of felons vote democrat. I'm sure well over 80% of our brave soldiers vote Republican. Need I say anymore?

Guntanamo Bay, Abu Gharbi, ... (Below threshold)

Guntanamo Bay, Abu Gharbi, all these facts prove how 'well' the war is working for America's image.
The world seems to get more and more upset with such things. Even the UN has condemmed such practices.
It is good that there are so many great people in America who want such things to stop and change. Movies like Farenhiet and the Democrats give America some hope to intergrate into the global community.
A community which wants peace.

OK, let me parse:"... (Below threshold)

OK, let me parse:

"Guntanamo Bay, Abu Gharbi, all these facts..." The facts are that Guantanamo Bay is a facility housing enemy combatants where they are treated with utmost care and respect unlike other countries have been known to do with their prisoners in the past. Abu Ghraib was another prison where some individuals with no respect for rules and honor acted in ways they should have been and were punished for.

"...prove how 'well' the war is working for America's image." Working for America's image is not the purpose for this war nor should it ever be the purpose of any war. Maybe if the MSM were to report factually on this war, America's image would improve.

"The world seems to get more and more upset with such things. Even the UN has condemmed such practices." And the UN matters why? Once they clean up their act, then maybe they can criticize others.

"It is good that there are so many great people in America who want such things to stop and change. Movies like Farenhiet and the Democrats give America some hope to intergrate into the global community." Fahrenheit 911 only proves that a smart, crafty movie maker can take individual, isolated facts and without outright lying, can make them say exactly what he wants them to say. The sad thing is how many people take messages like this at face value.

"A community which wants peace." Which IS a reason for this war. Who can honestly say there was peace in Iraq before this war? Maybe there was peace for Saddam and his followers, but not for the Iraqi people.

Muslim unity is this the sa... (Below threshold)

Muslim unity is this the same world that through oil for food,made billions off the bodys of thousands of innocents in Iraq. is this the world that you say hate us. I say good, evil can not exist with morality,and darkness can not exist with light.Jesus my lord and savior said that,and i'll take his word over the worlds.

That goes ditto for Me! MU<... (Below threshold)

That goes ditto for Me! MU

I'm sorry I missed some of ... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry I missed some of the total whack-job comments above...like" John Cummings: " I'd rather see Democrats...people who care about a real strategy for protecting Americans..."

A real WHAT? Oh, you mean like what Y-O-U "celverly" illucidated in your opine: "letting go and letting Iraqis get on with their own lives. ... Just because some symbolic head of Al Quaeda in Iraq is killed doesn't mean it's over and the end game is near."

Easy translation...Cut & Run because killing a "symbolic head" didn't instantly bring total peace (like in Detroit, for example) and thus we CAN'T WIN!!

First..."symbolic head"?? Zark was a REAL HEAD...an OPERATIONAL one. And we collected TONS on intel when he, uh, took a turn for the worse.

Second...we stayed, hell are STILL staying in Germany and Japan...and the end of THAT war was in 1945. If we had split 3 years after we won THAT war (and we DID already win this war, btw) then Germany would have quickly reverted to Nazism or just as quickly been engulfed by Communism.

The Dimocrats are absolutely SCARED SHITLESS that peace IS about to break out over there. They are SCARED SHITLESS that the American people are beginning to notice that American casualties ARE dramatically lower, and that alQueda IS vastly diminished!! We have NOT been attacked...and the economy IS in great shape!

A healthy economy and terrorism being WELL confronted. Two HUGE nightmares for Dimocrats.

For Dims Success for America = Failure for Democrats! How incredibly sad!!!

other than misspelling "cel... (Below threshold)

other than misspelling "celverly"...I stand by my comments!! :)

more coffee!!

>Guntanamo Bay, Abu Gharbi,... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:

>Guntanamo Bay, Abu Gharbi, all these
>facts prove how 'well' the war is
>working for America's image. The world
>seems to get more and more upset with
>such things.

