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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:


Winners will be announced Sunday. Winners from last weeks contest will be announced later this morning.


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Comments (108)

That's okay Ted, I'll drive... (Below threshold)

That's okay Ted, I'll drive.

Dumb and Dumber finally dec... (Below threshold)

Dumb and Dumber finally decided that walking might be a better option than driving.

"Let's see beer, chips, swi... (Below threshold)

"Let's see beer, chips, swimwear, we're set for the beach, where's the car?"
"They're dredging it up again."

At least we got our luggage... (Below threshold)

At least we got our luggage out before the car went under. Let's go get another drink.

Re-hab, shmee-hab. Did you... (Below threshold)

Re-hab, shmee-hab. Did you pay off those cops yet?

Dateline June 16, 2030:... (Below threshold)

Dateline June 16, 2030:

Jolie and Pitt still together!

"Please Darth Sidious, teac... (Below threshold)

"Please Darth Sidious, teach ME the ways of the darkside."

I hope to hell she has a li... (Below threshold)

I hope to hell she has a life jacket in that bag.

awww come on Teddy wait up,... (Below threshold)

awww come on Teddy wait up, your the greatest Teddy... just wait up... stop walking so fast Teddy... That was a really great game Teddy, you played really well... just slow down a bit...

"Don't go in the water"... (Below threshold)

"Don't go in the water"

With the passage in Congres... (Below threshold)

With the passage in Congress of the "Keep all Kennedy's Off the Road" Bill, 2006, Ted Kennedy finds himself walking. John Kerry voted for it and then voted for it. A first in Congress.

In a show of family solidar... (Below threshold)

In a show of family solidarity, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and son Patrick, a U.S. Rep. from Rhode Island (D), make an afternoon beer run to the local 7-Eleven in Hyannis Port, MA. Both were forced to walk the three mile round trip because of suspended driving privileges.

"Dad, you sure you packe... (Below threshold)

"Dad, you sure you packed the Captian Morgan, are you sure huh... huh... huh?"

"Uhh Yes uhh Patrick there's plenty, it'll get us through lunch"

Senators John Kerry (sans h... (Below threshold)

Senators John Kerry (sans hair product) and Ted Kennedy antiquing on Martha's Vineyard.

"Well, I must say, Teddy, d... (Below threshold)
Charlie Earl:

"Well, I must say, Teddy, despite your ample belly, your cheeks are amazingly taut!"

"Hey Daddy, this is so cool... (Below threshold)

"Hey Daddy, this is so cool of you dropping me off at rehab like this. Reminds me of when I first went to college...."

Just when you thought it wa... (Below threshold)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

"Dad, I know they're going ... (Below threshold)

"Dad, I know they're going to think you're hiding another carry on underneath your shirt."

It never ceases to amaze me... (Below threshold)

It never ceases to amaze me how the right pitches a bitch when people dis their little love-sponge, President Bush, but feel no compunction about savaging, belittling and riding Ted Kennedy, who you can't argue hasn't lived a life unburdened by mistakes, almost unbelievable loss and tragedy, and clear despair. Both men have drinking problems, both men have had difficult family relationships, but to you guys, Bush is a saint, and Kennedy can never be forgiven for his sins.

Interesting right wing positioning.

Thanks for bringing me the ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for bringing me the scotch and the Oxycontin to help me get through rehab.

JoyReid:both me... (Below threshold)


both men have drinking problems...


Living proof of "The apple ... (Below threshold)

Living proof of "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

"Boy, there is no way, just... (Below threshold)

"Boy, there is no way, just no way you came from my loins. When we get home, I'm going to punch yo mama right in the mouth."

Can we go plow Martha's Vin... (Below threshold)

Can we go plow Martha's Vineyard next dad? Can we dad? Huh? Can we?

JoyReid:OMG!!! Tha... (Below threshold)


OMG!!! That was hilarious!!!!! You've got my vote. Very few times have I read a parody that so brilliantly mimics the idiotic rants of the deranged far-left crowd, both by being spot-on with the language and attitude and by calling attention to the obvious hilarity of the talking points. Loved the side-step from Kennedy's commission of negligent homicide to "mistakes, almost unbelievable loss and tragedy, and clear despair," and the smooth transition into the "drunk Bush" meme. Truly a work of art!!

