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Not exactly a great selling point

The Minuteman Project, the group of private citizens organized to take action about the illegal alien problem by drawing attention to the issue and establishing their own border watch program (watch, NOT enforcement -- all they do is notify authorities of border jumpers), has gotten a lot of criticism from those who like illegal aliens. They have been called Nazis, racists, xenophobes, vigilantes, fat drunken bubbas, and I'm sure at least one person has said they have cooties, too. They've handled each of these with aplomb, continuing their self-appointed tasks and repeatedly stressing that their job is to strictly observe, and not to act.

One of their more adventurous projects was to build their own fence along the border. They strung three miles of barbed wire along the border in Cochise County, Arizona, as their own little gesture.

Well, they have found out the hard way just how difficult the government's job is, because during the middle of the night recently, someone came along and cut a hole in their fence.

And it was someone who knew what they were doing, too -- they didn't cut it in the middle, where it could be easily spliced back together, but right at a post -- meaning the entire 800-foot length will have to be replaced.

The Minutemen vow to repair the fence, and to keep a better watch on it in the future. In the meantime, though, they look just a little foolish for not watching their own personal border as well as they say they're watching the US border.

I happen to support the Minuteman Project, and think that they have great potential to shame the government into doing the right thing with regards to the border, but whoever cut the fence did a brilliant move -- it embarasses them publicly without letting them play the victim card. I hope they bounce back from this, and even find a way to turn it to their advantage.

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Heh... I support e... (Below threshold)


I support em too, but this made me chuckle...

fences are useless if not supported by clearzones and personnel. They are merely a delay system, and not an actual denial system.

The minutemen could do a lot better with 3 rows of concertina wire and a few steel girders welded into an X than they are with their facny fences, but hey... whatever floats their boat... we don't want to look militant or have pable get caught in the razorwire now do we.

Landmines are only 10 bucks a pop btw...

facny = fancypable =... (Below threshold)

facny = fancy
pable = Puablo

Now pardon me whilst I drown my sorrows in coffee..

A fence alone will not work... (Below threshold)

A fence alone will not work. The Pro-illegal alien worker types know a fence can be circumvented. Not only form the outside, but also from within.

Enforcement at all levels is necessary.

The question I have is people on which side cut the fence? I mean you have the government telling the Mexican gov't where the minutemen are and I'm sure there are those on this side who are watching the watchers. Since the Minutemen are a bunch of volunteers and not a highly organized group, I would guess it's not all that hard to find unattended portion of the fence.

Especially if just cutting it and not organizing a crossing was your goal. I have no reason to believe the latter, but it seems like a reasonable possibility.

Just a quick note, you can ... (Below threshold)

Just a quick note, you can splice a fence no matter where it's cut. At least that's been my experience. If it's at the post, just cut a little more off to get inbetween the next set of posts and then start splicing. Not sure why this would be different?

Hmmm.That's why a ... (Below threshold)


That's why a chain-link fence shouldn't be used.

Use concrete.

I'm having trouble followin... (Below threshold)

I'm having trouble following how a single cut in a fence could require replacement of 800 feet of fencing. Does anyone know a link to a photo?

That's why a chain-link fence shouldn't be used.

Use concrete.

And land mines. Nothing says 'go away' like land mines.
From what I saw on Fox they... (Below threshold)

From what I saw on Fox they apparently cut it close to the posts along the 800' length of the fence they damaged.
Somehow I'm doubting this 'embarasses' them but rather highlights how the illegal alien supporters will do whatever it takes to aid in their crossing the border. The people who cut the fence came from the north, not from Meixco.

Hmmm.The key thing... (Below threshold)


The key thing to keep in mind is that this isn't for any sort of short term. This is a long term project where the constructed fence will have to last for a long time. A high thick concrete wall would do the trick. Particularly if it's a reversed sloping wall where the top overhangs the bottom. All of the necessary techniques for building effective walls is very well known from the middle ages and the age of castle building.

