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...And we're supposed to take them seriously?

As the fall elections draw nearer, we see the Democrats are scrambling to win public acceptance. Their latest position paper very, very carefully omits any mention of the war in Iraq, as they apparently think it is "too divisive."

The truth is, they know that the issue is pretty much a guaranteed loser for them. Not because the American people are solidly behind it, but their leading spokesperson on the issue are such idiots.

First up, we have John Murtha. When he's not convicting other Marines of "cold-blooded murder" before the Corps even completes its investigation, he's trying to convince folks that the best way to avoid disaster in Iraq would be to emulate that stunning Clinton-era foreign policy triumph in Somalia. (Can someone send him a copy of "Blackhawk Down?") (Thanks to Rob of Say Anything for the tip.)

Next, we have the Democratic presidential nominee from 2004, Senator John Forbes Heinz "live-shot" Kerry. Kerry has his own plan for the rebuilding of Iraq. He thinks that we should allow Iraq's neighbors to have a greater say in that nation's future. But one rather strongly interested party is left out of Kerry's plan. So while terrorist nations Iran and Syria would hold some sway over Iraq's future, the nascent Iraqi government is shut out.

THESE are the people that the Democrats want to put in charge of this nation's foreign policy?


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Comments (21)

Murtha (especially Murtha),... (Below threshold)

Murtha (especially Murtha), Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Kennedy et al. look like they are from Rove central casting!

All a rovian plot to keep H... (Below threshold)

All a rovian plot to keep Hillary from her rightful place.

There is evidence that OBL ... (Below threshold)

There is evidence that OBL has been staying away from the US, even recently cancelling one attack that had gone operational.

This is far, far from the pre-911 OBL line that cited Samalia, the WTC(1) and other attacks as evidence that the US is weak and will not respond.

Bush has convinced them that he will bring it, if attacked.

Is this not similar to the actions of the Soviets to Reagan? They pulled back, way back. Could we have avoided a war if only we had followed Chamberlain?

So, faced once again with the reality of a strong US President following a weak one, the Democrats call for... a sequel to soft!. Cry "uncle" and unleash the wimps of Washington.

Oh how they ache to abandon Saigon again, coddle some Sandinistas, or withhold our Olympic team from Moscow. If we could forget some hostages or leave a Blackhawk down one more time, all our problems would be over.

I think their plan for bord... (Below threshold)

I think their plan for border security is also missing, maybe because it's amnesty?

Does anyone think that the ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone think that the Dems talk about the Iraqis as if they were a bunch of 3 year olds. Dems are so insulting!

"the American people are so... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

"the American people are solidly behind it" Even the FOX poll shows support for Bush/Iraq at UNDER 40% as for "being weak" the only weakness is our desire to give up Constitutional rights because we are afraid terrorists might strike.

Granted, when the the building collapsed and regular folks and children died .... in Oklahoma... I wanted to invade Idaho and detain without charge anyone with a Nazi flag, a bible and an American Flag and of course guns. I was sure sleeper cells of Tim Mac's were everywhere.

But you know just because someone believes in the Turner D's to the point of delusion and extreme violence doesn't mean i want to give the President, a Republican Court, Senate, House, AG Gonzalas open door to my 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc...Amendment rights. It doesn't mean i want the FBI to get informaion from servers about anyone who might "google" the Turner D's.

I am not afraid of the Tim Mac's or the bin Laden's. I am only afraid of those who create, and nourish such fears.

Drew E, the only thing you ... (Below threshold)

Drew E, the only thing you SHOULD be affraid of is your own ignorance..lol..because you my friend are the delusional one.

Drew, a lot of people agree... (Below threshold)

Drew, a lot of people agree with you.

There used to be more.

A couple thousand of them died one bright September morn almost five years ago.

A bunch more took that as a wakeup call.

Some, like you, just hit the snooze button.


Oh, and Drew: read it again... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Drew: read it again. You kinda missed an important part. Lemme make it clearer for you:

"NOT BECAUSE the American people are solidly behind it."

Kinda alters things when you drop the "Not" at the beginning...

But I'm sure that was just carelessness, stupidity, or ignorance talking, not a deliberate attempt to rewrite what I said...


WoW...flashing graphic adve... (Below threshold)

WoW...flashing graphic adverts for Casino888.com at the bottom of your RS feed posts! Complete with Blackjack, Craps, Slots graphics and Play Now button. I can see the need for advertising but this is beyond. I don't know about anyone else but I'm not going to continue to put up with brightly colored flashing graphics.

Drew E.: "I am only afra... (Below threshold)

Drew E.: "I am only afraid of those who create, and nourish such fears."

The Dimocrat "position" paper was clearly written for YOU! They are hoping there ar lots more like you that do not want to even consider scary issues like Terrorism, Illegal Immigration, the pending collapse of the Social Security system, etc.