That's what you were doing, right?

"..Ok, we have the booze, b... (Below threshold)

"..Ok, we have the booze, but where did we park again? Ahh yes, over there just on the other side of the chappaquiddick bridge..."

JoyReid,We only ha... (Below threshold)


We only have a problem with it when the MSM falsely portrays is as news. We have no problem poking fun at Bush, fairly or unfairly, in the context of a caption contest.

Put the tinfoil cap back on, reality is just around the corner.

"So were like bubbles comin... (Below threshold)

"So were like bubbles coming out her nose?"

In this photo taken on Mart... (Below threshold)
Window Dressing:

In this photo taken on Martha's Vineyard (circa Summer 1990), Ted and son Patrick Kennedy return from a local souvenir shop with the entire stock of the "I Survived Crossing the Dike Bridge" commemorative T-Shirts.

"It's not that I really min... (Below threshold)

"It's not that I really mind it, dad, but none of the other joggers are carrying bags of scotch."

Hey Dad - is this the right... (Below threshold)

Hey Dad - is this the right way to act nonchalant while grabbing a woman's ass?

Hey Dad - how come you alwa... (Below threshold)

Hey Dad - how come you always make me carry the 24-pack?

"So Harass is really only o... (Below threshold)

"So Harass is really only one word, I did not know that."

(works either way)

OK we can get in the car no... (Below threshold)

OK we can get in the car now, I have my life jacket and SCUBA tank

"Don't worry about the car.... (Below threshold)

"Don't worry about the car. Just keep walking and pretend nothing happened."

"BLANK" I have no comment -... (Below threshold)

"BLANK" I have no comment - the picture needs no caption - Two dullards - too stupid = "BLANK"

Maybe a poster for birth control would be best: "Unwanted pregnancies are the leading cause for too many Kennedy's."

Just when you thought it wa... (Below threshold)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the road.

See? Repbulicans are 'progr... (Below threshold)
Robb H:

See? Repbulicans are 'progressive', we have pictures of lesbians on a stroll for the wizbang caption.

"I don't care WHAT they tol... (Below threshold)

"I don't care WHAT they told you in rehab. Dreams about luggage have NOTHING to do with feelings of guilt."

Dude, Where's my car?... (Below threshold)

Dude, Where's my car?

A new NTSB study has discov... (Below threshold)

A new NTSB study has discovered a startling correlation between decreased highway fatalities and the times when these men are walking.

Heh, Good catch, Jeff Blogw... (Below threshold)

Heh, Good catch, Jeff Blogworthy. When JoyReid said both men have drinking problems, for some reason I thought she was referring to both IN the picture. Wonder how that happened.

It's okay, dad. Just keep ... (Below threshold)

It's okay, dad. Just keep walking and the deja vu will wear off.

I hereby nominate Rodney Di... (Below threshold)

I hereby nominate Rodney Dill for the Sick and Twisted Caption of the Week award.

"Ted! We're going to be pla... (Below threshold)

"Ted! We're going to be playing tennis and all you brought was your snack bag!"

That would be for Rod's bub... (Below threshold)

That would be for Rod's bubbles out the nose caption.

3 days at the beach, oh yea... (Below threshold)

3 days at the beach, oh yea, dad do you think a case of scotch will be enough?

"So you see son, when you s... (Below threshold)

"So you see son, when you stop drinking, the entire world looks like an old black and white photo."

one more time pops, Tax cut... (Below threshold)

one more time pops, Tax cuts are for the rich, Republicans are the party of the rich and we keep our money in off shore trusts to avoid paying taxes, so we are for the common man.

Dad I just have to say if I... (Below threshold)

Dad I just have to say if I was Judge Bork I would have kicked your ass.

I just want to be treated l... (Below threshold)

I just want to be treated like all African-Americans who live in Hyannis Point, play tennis, have trust funds,fool voters,and are above the law.

Patrick: I have the Chivas,... (Below threshold)

Patrick: I have the Chivas, You have the soda?
Teddy: Geez I knew that I had forgotten sshome thing

The Kennedy's don't have a ... (Below threshold)

The Kennedy's don't have a drinking problem. They drink, get drunk, crash their cars (sometimes kill people), no problem. Just a normal day in the life of a Kennedy, unless the decide to rape or kill someone with a golf club.

