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Strike one in the case against Cynthia McKinney

Well, a federal grand jury has decided to not indict Congresswoman Cynthia "do you know who I am?" McKinney for striking a Capitol police officer for the effrontery of doing his job. Apparently they looked at all the evidence -- including McKinney's own admission that she hit him -- and didn't see an indictable offense there.

Fortunately, this might not be the end of the story.

Under the Tom DeLay precedent, prosecutors can assemble a second grand jury and see if they can be persuaded that a crime actually occurred. (I realize the evidence is flimsy. All we have is a cop saying she hit me, she says she hit him, witnesses say it happened, and apparently there's also corrororating video.) And if that grand jury screws up and passes a defective indictment (although I think it's safe to say that the hitting occurred AFTER the law making it illegal was passed, unlike the DeLay case), the prosecutor can take a third bite of the apple and empanel a THIRD grand jury to go after McKinney.

Of course, the DeLay case happened in the Texas judicial system, while the McKinney matter was a federal case, but I think the principle should hold...


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Comments (36)

slow news day, eh Jay?... (Below threshold)

slow news day, eh Jay?

Leave it to old ass kisser ... (Below threshold)

Leave it to old ass kisser lee lee to come to the aid of a liberal kook.

I just love seeing Delay an... (Below threshold)

I just love seeing Delay and McKinney compared in any form, even this. It shows how little the Republicans care about Delay's crimes.

What crimes? being a conser... (Below threshold)

What crimes? being a conservative?

Oh silly Lee,I'm s... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:

Oh silly Lee,

I'm sure people will care if the accusations are proven true and Delay is convicted. Until then, we're content to heed that liberal tenet of American criminal jurisprudence, which holds that "all men are innocent, until proven guilty."

And if he is convicted, perhaps there will be some weighing of his "crimes" against those of all the corrupt Democrats, and we'll find that, at worse, he followed some practices of your team.

Of course, none of those alleged campaign finance missteps can even approach the eggregiousness of intentionally inflicting physical harm on a person for merely trying to do his job. You're right, Lee, there's no comparison.

It'sOJ time!!! or no blackj... (Below threshold)

It'sOJ time!!! or no blackjury will see any black crime...

I guess this means all blac... (Below threshold)

I guess this means all black women aren't really empowered as Oprah says. If they were, McKinney would set an example, stand up and be responsible for her actions. It's a shame all black women have to suffer a setback because of one looney Congresswoman.

Jay:You had better... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


You had better hope that Tom Delay doesn't read this. He is going to be pretty ripped over being mentioned in the same article as McKinney. It's hard to believe that woman actually got elected to anything.

Ohh I get it! if Your a bla... (Below threshold)

Ohh I get it! if Your a black DEM your presumed innocent,however if Your a white REPUB the presumption is your guilty..isnt that about it LEE?

It'sOJ time!!! or no bla... (Below threshold)

It'sOJ time!!! or no blackjury will see any black crime...

posted by: serfer62

Lift a rock and the real Republicans crawl out.

Tim... (Below threshold)


You posted: "I guess this means all black women aren't really empowered as Oprah says. ... It's a shame all black women have to suffer a setback because of one looney Congresswoman"

Are you a black woman masquerading under the name Tim or is that just a nick for Timothea?

It is the voters who electe... (Below threshold)

It is the voters who elected McKinney that scare me more than her....

Wow, American politics sure... (Below threshold)

Wow, American politics sure is especially ugly when discussed among the peons.

It seems safe to say that i... (Below threshold)

It seems safe to say that if the Grand Jury didn't indict in this case, it's because the prosecutors didn't ask them to.

Thanks for the pearls of wi... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the pearls of wisdom You condescended all the way down to Us peons to deliver..

Lee, Mak11, guess you think... (Below threshold)

Lee, Mak11, guess you think a person guilty by party. DeLay is guilty because he is accused. Even though there is no evidence to prove his guilt, yet Jefferson and McKinney, who have evidence against them are to be afforded every excuse because they are democrats? Then you call us names. Your parents should practice post natal abortion.

It seems you folks are sick... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

It seems you folks are sick and tired of activist juries. The freakin' Gall... imagine listening to testimony we never heard and looking at evidence we never saw and reaching such a conclusion...until we reach a point in our democracy where a grand jury goes in with their minds made up, we will continue to see stuff like this..we can only pray that our democracy can someday evolve into the glory that we have established in Iraq.