So they write a fluffy "position" paper...that wants our "position" to be that of having our heads firmly buried in the sand! Of course this also elevates our rear-ends, thus making the inevitable TAX-HIKES easier to, uh, insert!

robert:It's easy ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


It's easy to tease the tiger, when it's in a cage. Not even a terrorist is stupid enough to do it, when it is let out.

Drew E:I don't rec... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Drew E:

I don't recall any poll which shows support for President Bush's handling of the WOT(or Iraq) at being under 40%. I believe the polls refer to his overall performance rating, which encompass many posible reasons for someone to vote in the negative, such as immigration.

The Associated de-Pressed h... (Below threshold)

The Associated de-Pressed has now (on their own initiative) labeled this a "Domestic Agenda" (though the Dims did NOT describe it as such).

They (the LameStreamMedia) are trying SO hard to save the Dimocrats from themselves that the "news" article ends with this statement from Pelosi:
"at the earliest practicable time, the United States must begin the responsible redeployment of its troops,"

which they paint as CONTROVERSIAL. Of course, that's Bush's, Rumsfeld's, and every right thinking American's position as well!! the difference is we define "practicable" as when the job is done! and they define it as NOW!

Robert: right on, bro. I'... (Below threshold)

Robert: right on, bro. I've seen first hand the Sandinistas and what they do.

If our Demo friends would like to spend just one day in the shoes of an oppressed Nicaraguan, Pole, Iraqi, Vietnamese, etc., you'd get more appreciation for "those poor little people" in those countries.

Dems. like to bleat that they are humanitarians, until it comes to actually doing something.

Drew,I am a little c... (Below threshold)

I am a little confused. Can you tell me what constitutional right that we have given up?

Is there any chance that Mu... (Below threshold)

Is there any chance that Murtha was set up to fall on this one [Marines/Haditha]? Maybe Pelosi is the real Rovian genius.

Mitchell,Sounds li... (Below threshold)


Sounds like an interesting experience, if most unwelcome.

I would like to hear about it someday, when the time is right.

I am amazed at how silly so... (Below threshold)

I am amazed at how silly some Americans are. Drew E is a fine example of a Kommecrat represnetive thinker.

He knows we lost thousands of "rights" under the Bushiltler administartion because he saw it in the news. No need to identify any specifics.

I do not the the Kommiecrats have the right to call themselves Americans...

Robert: I was referring to... (Below threshold)

Robert: I was referring to my wife and her friend's experiences there as teenagers, and the experiences of their families, in the '80's. I don't pretend to have my own first-hand experience, except for seeing Sandinista stooge activities in Managua and Ometepe recently.

I saw Commandante, er candidate, Ortega's rally in Ometepe, Nicaragua as he rode around in his pick-up truck in 2005; but then he flew off in a fancy helicopter provided by the Bolivarian Buffoon Chavez later in the day.

When in Managua, he rides around in one of his many Mercedes. He's a limousine liberal, like our home-grown variety in the U.S. And just as sincere about the plight of the poor.

I've been down there on about 12 trips in the last 2 years. Last trip was in May, and I was given a good wack of tear gas due to the Sandinista-led university student uprising over not getting a greater subsidy for--gasp!--bus fare. Many of the university students are on the 5 year+ plan as wards of the Sandinista academic regime. You think we have it bad with U.S. academia? They mandate 6% of the national budget under an old Sandinista-inspired law for university education. The pre-school and grade school students be damned.

My wife and her friends can tell you stories about the secret police informers in her home town who ratted them out for----GASP!---holding a teenagers' party. That could get you put in jail for such "subversive" activities. Forget about first amendment-style political activities. To this day, Sandinistas are not allowed democratic elections for their presidential or other candidates. It's Ortega's way, or the highway. Or maybe worse.

Several of my wife's contemporaries were bussed out at age 15 to fight the Contras in the mountains. And some died in defense of Sandinista dictatorship and confiscation of legally acquired and owned property, not to mention the banishment of political freedoms.

One example stands out in my mind: the Sandinistas tried to loot a friend's parents' car, but his Mom slashed the tires before they could drive it off. Instead, they settled for shooting the family dog in front of Mom. Lovely people. The only way they avoided having the family home stolen was for Mom to drive to Managua and plead with an acquaintance who was a Sandinista who eventually relented.

Ortega's apparatchiks shouted down Pope John Paul II on his first trip to Nicaragua. Ortega, in 2005, got married by the Church by the left-leaning Cardinal there after over 10 years of living in "sin." This, just about a year before the next election. Yeah, maybe that will work . . .

Mr. Kerry met with Ortega in the '80's to support his "freedom fighters." Oh dear Lord. Do any of these despicable people have a memory??? The Man almost became president except for the vote of 50,000 people in Ohio.

Add to the dust bin of history, Mr. Kerry's Soviet and North Vietnamese friends, and you have quite a collection of bad actors he has wrongly sided/sympathized with.

Thanks, that was interestin... (Below threshold)

Thanks, that was interesting, and from someone in a position to know.






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