Hey dad: Does carrying my ... (Below threshold)

Hey dad: Does carrying my own bags count toward "community service?"

Remember not to clink the C... (Below threshold)

Remember not to clink the Chivas when we go past the gate guard.

This year's recpients of th... (Below threshold)

This year's recpients of the "Whitest Men on the Planet" award.

Teddy: Is that a man on the... (Below threshold)

Teddy: Is that a man on the grassy knoll over there?

Gosh, Dad, with you being e... (Below threshold)

Gosh, Dad, with you being expecting and everything, bet you can't drink what I have in this cooler...

Son: "Wow, Pop -- I'... (Below threshold)

Son: "Wow, Pop -- I've never seen a liquor store clerk prostrate himself and kiss a custoemr's feet before. That was so cool. How long do you think before I get that kind of welcome?"

Pop: "At the rate you're going, son, I'd say probably three or four more hours."

"Okay, Son, let's grab some... (Below threshold)

"Okay, Son, let's grab some lunch and I'll show you how to make a waitress sandwich."

Ted and Patches Kennedy str... (Below threshold)

Ted and Patches Kennedy stride home after winning the "worst legs" contest at the Roadhouse Cafe.

Hey Dad, you better lose th... (Below threshold)

Hey Dad, you better lose the glasses. You know how George hates shades...and your not even blind!

"If it's any consolation so... (Below threshold)

"If it's any consolation son, I was at a luncheon in a dry county once."

Errumm Sylvie, you did ahhh... (Below threshold)

Errumm Sylvie, you did ahhh tell Patches to ahhh pick us up at errumm four sharp, did you not?

Mixed Doubles... (Below threshold)

Mixed Doubles

Photographers Note: This ph... (Below threshold)

Photographers Note: This photo was actually taken with color film. However, reflections from the pure whiteness threw the color balance totally off the scale.

Wanna hit?... (Below threshold)

Wanna hit?

Hey Dad, how was your trip ... (Below threshold)

Hey Dad, how was your trip to Club Gitmo? I understand Rush Limbaugh has a few photos of you wind surfing there.

Quit worryin' will ya? They... (Below threshold)

Quit worryin' will ya? They've believed this tennis story for 35 years! Now you're sure you remembered the tomato juice, right?

Ted: "You get the women?"</... (Below threshold)

Ted: "You get the women?"

Patrick: "I got the liquor, I thought you were getting the women."

Dad, why is that guy using ... (Below threshold)

Dad, why is that guy using a megaphone and yelling "All women off the beach NOW!"

I don't get the joke about ... (Below threshold)

I don't get the joke about the young bull and the old bull Dad, can you explain again why we're walking down to the beach rather than running?

Ted: "If Arnold can wear a ... (Below threshold)

Ted: "If Arnold can wear a Speedo I can wear a Speedo."

So Dad, you think those Duk... (Below threshold)

So Dad, you think those Duke guys did it?

Ted: "This is great beach h... (Below threshold)

Ted: "This is great beach house we've rented for two weeks. It's right on the water, it's got a wet bar, a hot tub and there's a house full of co-eds next door."

"Drunk and Drunker"... (Below threshold)

"Drunk and Drunker"

"Mr. Kennedy, Ise ascared. ... (Below threshold)

"Mr. Kennedy, Ise ascared. I aint never birthed no baby before!"

Pat: "Dad, don't leave mad;... (Below threshold)

Pat: "Dad, don't leave mad; when that life guard compared you to a beached whale he was just making a joke."

Mary Joe "Ok Teddy, where's... (Below threshold)

Mary Joe "Ok Teddy, where's the Chivas again? You drank it already? You'd better give me the car keys."

Teddy "Mary Joe, don't you trust me? We're just gonna drive around the island a little bit."

Ted: "That's the last time ... (Below threshold)

Ted: "That's the last time I invite William Jefferson for a weekend. He drank the good scotch, crapped in the hot tub and stole the silverware."