Just to come back to the or... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Just to come back to the original parallel, Drew, what conclusion do you draw that the first grand jury refused to indict Tom DeLay, and the second one had its indictment thrown out when it turned out DeLay was charged with violating a law a year BEFORE it was passed? DeLay is under indictment by the THIRD grand jury called to look into his case.


Just wondering, had this be... (Below threshold)
Tom Bazan:

Just wondering, had this been, say, Tom Delay punching a Black officer, would a D.C. grand jury have "No Billed?"

The racial double standard is sickening.

If da phone don't smite<br ... (Below threshold)

If da phone don't smite
ya can't indict!

Lee, what crime? DeLay if g... (Below threshold)

Lee, what crime? DeLay if guilty of anything it was success against the Dims. The charge being brought against DeLay was not even law when the charage was brought a year later.

Personally I would forego the additional criminal route. I would encourge the CBC officer to go civil. There you only need the perponderence of the evidence which is out there in heaps. Should be a slam dunk for a jury. A cool $1m settlement to keep her out of the running....

This lecture by Minister Er... (Below threshold)

This lecture by Minister Eric Muhammad speaks powerfully to the Cynthia McKinney incident and ties the Duke rape case and illegal immigration together with it to place it within the larger context of America's race problem.

It has been deleted by THE GOD DAMNED WHITE MAN several times due to the truth it speaks to America's race problem and we're sure will be deleted again soon. Get it while you can.





(link deleted by a GOD DAMNED WHITE MAN)



(Editor's note: anyone who proclaims to have the solution to America's race problem while bitching about "THE GOD DAMNED WHITE MAN" is gonna get their crap deleted around these parts. We whites hold no monopoly on racism.)

She got off because once th... (Below threshold)

She got off because once the Capitol police looked the other way with Pat Kennedy they knew if they levied a charge against her she could, legitmately, ask why a black woman was prosecuted while a white man walked away free, with police escort taking him home.

Please don't feed the troll... (Below threshold)

Please don't feed the trolls. It makes them peckish and creates the illusion that they're actually offering lucid arguments.

If the Joooos really ran th... (Below threshold)

If the Joooos really ran the country, she'd be indicted by a Grand Jury. Guess her foamy mouthed barking moonbat father was wrong. She's still a Jew-hater though.

The Man! put that woman dow... (Below threshold)

The Man! put that woman down.

Hell, I don't blame her for taking a swing at that Bull Conner cop. He had it coming.

A woman of color (black color) has to show she is strong and powerful.

Or, did she show her ass?

Oh well. Black is Butiful.

Not in Her case!... (Below threshold)

Not in Her case!

I have never tied Delay wit... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

I have never tied Delay with Mac ....however..If, mind you if Delay is indicted on abuse of the election process then that is certainly more significant then a scuffle with a cop.
Hey I believe Rove should have been indicted. But he wasn't. We all want to have it both ways...ah we can't. It is a system that in the long run works much more often then it doesn't...

This discussion has brought out obvious narrow attitudes of some posts by white men toward blacks and women.

I wasn't aware that McKinne... (Below threshold)

I wasn't aware that McKinney was black until the white honkey racist bigot cracker Republicans brought it up in the comments.

Wow. That does shed new light on the subject. What time is the cross burning boys?

You can change Your drawers... (Below threshold)

You can change Your drawers now LEE..

And Lee, the cross burners ... (Below threshold)

And Lee, the cross burners are all in Your party.. can you at least be consistent in your ignorance!

You're an idiot, Lee.... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:

You're an idiot, Lee.

McKinney tried to turn this in to a racial deal from the outset. Pay attention, or shut up.

CALLING ALL AMERICANS! Pl... (Below threshold)

CALLING ALL AMERICANS! Please , please go to the website www.immigrationwatchdog.com
Under the articles read the comments and link given by many. I spent all night reading about what is really going on in our government. You'll go AH HA! All this that is not making sense will . I urge you to please go to that site and share it with others.

I will not post, I will no... (Below threshold)

I will not post, I will not post, I will not post, I will not post, I will not post, I......

Whoops, sorry, I clicked th... (Below threshold)

Whoops, sorry, I clicked the post tab quite by accident :)

What time is the cross ... (Below threshold)
Martin A. Knight:
    What time is the cross burning boys?

Why don't you ask Robert Byrd?






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