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A dark day for many bloggers...

...such as myself, who think of themselves as essayists. Four little words that set us to screaming in anguish.

Bill Whittle is back.

I'll be reading it tonight, when I'm home from work, and can properly drown my sorrows and gnaw my heart out in envy.

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Whittle's essay on civiliza... (Below threshold)

Whittle's essay on civilization is inspiring and like you, I envy his clarity and skill. Wow. He sure made up for lost time.

Excellent essay. Too bad I... (Below threshold)

Excellent essay. Too bad I clicked on the link with trepidation and wonder because my allergy ridden eyes read 'Bill Whittle is black'

Man...that cat really has s... (Below threshold)

Man...that cat really has some heavy thought processes. I enjoyed the read and passed it along to my moonbat wife.

Maybe we should tear up the old maps and hit the bridge just to see where we are really headed.

thanks for the link Jay...it was well worth the time to read.

TYJT... (Below threshold)


heh...I wanna be Bill Whitt... (Below threshold)

heh...I wanna be Bill Whittle when I grow up. ;-)

Look at the bright side, Ja... (Below threshold)

Look at the bright side, Jay. At least it wasn't Steven den Beste.

Jay..give yourself more cre... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

Jay..give yourself more credit..sure i disagree with much of what you say...but i believe it is sincere from your heart and mind and with that, rational. This guy is well...a lunatic..






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