The height of the wall would make it difficult to cross. The overhang would make it impossible to climb. A steepy sloping concrete skirt at the base of the wall would make securing a ladder very difficult. And a deep trench dug at the base of the wall would effectively raise the height beyond easy ladder range.

Additionally you could put 10' long steel bars embedded into the concrete wall and jutting at a downward angle and coil them with barbed or razor wire. This would make placing and using ladders extremely difficult if not impossible.

*shrug* Or we could adopt a policy of charging the Mexican government $100,000 USD for every illegal alien we have to deport that crossed the southern border. Right now it's financially lucrative for the Mexican government to help in illegal alien smuggling. Reverse the financial incentives and you'd see this whole illegal alien thing drop by 50% or more.

Another possibility is to impose a 100% surcharge on all money wired from America to Mexico. Or maybe even 200%. 300%. Or more.

Hmmm.Actually that... (Below threshold)


Actually that "charge the Mexican government" thing would fit pretty well with Mac Lorry's idea of allowing private individuals and corporations to track down illegals for deportation.

50,000 volts running throug... (Below threshold)

50,000 volts running through the fence ought to slow down those lookng to cut into it...but then, so would landmines!

As said though, fences are just to slow folks down. The Minutemen are backed by aerial surveillance whereas a true NATIONAL fence would be. One without the other is less effective, but both together will work just fine. Teh electronic detection, well, detects them...and the fence slows 'em down long enough for the Border Patrol to nab 'em. Then, of course, the legal system has to be willing to dump them back into Mexico...WHEREVER they came from!

Let's see now, where did I ... (Below threshold)

Let's see now, where did I last see a fence on a border with barbed wire, land mines, armed guards... ...was it Berlin? Korea?

epador: "Let's see now, ... (Below threshold)

epador: "Let's see now, where did I last see a fence on a border with barbed wire, land mines, armed guards... ...was it Berlin? Korea?"

I strongly doubt you've seen either. But since you remarked upon it...those two fences are VERY illustrative.

Berlin: built to keep people IN, by the Communist regime that knew they would flee if they could. This is not intended to be THAT kind of fence.

Korea: (which my paratrooper Nephew just came back from) IS intended to prevent an invasion...and so IS more the intent. We ARE being invaded!

Still, epador, you might recognize the landmine and 50,000 volt comments as hyperbole...eh? Barbed wire, on the other hand, is routinely and effective used to keep people, and things, from going where they ought not.

p.s. in my last post I meant to say: "The Minutemen are NOT backed by aerial surveillance whereas a true NATIONAL fence would be."

Forget landmines, the thing... (Below threshold)

Forget landmines, the thing to use is dogmines. Put dogs out there at night. Little terriers that are very territorial, make a lot of noise, and probably won't hurt anyone. They will probably have everyone up all night barking at jackrabbits and packrats, though.

Another option is a solar charged motion light. It is usually off and when someone walks up to the fence ... blink! the light comes on for a minute. The desert is very dark. You can see one of those lights for a couple of miles. All you need is a pair of people in a jeep and wait for a light to flick on and you head over there to check it out. Probably spend all night chasing jackrabbits and packrats, though.

the only thing kookier than... (Below threshold)

the only thing kookier than the minutemen and their 3 stooges approach to border security are the kookier than kooky suggestions from the knuckledraggers around here... yapping terriers -- oh yeah...

Almost perfect, crosspatch,... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Almost perfect, crosspatch, but you missed an opportunity for great irony:



Hmmmm.No no no. *... (Below threshold)


No no no. **Swans**.

The damn things are very territorial. There's nothing like getting chased all over a park by an angry swan.

And it would look soooo nice.

Yes. I'm joking.

Of course, you could just e... (Below threshold)

Of course, you could just electrify the replacement fence. That might give the bad guys a bit of pause . . .

The above story is not corr... (Below threshold)

The above story is not correct or accurate, please research your facts. Almost all of the media reports are wrong as to what is going on with the Ladd property.


One of the Minutemen

So fill us in... (Below threshold)

So fill us in

Lee again...Don't ... (Below threshold)

Lee again...

Don't step in it.






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