That's not even remotely relevant. Aside from a few barking moonbat lefties, no one give's a tinker's damn what the rest of the world thinks. A fair bit of the rest of the world thinks that continually appeasing the various psychotic, head-chopping, airliner-hijacking butchers is a good idea. A fair bit of the rest of the world thinks that defending ones self is a passive act only to be undertaken when sufficient "probable cause" has been legally established. All that means is that a fair bit of the world is both *stupid* and *wrong*. Suicidally stupid and wrong.

The point of this exercise is NOT international public relations. We are fighting an enemy that is by word and by deed dedicated to wiping our our way of life and replacing it with their own. We have a right to defend ourselves from that.

>Even the UN has condemmed
>such practices.

Wow! The UN doesn't like it? Since you put it that way, We'll stop immediately. I sure hope they don't send us a strongly-worded resolution.

I would note, however, that they don't have any problems taking our money. If they wanted to REALLY send us a message, maybe they could refuse the check, and move out of New York. That'd show us.

You do realize, do you not, that many or most Americans recognize the UN for the deeply corrupt, morally bankrupt, "talking house" and bribe distribution center that it is? And don't give a flying tinker's damn what the UN thinks?


Cut and run? the cowards ar... (Below threshold)

Cut and run? the cowards are so afraid of the success they see coming down the road that they want to pull the rug out from under the whole operation to sabotage the results!

Truly despicable..

Even the UN has condemned s... (Below threshold)

Even the UN has condemned such practices> so what? I dont give a flying f what the peeUn has to say about this or anything else?
that place is a vipers nest full of molesters,rapists,dictators and all around scum buckets..maybe this should be the next regime we topple?

I had a question how can I... (Below threshold)

I had a question how can I put a track back or to you, since I have replied to things relating to this post?


The UN will condemn U.S. so... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

The UN will condemn U.S. soldiers for irritating captives with loud music or for placing panties on a captive's head. However, when has the UN condemned the Iraqi "resistance" for murdering dozens of random Iraqi civilians a day, every day? Never. Enough said.

go to this link and read ab... (Below threshold)

go to this link and read about the "new voice" of the Democrats!!

BlackFive: MURTHA jumps the shark

How ANYONE could support this moron after this is, well, incomprehensible!! Just like Murtha and damn near ALL the Dims!!

Everyone on this thread is ... (Below threshold)

Everyone on this thread is a idiot, I mean, a real imbecile. But, hey, that's the nature of being resolutely on the right...not having enough brains to see that the policies you spouse, the things you love so much, like this stinking system so called corporate "free enterprise", the US foreign policy it imposes to serve the interest of the plutocracy ruining America and the world...all of that will end up putting most you--jerks--in the trashcan, like other corporate downsized idiots, while destroying the planet, and making the name of America even more hated in all latitudes. But, hey, when was the last time you understood anything? And by the way, I'm not a liberal, I'm not a Democrat, whom I despise for their lack of balls, but a true democrat, which all of you have long forgotten to be ifyou ever knew it. Go on licking the asses of the powerful...that's what you excel at. Time will prove me correct, but your gnashing of the teeth will come too late. Too bad that your massive stupidity is dragging us all into this deepening hell. I wouldn't mind it one bit if it dragged YOU, because you deserve to pay for the policies you endorse. The real injustice is that many innocent people, nature, and animals have to pay for your pathetic moral development and bankrupt politics.

Yees! Finally a sane voice... (Below threshold)

Yees! Finally a sane voice in this place. This guy sarabande says it all. You fucking cryptoNazis should simply get into a uniform as soon as possible and get your stupid asses over to Iraq, to do your patriotic duty. Except that neither logic nor real courage has ever been your strong suit. As an ex-Marine I know what I'm talking about. 90% of the guys I signed up with were stupid, ignorant stupid I mean--like I was. It took me years of hard experience and of sorting out the evidence to see the truth in what this guy is talking about. But by then I had already done my share of destruction and killing on behalf of "freedom and democracy". Good luck to you assholes. You are so dumb that probably not even the military will take you.






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