"Off the see the Wizard, th... (Below threshold)

"Off the see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz"

Alternate Reality: Ted & Ma... (Below threshold)

Alternate Reality: Ted & Mary Jo Today.

#1 seeds in the Beer Pong e... (Below threshold)

#1 seeds in the Beer Pong event for the 1983 Martha's Vineyard Lush Olympics. Pictured: Ted Kennedy 10X repaet champion and rookie of the year (1982) -- Pat "the Funnel" Kennedy.

Teddy "...harass... I thoug... (Below threshold)

Teddy "...harass... I thought she said her ass... so I did..."

Jr "Dad, you kill me!"

No caption can do justice t... (Below threshold)

No caption can do justice to what jokes the Kennedy's are on a daily basis.

Boy: "The problem with Bush... (Below threshold)

Boy: "The problem with Bush, as I see it, dad, is that he quit drinking 30 years ago. I mean, what's up with that?"

Fat Boy: "Eeera, exactly right, um, Patches. The lack of, eeera, ah, alcoholic spirits, um, coursing through the, ah, ah, bloodstream, causes one's liberal, um, ah, judgement to, eeera, be clouded by, um, um, ah, reality. See that you never fall into that, eeera, right wing trap, Patches."

Boy: "Don't worry, dad, I brought the Chivas and condoms."

Fat Boy: "That's my, um, ah, um, eeera, boy!"

Question: Why are both Kenn... (Below threshold)

Question: Why are both Kennedys walking?
Answer: Neither Kennedy trusts the other to drive.

Fatman and Little Boy!... (Below threshold)

Fatman and Little Boy!

"Err, uhh...yer a broad, ri... (Below threshold)

"Err, uhh...yer a broad, right? Nice gams ya got theah."
"No, Dad. I'm not a girl."
"Three more scotches and you, uhh, will be. Where'd I pahk the err, uhh, cah?"

Ted:"...and rememb... (Below threshold)


"...and remember - Jack Bauer must be stopped at all costs."

Your mother has some nerve ... (Below threshold)

Your mother has some nerve throwing US out of the house!

Gee dad, do ya think the gi... (Below threshold)

Gee dad, do ya think the girls'll be OK till we get back?

Look, I told you, don't worry. Two quick sets and the Chivas and nachos we brought. Besides, they've got an air pocket almost the size of the back seat.

Honey! can You drive Me to ... (Below threshold)

Honey! can You drive Me to My car?

Is there a weight watchers ... (Below threshold)

Is there a weight watchers near?

Wheres the nearest Liquor s... (Below threshold)

Wheres the nearest Liquor store again?

Which bag did i put the ver... (Below threshold)

Which bag did i put the vermouth in again?

Thanks for bailing Me out a... (Below threshold)

Thanks for bailing Me out again Robert...

Sources have confirmed that... (Below threshold)
Charles V:

Sources have confirmed that Senator Edward Kennedy did volunteer for Cambridge hospital's male pregnancy program. He is seen here arriving at the hosptal for some last minute medical diagnostic tests. Sources also stated that the due date is soon. Very soon.

Young Patrick Kennedy joins... (Below threshold)
Usful Ijit:

Young Patrick Kennedy joins his father Ted in the the eternal and so far futile search for the real killers of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Shnoozers and Boozers... (Below threshold)

Shnoozers and Boozers

Scotch hounds in love ... (Below threshold)

Scotch hounds in love

Bourban Legend... (Below threshold)

Bourban Legend

Not to worry, I'll take car... (Below threshold)

Not to worry, I'll take care of the driving...

"I've been on this surveill... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"I've been on this surveillance duty for two weeks: We dubbed the one on the left,
'Madame Sirhan Sirhan' and the portly one on the right, 'Bay of Pig.' "

"Dad, do you think it's too... (Below threshold)

"Dad, do you think it's too late to get into investment banking?"

"No, really, I think I'd ma... (Below threshold)

"No, really, I think I'd make an excellent priest."

Honey I shrunk the Vineyard... (Below threshold)

Honey I shrunk the Vineyard!!

"It looks like Ted could be... (Below threshold)

"It looks like Ted could be leaning a little to the Right...Wait, that's the Bourbon doing that. Nevermind."






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