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Quote Of The Day - Circular Firing Squad Edition

Jon Stewart's humor relies on people thinking that he's a good guy whose values one shares. Over the past year or so, his jokes have devolved into milquetoast Jay Leno-like conventional comedy routine. As a result, he doesn't seem like a good guy anymore. He just seems like a weenie.

Matt Stoller at MyDD, on Jon Stewart's hackery. Hilarity ensues in the comment section...

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More like buffoonery [in th... (Below threshold)

More like buffoonery [in the comment section]. I spent about 60 seconds looking for Hillary's comments until I put my bifocals on and reread the tail of your post.

Now that is politica... (Below threshold)

Now that is political correctness run amok.

Say one thing contrary to the party line, and you are airbrushed out of the party photos.

Maybe Jon Stewart needs to email all of his jokes to Matt Stoller ahead of time to get them properly approved.

If he wants to keep his party badge, anyway.

A weenie - what a great arg... (Below threshold)

A weenie - what a great argument. Wizbang would be hilarious to 2nd graders.

Much like they hate conserv... (Below threshold)

Much like they hate conservative African-Americans. Nothing pisses off a liberal more than slave who won't say his name is "Toby" and refuses to behave so they whip him with as much as they can.

jp2 - Wizbang is quoting My... (Below threshold)

jp2 - Wizbang is quoting MyDD ... so it would be MyDD that would "be hilarious to 2nd graders".

- Blinded by hate is now way to live your life ...

JP2 - OOPS! You're... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:


You're such a broken record. You have your stupid, standard snarky responses ready to go before you even absorb what you're reading, and you got caught.

Do you ever have anything intelligent to contribute?

I know. Linking to someone ... (Below threshold)

I know. Linking to someone calling someone a weenie is even worse.

There comes a time when it'... (Below threshold)

There comes a time when it's best to just shut up and move forward.

Especially when that someon... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Especially when that someone is a big-time liberal blogger who holds the same views as you do, right JP2?

Really pathetic attempt at ... (Below threshold)

Really pathetic attempt at covering your ass, jp2.

Don't be so hard on jp2, he... (Below threshold)

Don't be so hard on jp2, he still thinks Jon Stewart is reporting real news. He gets touchy when someone call his own personal anchorman a weenie.

From the comments following... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

From the comments following that link -

" ... So I forgive Stewart and Olbermann for their little slip-ups, in much the same way that I forgive the cousin who makes the sexist remark at a family picnic. If I took the time to get to know the dumb son-of-a-bitch a little better, maybe I would have a positive influence on him. ..."

You hear that? He forgives them. Holy shit people! Time to dive under your desk; the earth is going to start trembling any minute with the reverberations from the power of.. er... some moonbat somewhere.

Seriously, who the hell do these people think they are to go about "forgiving" -- and condemning -- people for stupid shit like this? Anyone else notice that a lot of these progressive types go about their daily life as if the world revolves around them?






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