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A Case For Reparations Against The DNC?

Aaron at Lifelike Pundits found an interesting story that I, a North Carolinian, had never heard. The story is of a violent overthrow of the local government in Wilmington, NC, which resulted in voter literacy tests and other methods of disenfranchising black voters. A fact-finding commission recently recommended that "North Carolina should compensate victims of racial violence that led to the overthrow of a racially mixed city government a century ago and ushered in a new political era in the Jim Crow South." Aaron asks if the compensation shouldn't be sought from the Democratic Party since they are the ones responsible for the overthrow. He actually doesn't believe in reparations to descendants of victims, but for those who do, the question is an interesting one.

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I thought reparations were ... (Below threshold)

I thought reparations were paid in full directly after the Katrina Hurricane...

It was Nixon who convinced ... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

It was Nixon who convinced racist Dems in the South that because Activists were attempting destroy their established culture their future lay with the Republican Party.

That said, seeing that the racists were Dems then, it might be valid.

You mean like the staunch R... (Below threshold)

You mean like the staunch Republican and well known right winger Sen Byrd?

Drew, until 2002 the politi... (Below threshold)

Drew, until 2002 the political landscape in Georgia was single-party Democrat. Does it really fit into your stereotypical view of Southerners that every racist in Georgia was a member of the out-of-power-for-130-years Republican Party since Nixon?

That's truly giggleworthy.

I agree, He He He.... (Below threshold)

I agree, He He He.

Lorie:Here is a be... (Below threshold)


Here is a better link for some first hand accounts from both sides.


It is sad that you and so many others have been ignorant of this, and many other similar massacres (Tulsa for one) that are part of our history. I'd recommend reviewing the work of Louis Filler, and Scott L. Malcomson for some details.

Inner City Minister Sues... (Below threshold)

Inner City Minister Sues Democratic Party For Reparations


Epador:What happen... (Below threshold)


What happened in Tulsa in 1921 was a race riot, not a massacre. However, the riot destroyed Tulsa's black business community.

In Tulsa's case, there are still a few survivors of the riot who are still alive.






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